"I might look kinda funny but I ain't no fool" - Andre 3000

- Two residents (read: white outstanding citizens) wade through chest-deep water after finding bread and soda from a local grocery store after Hurricane Katrina came through the area in New Orleans, Louisiana.

- A young man (read: some random nigger from the Magnolia projects) walks through chest deep flood water after looting a grocery store in New Orleans on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Flood waters continue to rise in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did extensive damage when it made landfall on Monday.


Nigga Please of the Week : What Would Jesus Do?


Now that Ma$e is official G-Unit, he's got to go harder than the Mister Rogers get up! If you recall, I was saying that Ma$e was going to return to his Murda days and be dissing three people. The rumor I got was specific about THREE people. So, I got new word on who these three people are.

1) Cam'ron and Dip Set. Now, in our interview with Cam'ron, he said there was no beef with him and Ma$e. In fact, he said they played basketball together. So, this might apply to Jim Jones, Ma$e's arch-nemesis.

2) Nelly. If you recall, Ma$e's boy Cudda Love was down with the Harlem native and then found a newbie from St. Louis. Of Nelly, I heard Betha says, "Nigga you know I know that those diamonds, rings, chains, and bracelets are not real." Maybe M-A-Dollar-Sign-E is mad?

3) Lastly, I heard that Ma$e will be dissing Diddy, because he feels Diddy misdirected his career. Oh, yeah, Ma$e is already dissin' Loon so there you go. On a new G-Unit song ("300 Shots") Ma$e said he'll have "hoes in his church hummin' your name."


Riddle Me This Batman : How did Diddy "misdirect" his career when he decided that he wanted to quit the rap game to pursue his relationship with the original G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time)? I'm confused about that one. Mase is that little wanna be thug who you have known your whole life. They grow up and try to assume a different role when you know what they're really capable of. Yeah I know he used to be "Murder Mase" but c'mon now, his time has came and went. When will he realize it?

I wonder what he is going to be rapping about? I made a list in the comment section on a post a few weeks ago about some possible song titles.

How We Pay Tithe feat. MC Hammer
Hell (On Fire)
Shawty Wanna Pray With Me
So Santified
Dante's Inferno feat. Salt from Salt-n-Pepa (she's into the church now)
Collection Plate . . . a remake of "Piggy Bank" where he disses Creflo Dollar and T.D. Jakes
The Mase / Tony Yayo mixtape Thoughts of a Protestant Felon (James is hilarious)

G-Unit in my opinion is turning into another Murder Inc. I don't knock their hustles but you can't fool all the people all the time. I see straight through that shit.


So, What's On The Minds Of White America Today?


Those niggers are so wild. (click for Fat Joe / 50 Cent disses . . . you saw this link here FIRST)

Everyone in the blogsphere is going to comment about Fat Joe and Fiddy, myself now included. I think that Fat Joe "won" that round simply for the fact that no one really saw the shit coming. Do you really think 50 would have said something on stage if not provoked? The likelihood is very slim. I was hoping that "Hate It or Love It" would win an award but to my dismay it didn't. Oh well. I need to start an internet beef with someone. Who want to
join me? (that's a joke people)


As predicted earlier last week by the great one herself, the VMA's went on last night to bore the fuck out of me. Just when you thought the coon awards couldn't be topped the cracka ass cracka's over at MTV didn't seize to disappoint. Normally I would give a recap of events but this was so terrible I'm not going to waste my time or energy with creating a post about it. Hmm, then again . . .

- Tony Yayo's dance moves reminds me of Flava Flav.

- Like the BET awards, a lot of big celebs opted not to come. I don't blame them.

- Green Day had the best performance of the night. And I dare you to argue with me.

- Was Lil' Kim really pissed at Jimmy Piven's comments or was that staged?

- MC Hammer needs to sit his old ass down.

- The pre-show was better.

- Ludacris could've stayed the fuck in Atlanta.

- Eva Longeria looked like an extra in the "Gold Digger' performance.

- Jamie Foxx thinks he's Ray Charles now.

- Suge Knight getting shot in the leg wasn't enough. We still can't bring Pac and Biggie back.

- Jessica and little sister Ashlee's comments about R&B were so typical of white girls.

- That white boy that came out with Snoop was not funny. John Legend's facial expression while he was on stage was classic.

- It was nice to see everyone dressed like they were going to court.

- I told ya'll we would get trapped in the closet.

- Don Juan dressed down was hilarious.

- Mariah Carey makes me bored when I watch her do that hand "thing" she does when she sings. So I turned to Celebrity Fit Club during her performance.

- Whoever suggested Diddy hosting should lose their job today.

I'm glad I got my party on the days following up to this train wreck. So, what did you think of the show?

Happy 47th Berfday Wacko!


Te.Error ('cause she has got to be a mistake) Marie vs. Rhianna


Buzz Notes

Pon De Jail Cell

Jay-Z's protege, Rihanna, who has the hit record "Pon De Replay," was arrested at Germany's Berlin-Tegel Airport last week because the reggae singer did not have a permit to enter the country. According to Contact Music, the 17-year-old native of Barbados traveled to Germany from Newark, N.J. on Aug. 16 to perform when she was stopped by German authorities. Rihanna was held for two hours but was eventually granted a temporary visa.

Tyson Sues Diddy

Model Tyson Beckford has sued Sean "Diddy" Combs for trademark infringement. The suit, filed Aug. 12 in U.S. District Court in New York City, seeks $5 million in damages. "I don't want to litigate the case in the press, however, we're not into filing frivolous lawsuits," said Kenneth Montgomery, a New York-based attorney representing Beckford. Montgomery told BET.com that Combs' Sean John men's clothing line used Beckford's image in a 2004 ad campaign but never paid him for his services. Montgomery added that the campaign continued even though there was a contract dispute. Representatives for Diddy were not available for comment. Sources said the mogul is in Miami preparing to host the MTV Video Music Awards show, which airs live on Sunday, Aug. 28.

Vivica Wants Fiddy To Shut Up

Vivica A. Fox has a message for ex-love, Rapper 50 Cent. Keep on dissing me baby! Vivica says the more he raps and talks about her, the more men are interested in checking her out. The 41 year-old actress was hot and heavy with the rapper two years ago, and she says it was very disappointing the way he handled the breakup. She says, Hey 50! Keep writing and talking about me!

That's all for now kiddies. Hurricane Katrina (or Trina as I like to say) can't fuck up my VMA weekend partying! I saw a D-list rapper perform last night and it was a hot mess. More on that later. There are parties popping up all across Florida this weekend and I'm loving it . . . almost as much as I love the wonders of airbrushing.


Mos Def Is A Joke.

Who remembers the movie I'm Gonna Git You Sucka? In this classic blaxpolation parody, Jack (played by Keenan Ivory Wayans) has a homeboy who he recruits to kick some ass who is one of those strong "black power" types. He is very proud of his heritage, Muslim, and afrocentric. There's just one thing - - his wife is white as the driven snow. Now I'll give Mrs. Mos Def some "credit", she does have a lil "exotic" look going on. But who can't go to a tanning salon and throw in some cornrows and declare themselves such? He could've went to BlackPlanet for that shit.

Now I could care less about a black man and white woman being married, do you. Its some men that my white girls can have (for example). I think its just so gosh darn hilarious that Mr. Say-It-Loud-I'm-Black-And-I'm-Proud ran off and got hitched to a white girl. That bitch ain't Miss Fat Booty nor the "brown skin lady" he made us fall in love with.

Like I told Mr. Kamoji, he should hook up with Kanye on the remix to "Gold Digger". Makes perfectly good sense now.


Now Its Time To Say Good Bye To Our Crackhead Friends . . .

Season finale of Being Bobby Brown airs tonight! I don't know if I should cry or feel elated.

/ / mid-day edit

Uh Oh, Nia's Next Up To Bat
According In Touch magazine, "Hardcore hip hopper 50 Cent learned a valued lesson from his high profile relationship with actress Vivica A. Fox- he's keeping his new love affair quiet. Fifty- whose real name is Curtis jackson is dating Alfie star Nia Long. "They've been together for three months," an insider tells In Touch. During an August 6 party at his Connecticut mansion- where he performed for guests including Bam Margera and Lil John- Nia "held court in separate area of the house and gossiped with her girlfriends," the insider adds. "They played it supercool." Nia, who has a toddler son, wants to take things slowly and keep their relationship out of the spotlight."

Hate It Or Love It
But Kanye is having the best week ever. He's on the cover of Time, tops Blender's Hot 100 list (also snagged the cover), has the new found support of the gay/lesbian community, and had a nice date. To quote Zeezy, he has the greatest publicist ever.

Remembering Aaliyah

It's been four years since the passing of Aaliyah today. There has since been so much changing in the world we live in compared to this date in 2001. No war, no threats of terrorism, and I was still in high school preparing myself for the future ahead of me. Believe it or not people but if certain events didn' t take place in my life I would've been a U.S. soldier. Ha! I can't believe it sometimes myself.

When Aaliyah passed it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been blessed thus far not to have someone close in my age group pass away that I knew. Of course I didn't know her personally but I did feel as if I did. Does that make sense? That Sunday morning as I prepared for church and the news came across the bottom of the screen on CNN I thought it was a lie. Rumor. This couldn't be true, wasn't she just on 106 and Park giving away a free ride? I shrugged it off until I saw another piece about it on another major news channel. When it finally did set in my mind, my reality came down. I was one of those teenagers who thought that young people were in some type of way immortal - - we would be young, beautiful, and live forever. This isn't true as I know now of course.

I say all of this to get this point across: live for today. Sherella sent me an email yesterday filled with so much encouragement about my own future career aspirations that I didn't know how to reply to her about it. It went beyond our social friendship on the Internet. It was some of the best advice that anyone has given me in a long time. I appreciated it more than anything else girl.

Okay, I'm done getting all soft on ya'll. Thanks for tuning into this week's episode of Dr. Fresh :)


Double Take

Hey Ciara are those razor bumps?

Rumor Control

Question: Is that Beyonce in the 'Gold Digger' video?

Answer: That is not Ms. Knowles. Actually it is some chick named Veronica who like everyone else is a damn net model. I personally don't see the resemblance in the video but in these pictures I can see a it a little.

Damon Dash Can't Catch A Break

Injured pedestrians are treated in foreground and background yesterday after wild chase in Times Square with cop hanging from window of runaway SUV. Aftermath of chase after SUV careened through Times Square yesterday, injuring at least six pedestrians before coming to a stop at Golda Meir Plaza between W. 39th and 40th Sts. Cop carries evidence - a three-quarters-full bottle of vodka found in SUV. A road rage incident triggered a wild ride near Times Square yesterday - with the driver dragging a cop down the block, hitting hip-hop honcho Damon Dash's luxury car and mowing down six pedestrians. The violent chain reaction turned a crowded stretch of Broadway into a demolition derby and sent people diving from the path of a careening sport-utility vehicle.

I wonder if those criminals were drinking Armadale.

The VMA's Are Probably Going To Be Garbage

I am one of those people who watch televised award shows basically for the live performances. Since I can't go to concerts every week like some people *ahem*, I have come to enjoy these performances. This year the VMA's line up is pretty wack to me. I realize that every act can't be hip hop but Jesus, can I have more than Ludacris and 50 Cent? Now Mr. Pedophilia himself R. Kelly has joined the bill. I pray that this man does not put us all through 30 minutes of "Trapped in the Closet."

Happy Berfday Dave Chapelle!


Buzz Notes


G-G-G-God Unit!

Guess who's so icy now? Yup, that's Rev. Betha chilling in what appears to be a hotel lobby with a G-Unit medallion on. So is it official now?

Kanye Does Time

"The International Asshole" is doing it big on the cover of Time magazine. Sorry Bol.

Diddy Addresses Domestic Violence Charges In OK Magazine

OK: There are rumors that your girlfriend, Kim, broker her nose on board the yacht. What happened?

Diddy: I'm glad you addressed that rumor. The first night we were here we watched the sunset. We came inside, the boat rocked and Kim tripped on the rug and nicked her nose on the table. The rumors thatwe had a fight and Kim broke her nose are ridiculous. We're here on vacation minding our own business. To be accused of domestic violence upset me and Kim.

Do you believe this story?


Plastic Surgery Intervention

I was surfing the net this morning and came across a recent picture of Lil' Kim. At first I thought it was a white actress since the image was a small thumbnail at the time. It wasn't until I clicked on it that it was Kimmy. I think it is time for an intervention, A&E style.

Kimberly - -

I've been a fan of yours every since I heard your squeaky voice on "Player's Anthem." Throughout the years however I have come to develop a love/hate relationship with you. With every new magazine spread you seem to look different. I personally liked you back in the days when you rocked $20 wigs and had bunny teeth. I turned my head when you got your breast implants. I justified your first nose job to my brother. But now things are getting out of hand. You are starting to look like Victoria Gotti. I realize that is your friend and all but it isn't a compliment. Read my lips, you are not white. No matter how hard you try you will never be. You can ask Michael about it. How can your fans take you seriously and you're walking around looking like Donatella Versace?

So I beg of you to please use your time in prison wisely. Pick up a couple of self help books and read them.

- - Fresh

[edit] Lil Kim + Donatella = This

Also chek out Hollyhood to see what she has to say about Kimmy. Hilarious!


Fresh = #1 Headbussa

I'm hitting the negrotainment world of bloggers with a one, two jab similiar to a young Ali in his prime. *Talking like Diddy* Take that, take that, take that! Yeah, you're on the right website. I decided to make some changes to the blueprint. I'm going to be adding more features (such as a web cam portal possibly?) to the site so it was time to say good bye to the last layout. Hope you like what you see (like I would give a damn if you didn't). *please note* Jigga isn't actually a woman beater (or atleast I don't think). The gif is actually a scene from Backstage with an old friend.

Buzz Picture Post


- Yeah this picture is wrong. I feel like a kid in church who laughs at a person who has the Holy Ghost. Yeah you know its wrong to do it but you can't help it.

- Young Hov and the letter B are my favorite couple to observe nowdays. Click here to see who Jigga is taking a peak at on the side.

- Isn't Young Jeezy supposed to be "rich"? So can someone please tell me why he is using my kindergarten snowman for decorations? (peep the bandana ya'll)

- T.I. needs to find another chick ASAP, ASAP!



Mad Niggerish Friday

Yesterday as I chatted away with Jon on AIM about hairy pum pum (click at your own risk, NSFW), I came across a site for party promotions. Anyone who knows the girl knows that I love to go out. I'm not Paris Hilton or anything but I get down. Anyhow, I came across a site that featured coon juke joints various clubs all around the USA. So I decided to see what would be popping off if I was located in Texas (my big brother was stationed over there before deciding to get the fuck out of the Army). And I came across this . . .


Yes, your eyes are not playing a cruel trick on you. Its Aaliyah.

Now why the hell they would use a decease person on a club flyer is beyond my comprehension. Like I told Jon, I MAYBE could accept this more if it was something tasteful. Example: A picture of Jam Master J for an award ceremony for DJ's. Yet its a flyer for $2 drinks. A flyer that attempts to cover her face up. Why didn't they just get an internet ho model? Thats mad niggerish.

Edit: In the spirit of Mad Niggerish Friday, I present Every Little Step: When Bobby Met Whitney. Enjoy :)


Crunk High Picture # 2

Eddie Murphy Rumor Update

*note* This is all net gossip of course, but interesting nonetheless. Rumors are circulating throughout Hollywood about the Eddie Murphy divorce battle. I was talkin to a industry friend last nite, she said "Nicole got sick of putting up with him and Johnny Gill. People had warned her years ago about the downlow rumors, she chose not to believe it until she witnessed it. Eddie had got to the point where he didn't care, he often told her he was the breadwinner and at least he wasnt cheating with women." He became so brazen, Johnny came over to their house every holiday, sitting at the table with Nicole and the kids. Tevin Campbell and Sugar Ray are also heavily involved in this scenario, they tried to recruit Mike Tyson (when he had money) but it wasn't his scene. Johnny is pathetic, he is with all these men and doesn't benefit. Before he reunited with New Edition, he was so broke, he lived in Sugar Ray's guest house and I heard his wife wasn't too happy about it. They also stated that the following gentlemen are involved in their circle of DL brothers: Arsenio Hall, football player Johnnie Morton, Benny Medina, Will Smith, Duane Martin.


Leave Kanye's White Girl Alone

From what I understand, Kanye is on a radio tour of Canada. He was being interviewed on Toronto's "only" Urban Radio Station Flow 93.5 FM, but he had some issues with their policies of editing his songs. The interview suddenly got political. Kanye insisted to the program director that they stop censoring his songs. For example Kanye said the station beeped out the term "white girl" on his "Gold Digger" song, yet allowed the word "ass" to be heard. As he talked, I heard he was continuously cut off and prevented from speaking fully, from what I was told. I heard that Flow's DJ Hollywood Rich found that quite funny. But, Kanye didn't. He tossed his headset and rolled. (source)

Wow, Kanye finally does something I agree with. I can remember "and a white man gets paid off of all that" from the "All Falls Down" video being bleeped out on MTV. This is the same channel that let Bithchney Spears slob down Madonna, Marilyn Manson rip out pages from the Bible while performing onstage, and the Osbournes curse each other for a few seasons. Its like Nas said, "people fear what they can't understand, hate what they can't conquer."

White people - - get ya muthafuckin' weight up.

Crunk High Picture #1


I could talk shit but I'm going to leave that to you.

Now back to our regularly schedule Buzz for this afternoon.

Eddie Murphy Channels His Inner Pimp
Eddie Murphy doesn't waste any time. The 48 Hours star didn't even wait that long before setting out on a hunt for hotties after his wife of 12 years filed for divorce last week. The Dr. Doolittle star showed up with a large entourage at Joseph's in L.A. Monday night and Murphy--who survived an embarrassing episode with a transexual hooker a few years ago--kept his eyes trained firmly on the ladies. "He was flirting with every girl that came up," says an eyewitness, "and there were lots of them!" Last week his British wife, Nicole, filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. But a string of recent hits like Shrek and Daddy Day Care seems to have perked up his libido as well as his bank account. "Eddie had this big grin and was all decked out in black with platinum jewelry. His whole crew was with him, buying bottles of Cristal while a bunch of women danced on his lap," says our source. "I felt like I was back in the Rick James era."

Marques Houston and Chris Stokes = Rufus and Chuck?
There's been a buzz going around the various i-net gossip boards about Mr. Naked himself Marques Houston was caught stealing a kiss away from former B2K manager Chris Stokes. Hmm do you think?

Good News For Being Bobby Brown Fans
Since I doubt I will be giving another BBB episode summary (unless in the event that there is an episode with no coonin' involved) I found a site yesterday that is dedicated to the show. So if you haven't already peeped this site please do so now. Support our online Black community (yeah right).


Fresh Outlook Editorial : Joe Jackson Should Write A Guide For Raising Kids For White Parents

As I surfed through the channels for some entertaining television last night, a commercial for MTV's reality show My Super Sweet 16 came on. My Super Sweet 16 goes behind the scenes to expose all the brat-sessions and un-needed drama that comes along with the big party. I've been (un)fortunate to have seen episodes from previous seasons so I have a pretty good idea of the show's premise. They're rich, bitch. And they are not afraid to show it by having a big over-the-top celebration. Now I'm not knocking parents for wanting to make this moment in their daughter's life memorable but why would you allow them to talk shit to you? Are you out of your mind? These spoiled brats are spending the money you go to work for white people. While the 30 second spot for the show ran on, some little dumpy mixed child tells her mother to shut up. A definite eyebrow raiser in my opinion until the camera cuts to her white mother. Big effin' surprise here.

This would've never happened in Joe Jackson's house.

Thats yet another thing that separates "us" from "them". You know what happened to me the last time I told my mother to shut up? I got my chin checked in the drive-thru at Hardee's. I'm not advocating a full out abuse session every time your child is disrespectful but in the words of Nettie from The Color Purple, 'you gotta let 'em know who got the upper hand'. Upper pimp hand that is!

Fuck time out; take some time out to beat their ass.

Another show that pisses me off royally is Brat Camp. "Brat Camp takes place at SageWalk, The Wilderness School -- a therapeutic wilderness program in Oregon that serves as an intense intervention program for troubled teens between the ages of 13 and 17 who may be experiencing emotional, academic, and/or behavioral problems." Come on white people, please don't be so naive to think that a campfire and male bounding is going to solve all of the problems these lil' sons of bitches have. If you would've stole on 'em a couple of times while they were kids you wouldn't have this problem anyway.

So next time your 5 year old is spazzing out at Wal-Mart just clothesline 'em.


Mr. And Mrs. Smith

click to enlarge

Why does Will look like Ricky Williams? Why is Jada scaring the white people at Ozzfest? What the fuck is up?


SexyPrisoners.Com = Ignant

Last night I couldn't fall asleep after a long night of watching movies so I decided to pick up an old issue of XXL. As I scanned through the articles my fingers hurried to the back of the magazine. I love reading the ads in the back of XXL because its so ignant. It's this one internet chick who has an ad that appears in almost every issues who accepts cash, checks, money orders, cashier's checks, AND fucking food stamps as collateral for her services. I bullshit you not people. The bad thing about it is, she looks like a man. Somebody get that trick a plastic surgeon ASAP because dude, WTF? You can kick a field goal between her tits.

Anyways, I came across a ad for SexyPrisoners.com. I thought yo myself "this shit can't be real. They got the internet in jail? No wonder people keep going back in". So todayI decided to check the site out for myself. When I came across the splash page it read this:

The listing is in alfabetacle order, you will be seeing the last name first for easy referance.

Someone needs to email the webmaster and tell them they need to stop. And do you see the advertisement banner? Yeah right, that bitch ain't find a man through this site. Come on now.


You Like Me, You Really Like Me

This is just a quick post to show love to Mr. Kamoji (and no its not a Japanese steak house) for naming C&D site of the week! This is a first for me so I would like to thank all the small bitches I had to step on to get here. I love you all! I would also like to take this time out to shout out Inciting A Riot. So if you're sleeping then wake your ass up! Donovan covers everything from Throwing Up Fatty Koo to taking the time out to breakdown Beyonce's carbon copy, Rhianna. Here are a few entries to wet your palette.

The (Child Molestation) Scream IV Tour
Who Is This Dude?
The Crackhouse of Fatty Koo
Pon De Replay of Beyonce

Relationship Buzz

Mr. And Mrs. Graham?

Tying the knot. Not. After 19 years together, Oprah and perma-fiance Stedman Graham may be calling it quits. A friend of the talk-show queen tells Star the sizzle is gone for the couple, and that their faded romance pales compared to Oprah's bond with her longtime best friend Gayle King. "Oprah says she's miserable 9 times out of 10 when she's with Stedman," according to the mag's source. "She enjoys hanging out with Gayle more as they have more fun and a better connection." If things are really that bleak, In Touch certainly hasn't caught wind of it. They report that Oprah recently bought a $70,000 Gianfranco Ferre wedding gown and has been showing off the handmade silk gown to friends but hasn't shown it to Graham, "just to be on the safe side." They say Oprah may surprise everyone by finally going through with it and marrying Stedman.

I've been waiting to use these pictures of this midget from 'Bang Bus' (porn) forever. Notice the striking similarities folks. I think Oprah and Gayle may be some DL sisters. Ha. Remember your spirit.

Serena Dumps The White Boy

Serena Williams' romance with Brett Ratner has come to an abrupt end after the director spent a week partying in New York with Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri. The pair had been enjoying a low-key relationship for quite some time, but tennis ace Williams became increasingly frustrated with Ratner always being away from her. So after meeting up with Ratner at April's Delray Beach, Florida, FedCup tennis match between her sister Venus and German player Els Callens, Williams inquired about what he'd been doing in the Big Apple for a week, prompting the answer, "I was hanging out with Puffy, Jay-Z and JD, Jermaine Dupri... Give me some love. Show me that you care." After becoming agitated with the filmmaker's constant attempts at getting affection, Williams blasted, "I've been home for three weeks and I've asked you nicely and kindly not to come for [just] 24 hours. You come on Saturday and you leave on Sunday and I'm sorry but that's just not good enough for me. I'm very sorry..."I don't wanna be [your girlfriend]. I wanna see other people... We don't have a relationship. It's too bad things didn't work out between us."Acknowledging the presence of cameras - shooting footage for the Williams sisters' new reality show Venus & Serena: For Real - Ratner asked, "Is this the break-up episode?" His attempts to kiss her again for a "Nick [Lachey] and Jessica [Simpson] moment" were blocked by Williams, who had at least one happy memory from that afternoon--her sister won the match.

I'm feeling Brett with this one. This is so 'break-up episode' for a show no one is watching. 30 minutes of bad weaves and amazon women? I'll pass . . .


Buzz Notes Quickie

Shar Jackson Looks To' Da Fuck Up
First she comes to her daughter's birthday party looking like she just escape from rehab now this. Why in the blue fuck would you wear a shirt that says 'ugly' on it? Maybe I preserve my sexy too damn much for my own good but this is ridiculous. Somewhere Quentin and Britney are laughing.

Pharrell Is The Best Dressed Man in the World
Esquire magazine's second annual list of the Best Dressed Men in the World is headed this year by hip-hop hit-maker Pharrell Williams of the Grammy-winning production duo The Neptunes. Other negroids who round out the top ten list are Jay-Z (#10), Andre 3000 (#5), and Kanye West (#3).

And By The Way. . .
If I ever become HIV positive, I want to look like Magic Johnson. He is the only person I know who is HIV positive and gains about seven pounds every year. I betcha Cookie still hits it.

'Diamond' Finally Gets A Sugardaddy Fo' Life

On the evening of July 28th, in the garden of his palatial home, The Honorable Michael Misick Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands and actress/businesswoman Ms.LisaRaye McCoy became engaged. The Chief Minister got down on one kneein front of both of their families and friends including LisaRaye's mother, Ms. Katie McCoy and proposed. Although the tropical temperatures soared above 80 degrees, LisaRaye remained cool andelegant. Beaming with pride and joy, a teary eye LisaRaye accepted the Chief Minister's proposal. Chief Minister Misick stated: "I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with LisaRaye".

The gorgeous couple (edit: yeah fucking right!) met at TBS Trumpet Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. Initially they corresponded by e-mail several times a day. The first date took place in Jamaica when LisaRaye had to fly to Jamaica to hostan annual festival weekend. Chief Minister Misick being determined tocourt LisaRaye flew to Jamaica from Turks and Caicos Islands to take LisaRaye and her friends out for dinner. (thanks Bulletproof Diva for the tip)

I wonder if Da Brat was there. Anyway, LisaRaye has officially become the poster female for women looking for sugardaddies for life. This ninja looks more like her Uncle Cornelius than her husband but oh well. This picture looks more like my mother and father's 20 year anniversary picture than an engagement shot. The type that screams "yeah we're hanging in here for the death insurance policy so one of us can be happy".


Superhead Strikes Again!

Supermodel Tyra Banks' new talk show doesn't air till September, but it's already set off a blazing catfight. Karrine Steffans says Banks dissed her horribly when Steffans came on to talk about her memoir, "Confessions of a Video Vixen." Steffans, who chronicles her many affairs with hip-hop and sports stars in the best seller, says Banks "insisted I wrote 'Confessions' because I was angry and wanted revenge. ... She said, 'These are my colleagues. They're people I know well!'

"Despite what she thinks, she and I are not that different," Steffans tells News contributor Jawn Murray. "I have even heard her being referred to as a 'Hollywood Hop,' for the many men in Hollywood who have bedded her and moved on." Steffans says she was so mad, "all I could think about was snatching her wig off!" Banks' manager, Benny Medina, argues, "Tyra certainly never slept around. You can count her relationships on one hand." Medina says the clash stemmed from Steffans not wanting to discuss the passages in the book.

"She glorifies this lifestyle in the book," he says. "But on the show, I think she is ashamed of it." Ironically, Banks' former flame, director John Singleton, is said to be interested in developing "Video Vixen" as a movie. Meanwhile, Steffans' relationship with Bill Maher is proceeding nicely. "She's funny and beautiful," the comic told us yesterday at a lunch that HBO honcho Richard Plepler threw for him at Michaels to celebrate Maher's book, "New Rules." Maher isn't worried Steffans might turn on him like former girlfriend Coco Johnsen, who filed a $9 million palimony suit (which a judge recently threw out). "People say I'm into black women," says Maher. "Robert De Niro is into black women. I'm just into women who are real, and they happen to be black."

Ha, Bill Maher likes seconds. But yo, what's really good with Karrine? "My colleagues?" Thats what they're calling hoes now? A hoe is a hoe, sorry. Don't try to put a 'business' spin on it. In the words of Ludacris, you's a hoe. Just point blank period.

Changing Faces?

Kimora Lee Simmons has agreed to serve six months of probation for allegedly driving erratically and ignoring a police car's flashing lights and wailing siren for several miles in July 2004. Simmons, wife of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, had also faced drug possession charges after officers found a small amount of marijuana in her car. She was arrested outside the couple's Saddle River estate. Bergen County prosecutors agreed to allow Simmons into the county's pretrial intervention program for nonviolent first offenders. She pleaded guilty Tuesday in Superior Court to careless driving. If she successfully completes the program, all the charges will be dropped."This is certainly an aberration, a one-time mistake of judgment," Assistant Prosecutor Wayne Mello said. "It's precisely the circumstance that pretrial intervention was created for."Simmons' lawyer, Brian Neary, called the case "an unfortunate incident."

I never really believed the whole "African American + Japanese" ethnicity thing before I checked out some pics my best friend sent to me. Kimora looks a lil' nappy in the pictures from her modeling days. Also in my opinion she looks like she's had some work done. I'm not complaining because she still is beautiful but I'm just saying. Check out the pictures for yourself.

Pic 1 (my personal favorite) - Pic 2 - Pic 3


Photoshop Pic of the Week

Thank God Beyonce loves that chicken from Popeye's.

G-G-G-G-Get My Lawyer!

"Dumb ass rappahs" - Bernie Mac

G-Unit rappers Lloyd Banks and Young Buck were arrested on felony gun possession charges after a concert at Madison Square Garden, police said. Banks, whose real name is Chris Lloyde, and Young Buck, whose real name is David Brown, were riding in a van with 10 other men that allegedly ran a red light at about 11:30 p.m. Monday near the corner of West 41st Street and Eighth Avenue, authorities said. Police said one of the 12 men was carrying a loaded handgun and another weapon was found on the floor of the van. All the occupants were charged with gun possession. Lloyde, 23, and Brown, 24, had just performed at nearby Madison Square Garden on the "Anger Management 3 "tour, which stars Eminem and 50 Cent, another member of G-Unit. Authorities said Lloyde and Brown were released without bail Tuesday. Their lawyer, Scott Leemon, refused to comment.

And yes, this is a picture of David with what appears to be a curl-shag.

Eminem Is Cold As Ice

"The way I spit shit imma sick addict/ thats why I fucked Angelina in front of Maddox/ dragged the bitch across the Sahara/ and picked up some bum named Zahara"

He also said that Maddox got "hard" for the first time watching him fuck Angelina, and that she is a bad mom for making Zahara sleep in a dumpster.

Vibe magazine caught up with Mr. Slim Shady himself while on a pit stop at a local boys and girls club in Detroit, Michigan......When asked about remarks made about Hollywoods's A-list stars in concert, the Detroit-native smiled and said, "I knew everybody was going to blow it out of proportion. I even heard some bullsh*t about me picking on [Jolie's] kids. Everyone's going 'Eminem is a monster who just does this sh*t for attention', when in reality, they make it bigger than it really is. Music is reflection of self. What's wrong with poking fun of current events? Jay Leno, Conen O'brien, Jimmy Kimmel- them dudes do that sh*t everyday for a living and they don't get any bad publicity for it. As far as the whole Angelina Jolie thing- it's not like I was talking about killing her kids or nothing. I was just poking her-oh, I mean poking fun of her (laughs). Honestly, I respect her and yeah, I'm a fan. I respect what she does off screen and I just think she's the most beautiful person. I haven't had the privilege of meeting her, but I'd love to. She seems to really care about the children, and that's what I'm about too. But yeah, I'd f*ck her (Laughs).


I wonder if he told her 'I thought I told you that we won't stop, I thought I told you that we won't stop' while he was doing this. IF he did indeed whoop that trick (no more Hustle and Flow references, I promise).

Diddy's Girlfriend Breaks Nose After Argument

Sean 'Diddy' Combs' girlfriend, Kim Porter was left with a broken nose after the couple argued on Combs' yacht in St Tropez. The argument is rumoured to have taken place in the early hours of the morning after a party. The Sun have quoted a 'source' as saying of the argument: "By 2am they were arguing loudly. This went on for several hours. Then at 7am there was screaming." Combs flew in a specialist plastic surgeon from Geneva after the accident. Porter has since claimed that she hurt her face after she "banged her nose on a table". Porter is the mother of Combs' son Christian who is six years old.


I've been wanting to do a "special" post on Cowboy Troy for quite sometime now. So when I saw a post about him on SOHH, I felt like they stole my thunder. But after I read the article a smile spread acrossed my face. The author said all of the things I wanted to.

Nigga Please of the Week: Cowboy Troy

... Just for this special jigapoo, we're going to give you a 2-for-1 to start off the week. That's right, eight minutes of Cowboy Troy performing his minstrel show classics, "I Play Chicken With The Train" and "If You Don’t Wanna Love Me" [watch them now]. I would have completed the trifecta with "I Play Nice Nice For Massa" featuring Michael Clarke Duncan, but I couldn't find a link to the video. Welcome to "Hick-Hop." This is more fun than a barrel of watermelons! I think I found the cowboy from Pee Wee's Playhouse! Free from the jheri curl, Cowboy Troy now bumbles around Garth Brooks' playhouse. The secret word of the day is "COON." If you hear anyone say "coon" today, yawl just go on and act a damn fool, you hear? Seriously, what audience is Troy trying to appeal to here with this country ass 8 Mile? He walks a parted sea of a crowd to the stage. This is not because they all respect the self-proclaimed "Big Black Train," but because the concert is segregated. He should be ashamed for all of that Tim McGraw name-dropping. He's a little late anyways. Another black rapper has already flocked to Mr. Faith Hill's dick. His name is Nelly. (continue reading at sohh)


Poll: What's Your Ignant Guilty Pleasure?

A few months back when I started this site, everyone in the blogsphere was "tagging" each other for various reasons. Some to ask what their favorite songs were, random questions, etc. I've been tagged a couple of times (I need to publish those posts because contrare to popular belief I do respond) but never for anything ignorant. I mean, don't we all have a favorite ignant ass guilty pleasure? My choice would be "Georgia Dome" by the Ying Yang Twins. Bitches getting punched in the breast, sucking dick behind the store, and pussy's bleeding. It don't get no better!

The first time I heard the lyrics to this song one of the wiggers (I say this out of love) in my dorm was in the middle of the hall rapping "I met this hoe / she sucked my dick behind the sto' ". I didn't think for one moment that it would in fact a real song until I heard it at a club later that month. As club patrons screamed "to the ceiling / to the floor/ that ho don't want no more" I fell the fuck out. I was tipsy my damn self that night (teen drinking is bad) and joined in. Every since that night "Georgia Dome" will always be my favorite ignant guilty pleasure. As intelligent and "siddity" (people down here refer to me being siddity because I have home training and common sense) I may come off as I still can't contain my inner ignorance bubbling beneath the surface sometimes.

So I have a question to ask everyone: What's your favorite ignant guilty pleasure? It can be anything from Being Bobby Brown to a song that has no meaning at all. Let me know something.


The Real King of the South

damn shame

Some people should not reproduce. You ever heard the saying 'mama's baby, daddy's maybe'? This shit is so true in the case of T.I. and Tiny (aka the little high yellow niggette in Xscape). This is one fugly child. I hope he grows out of it. His name is King by the way. With a head like that he's going to need a tailor made crown. I should send a virus out to my homegirl who sent me this shit.

Jigga Man and Beyonce Get Naked?

Word out of New York is megastars Beyonce Knowles and boyfriend rapper/mogul Jay Z (Shawn Carter) are suing a New Jersey man for allegedly trying to distribute and profit from a sex tape they say was recorded Illegally. A lawsuit filed Monday seeks monetary damages as well as a temporary restraining order and injunction prohibiting the sale or other use of the videotape. Beyonce and her "Soldier" accuse Kurtis Walker of trying to distribute the tape through an intermediary. The two said they recognize the hotel where the tape was made and said a hidden camera caught the two having relations. In a statement a rep read, the couple wrote: "We are saddened at the lengths people will go to profit off someone else, our immediate concern is to stop the disruption and any profiting that someone might do from this crime." The tape was reportedly made 1 year ago. The lawsuit also accused the 39 year-old man of working with the owner of an Internet pornography business and contacting the news media about the tape. The lawsuit said the release of the videotape would irreparably harm the couple's reputation and career.

I love that picture. Bey looks like Seabiscuit with all that damn weave.

Once again, I love celebrity sex tapes but these two never made my list. I'm not sure if I would want to see Jay-Z's weiner getting camera time. We all know however if it is true it will eventually be leaked onto the internet like every other sex tape in the world. Famous people can be such idiots at times! Why in the hell would you make a tape in the first place and even run the risk? I'm the suburban legend as I like to call myself and I wouldn't do that shit.


Buzz Notes

Naomi Campbell Attacks White Woman: Sorry Naomi But This Still Doesn't Give You Street Cred

Naomi Campbell is being sued by her actress friend Yvonne Scio, who called police last night claiming the supermodel had punched and kicked her for wearing a similar dress. Scio told police she was rushed to hospital with a split lip and severe bruising, after the catwalk beauty violently attacked her at the Eden Hotel in Rome, Italy. And the Italian-American film star is filing a lawsuit against Campbell, her friend of 12 years, claiming she is bed-ridden and will be out of work until she has recovered from her serious injuries. Scio's lawyer Annamaria Bernardini De Pace says, "This will be going to court and Naomi will have to appear. This was a completely unprovoked attack of violence by Naomi. Yvonne is in bed in a lot of pain. Her face is in a terrible way. She lost a lot of blood. She is an actress so she will not be able to work for a while. We will also be looking for loss of earnings." Officer Domenico Condello adds, "I can confirm that an allegation of assault has been made. Ms. Scio came to the police station with cuts to her lip. She said that Naomi had insulted her and attacked her over some clothes she was wearing. We have taken a full statement from Ms. Scio and we will be checking her claims with Naomi Campbell." But a spokesperson for Campbell counters, "Naomi has been mistakenly dragged into a potential drama in Rome after an 'actress' and long-term acquaintance, Yvonne Scio made claims about a dispute. Naomi made it clear there had been 'a disagreement' in which she told Miss Scio that she was 'very disappointed a her behavior and that she should go now'."

Please take notice that Naomi doesn't want it with an African American, Latina, or someone of Asian descent (fuck that, I believe all Asian people know a lil' bit of Kill Bill action).

Kimora Lee Simmons = Angelina's Clit Rider

Kimora Lee Simmons already has two little girls with hip hop legend Russell Simmons, which she prominently displays in her Baby Phat ads. But, KLS has decided to hop on the latest celebrity bandwagon and adopt a baby! Kimora told The Insider that she is going to adopt a baby from Malaysia.

I've been a huge fan of KLS for a couple of years now. I think she's pretty, intelligent, and makes killer accessories (I've been known to be a walking Baby Phat billboard). But this shit she is pulling now is sad.

Monique vs. Jackee

Funny lady Mo'Nique celebrates the full figure with her upcoming special "Mo'Nique's Fat Chance," while Jackee attempts to lose the pounds as she faces the drill sergeant in "Celebrity Fit Club 2." But whose approach is the right one? The ladies face off! "If 'Fit Club' is to say, 'Be fit, be healthy,' not 'You gotta be small to be beautiful,' because when you say that -- wrong message, turn you off, I don't promote it," Mo'Nique says. "But if she's saying, 'Hey, we just want to be healthy,' then kudos to you Jackée, but if they're saying, 'You gotta lose 20 pounds because you're cute, but you'll be cuter,' then I don't promote that." (continue reading)

Black Love No More

ET has learned that Eddie Murphy and his wife, Nicole, are divorcing after 12 years. Nicole filed the petition for divorce this morning in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences. Murphy released the following statement to ET: "The welfare of our children is our main concern and their best interest is our first priority." The couple has four daughters and one son.

Em Acting Like A Diva?

The media needs to stop. This is nowhere near the "I hope I'm not on my period all white room including roses" that J-Lo demanded. Also notice how they sprinkle the words "bling bling" inside the article. Thus confirming the author being a cracka ass cracka.

Move over J-Lo; Eminem's coming to town. Word has it that the rapper has a string of quirky demands for his forthcoming tour - including that he have a constant supply of massive buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. According to Ananova.com, he also wants a fully equipped "arcade-style" dressing room, complete with monster TV with PlayStation, a ping-pong table and a basketball hoop. The room must also be big enough to "comfortably accommodate eight persons". According to the Daily Mirror, the 32-year-old's catering needs for his Manchester gig on September 14 also stretch to two cases of Heineken lager, two bottles of Hennessy cognac and three bottles of Cristal champagne. A source told the paper: "The artist wants 10 low-carb protein bars, 12 cans of low-carb Myoplex body-building meal-replacement formula and half-a-dozen cans of low-carb protein shakes." The rap star, who is touring with his bling-bling protege 50 Cent has also asked "that the services of a masseur" be available to him.

BTW, I doubt that I will ever do a recap of Being Bobby Brown again. The show is reached an all time ignant last week. Hmm, I take that back. I may do a recap when an episode full of random coonin'.

Mike Tyson Loves White Meat!

Damn I wish I was there to see this shit in person. Take a look at your boy Mike Tyson getting love in the club. If you are new to this site you probably don't know how much we love Mike around here. He hasn't let that rape conviction slow him down one bit. He might want to be a lil bit more careful. She's white Mike, watch out now!

Moving along now. Will someone please tell Ciara that
HQ pictures aren't a good idea when you're wearing a weft wig? She's also looking like she needs to preserve her sexy and grab some Proactive.

My Surreal Life : Its Hard Out Here For A Pimp

Normally I don't post about my personal life for various reasons. The main one being that I figured no one really gives a shit so I only tell a handful of people online (my AIM gang) about what's going on in my world. This time I've decided to make an exception and go there with ya'll.

Just don't fall asleep on me.

For those who do not know, I work(ed) at a financial institution aka bank as a teller. Counting other muthafuckas thousands for nine hours every weekday (except Wednesdays, the bank closes at 1 p.m.). Today started off as a normal Friday. I wore my jeans, "official bank shirt", and Pumas to the office as I do on most Friday's. Anyways, our drawers got audited and guess what? Your girl came up $80 short in bait money. Bait money is the money that you give a robber if they're jacking your ass to set off the alarm. It's supposed to have $100 in there but mine only had the $20 that was still under the clip. My guess is that I must've given it away while doing a transaction. Pretty normal shit I thought. One of my white co-workers even told me she had done it before so I didn't think anything of it. Nor did the manager of the bank at the time she was counting my drawer. All she said is that I would be $80 short today, cool.

I'm a pretty honest muthafucka. I don't steal, kill, lie, or anything else. I may talk shit time to time but I would never steal from someone else, let alone my fucking job! So about two hours later I get called into her (manager's) office for an improtu meeting aka firing session. She tells me that since I should've caught the mistake yesterday that it was my fault for not reporting it and also that I was "force balancing". That is saying that you are balanced when you are indeed not. No one ever counts that fucking money! Everyone always assumes that it is in there so I never count it. So if I don't count it, surely the assistant manager at the bank who always counts my drawer after me should've caught my mistake. Ha!

So to make a long story short I got fired today over some bullshit. I know they aren't ever gonna hire another nigga now. I was the only negroid in the entire bank (its only three others in the whole branch system who have been there for years). Do you remember that When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong episode on Chapelle's Show where Vernon goes off? How he secretly feels like an Uncle Tom because he gets along with all of his co-workers. That was my ass!

Of course I was pissed off, shocked, and hurt by all of this. I feel like my integrity has been questioned. In the words of Richard Nixon "I am not a (fucking) crook!". Down with whitey! As I walked into my home from the car it started to pour down raining. It was something out of a damn movie, fo real.

I'm over it though because I know I didn't steal the shit. What I'm going to do with 80 bucks? Buy crack? I just know that this employer will not go on my resume and that I will be finding another bank for my money. Thanks Jon and Prodigal for making me feel better about all of this.

So to continue on in the spirit of bad news, I'm checking my email from the good folks over at The Mindset Army and read this:

TV Guide: So is that it for Chappelle's Show?
Murphy: Chappelle's Show is over, man. Done. It took me a long time to be able to say those words, but I can say it pretty easy now, because it's the truth. There's no way to get around it. It's a new day. I'm disappointed it ended the way it did, but I'm not angry with anybody. Chappelle's Show was like the Tupac of TV shows. It came out, it got everybody's attention, it was a bright shining star, but it burned out and for some strange reason, it burned out quick. The two seasons I acted on that show made me a star. Now I can go out and do stand-up. I'm getting movie offers. It's off the hook. Me getting to the next level or whatever's going to happen is going to come from the next things I do, but Chappelle's Show served its purpose and I'll always be grateful.

What a damn day. There is a silver lining in my cloud of gloom today though. Soli nominated this crunktastic site for the Black Blog Awards (I should really check my email more often, no?). So feed a hungry child in GA and vote [/not really].


Well Its About Fucking Time: Dateline To Discuss The Disparity In Media Coverage of Missing Minorities This Friday

NEW YORK - When "Dateline NBC" reporter Josh Mankiewicz asked television news division chiefs to talk about disproportionate coverage of attractive white females who go missing, only his boss agreed. His report on the trend is scheduled to air on Friday's edition of "Dateline NBC." Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson, JonBenet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart and now Natalee Holloway all became household names because of the way television news divisions, particularly the cable networks, extensively covered the story when they went missing.Each had another common trait: they were young, white, pretty and female. Some have questioned how they became stories, when more than half of missing people are male and nearly three in 10 are black.

Mankiewicz follows the case of Tamika Huston, a black woman from Spartanburg, S.C., who disappeared last year. Her aunt, a public relations representative, told NBC she tried hard without much success to get national news outlets to report on the story.

Mankiewicz said he asked news bosses at ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox News Channel to talk about the issue."It's an uncomfortable question to address," he said, "and I think there may be a feeling that if there's going to be an examination done, they're going to do it themselves rather than watch it on someone else's network."NBC News President Neal Shapiro was interviewed, telling Mankiewicz that race is not a factor in decisions about who NBC covers and how it is done.

"Our mission is to try to cover America," Shapiro said. "And that means all facets of America ... and when our coverage doesn't reflect that, it distresses me. That said, I think it's important that people in the industry talk about it. I think the fact that `Dateline NBC' is devoting airtime to it means we take it seriously."The case of Holloway, a blond Alabama teenager who disappeared in May while on a vacation in Aruba, has been tirelessly covered on several cable news shows, particularly with Fox News Channel's Greta Van Susteren and CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace.

Van Susteren said her show has covered missing minorities, citing stories last week on LaToyia Figueroa, a pregnant woman from Philadelphia who hadn't been seen since July 18.Figueroa's case attracted a brief flurry of television attention after several Philadelphia area bloggers waged a campaign urging networks to give the same attention to her as they did to Holloway."We could certainly do more," Van Susteren told The Associated Press. "You can never do enough. I'm not going to say we're perfect on that; I wish we did more on missing minorities. But I'm not going to be bothered by the critics."

Simple Bitch of the Week

This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Remember the award I gave her?

By now, fans have seen the allegedly hacked nude photos of model Vida Guerra circulating the internet. Everyone from industry folk to fans were logging on to see for themselves within minutes of hearing about her T-Mobile Sidekick being hacked. What first seemed to be the result of a devious internet hacker, now seems to be merely a publicity stunt by the model herself.According to Flash Records' label head Flash Rodriguez, Vida's former record label, Ms. Guerra released the photos herself in an attempt to hype up her upcoming single "You Ain't Ready" -- a stunt Rodriguez did not agree with."When I confronted [Vida] about it, she said that the vagina shots were not hers," Rodriguez said, "but I told her that it had her tattoo, and her nails were done in a way I could tell that they were of her. She responded with 'Isn't this good publicity for my single?'"

"The surfacing of nude photos of Vida became a very serious integrity and marketing issue to the label due to the fact that we have sufficient reason to believe they were not hacked, but were a publicity stunt," he added in a statement on the label's official website (www.feamgroup.com).

The release of the nude photos has since caused Flash Records to drop the model/singer off their label roster. Rodriguez also revealed that Vida was difficult to work with because of her "diva like" attitude, and went as far as saying that her singing ability was less than sub par.In fact Rodriguez alleges that the first single was not even sung by her. To impress The Source magazine, who recently ran a feature about Guerra's singing ability, the model allegedly had Rodriguez play the magazine's staff, vocals of another singer."[Vida Guerra] couldn't cut it," said Rodriguez. "She was scared to sing on the phone and in person. She produced no music for my label."Although the label constantly asked her to take singing lessons to improve her abilities, Vida refused, according to Flash Records. The label also cited bad management, constant unrealistic contractual renegotiations, and an unwillingness to do promotional appearances as factors that led to her being dropped, so Flash wouldn't "compromise the integrity of the label."

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