So, What's On The Minds Of White America Today?


Those niggers are so wild. (click for Fat Joe / 50 Cent disses . . . you saw this link here FIRST)

Everyone in the blogsphere is going to comment about Fat Joe and Fiddy, myself now included. I think that Fat Joe "won" that round simply for the fact that no one really saw the shit coming. Do you really think 50 would have said something on stage if not provoked? The likelihood is very slim. I was hoping that "Hate It or Love It" would win an award but to my dismay it didn't. Oh well. I need to start an internet beef with someone. Who want to
join me? (that's a joke people)


As predicted earlier last week by the great one herself, the VMA's went on last night to bore the fuck out of me. Just when you thought the coon awards couldn't be topped the cracka ass cracka's over at MTV didn't seize to disappoint. Normally I would give a recap of events but this was so terrible I'm not going to waste my time or energy with creating a post about it. Hmm, then again . . .

- Tony Yayo's dance moves reminds me of Flava Flav.

- Like the BET awards, a lot of big celebs opted not to come. I don't blame them.

- Green Day had the best performance of the night. And I dare you to argue with me.

- Was Lil' Kim really pissed at Jimmy Piven's comments or was that staged?

- MC Hammer needs to sit his old ass down.

- The pre-show was better.

- Ludacris could've stayed the fuck in Atlanta.

- Eva Longeria looked like an extra in the "Gold Digger' performance.

- Jamie Foxx thinks he's Ray Charles now.

- Suge Knight getting shot in the leg wasn't enough. We still can't bring Pac and Biggie back.

- Jessica and little sister Ashlee's comments about R&B were so typical of white girls.

- That white boy that came out with Snoop was not funny. John Legend's facial expression while he was on stage was classic.

- It was nice to see everyone dressed like they were going to court.

- I told ya'll we would get trapped in the closet.

- Don Juan dressed down was hilarious.

- Mariah Carey makes me bored when I watch her do that hand "thing" she does when she sings. So I turned to Celebrity Fit Club during her performance.

- Whoever suggested Diddy hosting should lose their job today.

I'm glad I got my party on the days following up to this train wreck. So, what did you think of the show?

Happy 47th Berfday Wacko!

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