Fresh Outlook Editorial : Joe Jackson Should Write A Guide For Raising Kids For White Parents

As I surfed through the channels for some entertaining television last night, a commercial for MTV's reality show My Super Sweet 16 came on. My Super Sweet 16 goes behind the scenes to expose all the brat-sessions and un-needed drama that comes along with the big party. I've been (un)fortunate to have seen episodes from previous seasons so I have a pretty good idea of the show's premise. They're rich, bitch. And they are not afraid to show it by having a big over-the-top celebration. Now I'm not knocking parents for wanting to make this moment in their daughter's life memorable but why would you allow them to talk shit to you? Are you out of your mind? These spoiled brats are spending the money you go to work for white people. While the 30 second spot for the show ran on, some little dumpy mixed child tells her mother to shut up. A definite eyebrow raiser in my opinion until the camera cuts to her white mother. Big effin' surprise here.

This would've never happened in Joe Jackson's house.

Thats yet another thing that separates "us" from "them". You know what happened to me the last time I told my mother to shut up? I got my chin checked in the drive-thru at Hardee's. I'm not advocating a full out abuse session every time your child is disrespectful but in the words of Nettie from The Color Purple, 'you gotta let 'em know who got the upper hand'. Upper pimp hand that is!

Fuck time out; take some time out to beat their ass.

Another show that pisses me off royally is Brat Camp. "Brat Camp takes place at SageWalk, The Wilderness School -- a therapeutic wilderness program in Oregon that serves as an intense intervention program for troubled teens between the ages of 13 and 17 who may be experiencing emotional, academic, and/or behavioral problems." Come on white people, please don't be so naive to think that a campfire and male bounding is going to solve all of the problems these lil' sons of bitches have. If you would've stole on 'em a couple of times while they were kids you wouldn't have this problem anyway.

So next time your 5 year old is spazzing out at Wal-Mart just clothesline 'em.

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