Mike Seaver [1] Would Approve

Here's the cover for Mary J. Blige's upcoming album Growing Pains. I wish this shot was face on so I can see that damn scar but whatever. Lookin' good Willona!

[1] Google it.

Star Tracks: Grace Jones

I'm not going to tell ya'll that I thought this was Lil' Mama at first. Nope, I am just going to keep that to myself. Strangé went on an afternoon stroll with a pal in Soho earlier this week. Grace used to the scare the hell out of me when I was a child but you can't help but love her. I wish all models were as wonky as she is.

Beanie Sigel - "All of the Above" Feat. R. Kelly

Hated it. NEXT!


What's New Pussycat?

While many folks may have thought that Al B. Sure had a permanent position in the wig crypt he has been cooking up new ways to supplement Kim Porter's income.

And what about the man himself? Just because he hasn't had a record out in ages, some think he fell off, but he's been busier than you think.

"And we've got Al B. working on the new album, which is called 'Honey I'm Home.' It's been quite a while, but its coming. Everybody I run in to, from Anthony Anderson to Michael Jackson [Uh huh. - - Fresh], are asking me 'When're you going to come with the new album. I really love it and appreciate it. It's about time now. I've lost all the weight and it's time to do it."

He lost the weight? Some of his female fans may be a little upset at that. Some liked the teddy bear look, but to each her own. He's currently a popular radio show host from 9 am to 12 pm on LA radio station Hot 92.3. It's a job Al B. Sure says he enjoys greatly. By the way, radio and CDs aren't the only mediums he's dabbling in these days.

"Definitely, Hot 92.3 has been a blessing to me. I talk to (millions) of people everyday. I'm definitely keeping the radio gig. But I'm also in a new straight to DVD film with Blair Underwood. It's called 'The Hit' and it's on CodeBlack/Universal. It also stars DeRay Davis and James Russo from 'The Godfather.' It's a nice little joint." (source)

Milk And Cookies!

Iron Mike stocked up on Santa's favorite treat at a liquor store in West Hollywood. Milk and cookies! I don't know, I always thought that Mike was more of a pork rinds and RC cola man myself. That must have been one hell of a blunt.

Since it is Halloween today this YouTube clip of the Mike and Bobby Brown singing "Monster Mash" on Jimmy Kimmell is like a good bra holding up Aretha the Body's tittayballs, so necessary.

Question of the Day

The lovely RuPaul signed autographs of his new 'Starrbooty' DVD yesterday at the Virgin Megastore. I will never understand how someone can upstage hoes for 20 years+ and never get a snag in their swag Which brings me to today's question (not really). Who would win in a shank off between RuPaul and Gaymonn?


...Armed with a video camera and an imagination, RuPaul’s ultimate goal in creating Starrbooty was to spoof the blacksploitation films of the 1970s like "Cleopatra Jones," "Foxy Brown" and the television show "Get Christie Love."

Once he completed the film and rather low-budget editing process Starrbooty was born.

Fast forward 20 years to the present and you just might catch a revamped version of the eccentric character on the big screen.


Trick or Treat?

First the Fat Boys break up, now this. Fresh braids, clean skin . . . the fuck? What type of CGI effects is this?! Is this like a dirt oasis? Is he actually going to look like Swamp Thing in his article spread? I'm locking myself in the bathroom, turning the lights off, and yelling "Bloody Mary" three timesto re-correct this shit.
[Thanks Melida]



Whatever Jermaine

Jermaine Dupri is attempting to stir the waters of conflict so that his autobiography will sale. Just plain ol' thirsty behavior! The above "leaked" video clip featured a pissed JD going off about being asked by different press outlets about his comments about Justin Timberlake. This shit looks like a bad church play. Is Tyler Perry holding the camera? You need more people, and Janet is not one of them.

[Video via Sohh ATL]


Question of the Day

Since Kelis has been dropped by Jive Records what gigs would you suggest she try to land while she looks for a new label home?

In Case You Missed It // Keyshia Cole On Tyra Banks

I know ya'll are tired of the KeyLoLo coverage but oh well. Keyshia appeared on The Tyra Banks Show recently to discuss her new album and life. Of course Tyra tried to talk over her the interview by talking about herself but what else is new. Click here to watch part two.

Jessica White, Who?

Not too many people can stand next to Amanda Lepore and hold their own. Gaymon's long, silky weave is a delightful contrast to his scruffy beard. He unleashed his zest during the Night Life Awards at Spotlight New York City on Monday. Tell the truth and shame the devil, you wouldn't hit that?

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Upgrade/Downgrade: 'American Gangster' Hollywood Premiere

Say what you want about Michelle Williams but at least she isn't trying to stay relevant by going door to door trying to sale pork chop sandwiches and life insurance like Kizzy Rowland. Premium conflict-free yaki and a little effort does a girl wonders.

As much as it pains me to say this I am going to go ahead and get it out of the way. Denzel Washington looks like somebody's bipolar uncle. Just look at him. He's searching for a window to taste right now. And can we address son's Duke kit?! I haven't seen a naturally curl pattern like that since Ja Rule tried to get his slickback going. I vote no.

Star Tracks: Jay-Z

Jay-Z visisted the 'Late Show With David Letterman' yesterday to promote his new American Gangster album due out in stores November 6. I'm not sure how I feel about the scarf around his neck but I am sure he needs it. Don't act like you don't know camels get wind burn. I'm sure Beyaki used it to wrap her hair later that night.


Keyshia Cole Covers Vibe

A topless, vapid KeyLoLo appears on the cover of the December issue of Vibe magazine. Discuss.

Star Tracks: Thandie Newton

BELOVED! Thandie Newton and her two daughters Ripley and Nico spent some quality cupcakin' time together at Studio City Farmer’s Market in L.A. on Sunday afternoon. I forgot she kids since we don't get the chance to see them often. Cute kids.

[Thanks Nejimtgran// Flicks via Just Jared]

Does Effie Have A New Man?

Jennifer Hudson @ the Tiffany & Company 2008 Blue Book Collection Launch

Via Page Six:

Vogue's Andre Leon Talley once again got his big fashion paws on "American Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson, squeezing her into a tight gold gown at the Fashion Group International's Night of Star's gala Thursday at Cipriani. [Click here to view flicks] The Oscar winner walked the red carpet with Talley, but once inside cozied up to her new man, New York Jets free safety Kerri Rhodes. "He followed right behind her in a separate car, but when they were inside they were holding hands all night and taking trips to the bathroom together," said a spy.

That's funny, I thought J. Hud was still with her hometown sweetheart. Interesting.

Quick, Hand Me My Shank

The homeland security threat level is now in the orange! LaMichael was spotted over the weekend canoodling with Danity Kane member Aubrey O' Day in New York City.

Father, I stretch my hands to Thee, No other help I know! I can't believe this.

Memo to LaMike: Jump off, jump off, the girl is a jump off. Don't go into the light. Drop your mayonnaise off in another salad.

It's the King homie.


YouTube Clip of the Day

I guess robust zest is the underlining theme for today.

Singer/reality show contestant Sisqo recently serenaded Ciara at her birthday party in D.C. How random! Negroids are really running around thinking this is 2001. First Ja Rule, now Sisqo. Let me find out that Angie Martinez is about to drop another album.

Seriously, isn't having Sisqo sing at your function the equivalent to hiring a midget to jump out of a cake?


Crank That Fuck Effort

On Friday my mother-in-law Diana Ross gave a special performance at the Tiffany & Company 2008 Blue Book Collection Launch.

This brings a new meaning to the whole *DEAD* joke. She must've stumbled across a caboodle full of Fashion Fair from the 80's and decided to put it to good use. Frankie says relax, Lady Di. The only thing missing from your face is formaldehyde. Jesus be a baby wipe.


Not You Again

Just when you thought Terry McMillan was finally finished with talking ex-husband Jonathan Plummer she does it again. I'm just saying Terry, you may be scaring off potential suitors with all that shit.

In the article, which will post on the magazine's Web site Nov. 15, McMillan discusses never-before-mentioned details of her marriage. Among other things, she accuses Plummer of stealing money from her private bank account.

Explaining her decision to reveal more details to the magazine, McMillan writes in a statement:

"I am not doing this to literally demonize Jonathan Plummer, but he is an evil person to have done the things he has taken pains to achieve.

"I loved him for years and did everything I could to help him evolve. The reason I told UNEQ Magazine so many of these previously undisclosed details is because he needs to be exposed to the community he is also pimping. He forgets that gay men have sisters and mothers. And it is because he doesn't care, just like he doesn't care if he ever goes back to Jamaica.

"It is the main reason he went on television to announce his homosexuality. He wanted the people in Jamaica to be embarrassed and to hate him so that in the event that our marriage were annulled - his goal was to use the self-generated hatred sure to come from Jamaica so that he would qualify for asylum and be able to stay in this country if his citizenship were revoked or in jeopardy. This is how slick he is. This was the main reason he and his attorney went on 'Good Morning America' and leaked my so-called homophobic insults to the media and included them in court documents.

"But the public had no idea of this goal because the focus was on 'Terry the Homophobic Witch' and not his theft, betrayal or deception. What was it that he gave me that would make any man think that I should pay him spousal support? A grown, healthy, gay man who was all of 31 years old? I did not rent a husband. He tried to paint me as Mommie Dearest and apparently some people bought it because he did to the gay community what he had been so successfully doing to me for years and that was to play the sympathy 'I'm-the-victim' card. And he is certainly a very high-profile victim who has taken every opportunity he could to take advantage of his so-called victimization.

"What I would really like UNEQ Magazine and members of the gay community to be very cognizant of is what is it that he has done since he came out of the closet that might benefit other gay men (and women) who are afraid to come out? What kind of platform has he chosen to draw positive attention to this problem? In every interview he's done, not once does he mention anything he's doing to help other oppressed gay men and women. Someone should ask him about this instead of always focusing on me. I've done more and shown more support for the gay community over the years than Jonathan will ever do.

"What is it he's doing besides getting a tell-all book published to draw attention to himself with the hopes of making money and once again all by pimping my fame? What has he done? Nothing. The gay men and women who are still suffering in Jamaica have not benefited one iota because of him. Quite the contrary. He gives gay men a bad rep as far as I can see. But he thought everybody was going to love him unconditionally. And look at what a spectacle he is making of himself and a mockery of his sexuality, all for his own personal gain. He could care less about men still in the closet." (source)

Fill in the Blank

Star and Al (collectively known as "Stale" to some peeps) shook their tail feathers at Kenny Burns' 35/40 B-day Extravaganza on Saturday. Check out your boy! Son couldn't wait until it was actually cold enough to pull out his LL Cool J hoodie. Bodying. You. Hoes.

Al is listening to the best of ____________ on his ipod.

More flicks of these two crazy kids heating up the night under the cut.

Is that man wearing Al's hoodie or vice versa? Interesting.


The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

Prodigy showed his sense of humor concerning his impending prison sentence by donning a prison uniform to the Baby Phat Halloween party on Friday night. He was sentenced to three and a half years behind bars after pleading guilty to a weapons charge dating back to '06 earlier this month.

His costume was on point if you ask me. Muthafucka really looks like one of the living dead. Give Ballerina P a happy send off to the pokey by saying a few nice words.

VitaminWater, the official drink of prisoners worldwide. I blame Curtis.


A Nation of Slickies

Don't you just love morning tang? It's been pretty peaceful on the Slickback Ivanhoe front but luckily Haute Girl stumbled across this picture of him along with his micro-slickies. Doesn't this warms the deepths of your soul? It looks like a Sears Portraint Studios special. We are family, like a giant tree, branching outwards the sky!



Fiddy Wants A Piece of Lance Bass' Ass

Here we go again with this competition for publicity crap! 50 Cent told the New York Daily News that he will beat Lance Bass in the bestseller chart after the pair released books this past Tuesday.

He says, "He doesn't stand a chance. With me, everything's a competition, so I bet you the end of next week, I'll be moving more copies than him. This is the same competition - this is Kanye West and 50 Cent all over again!"

But the former N'Sync member insists he will triumph: "50's going down, that's all I have to say. 50, I don't want to playa-hate, but there's a lot that my book has that his doesn't. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any relationships with guys in that book. [I don't know now. Tony Yayo, I'm looking at you. - - Fresh] And I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any space training either."

GO TEAM LANCE! I hope that our zestfully clean friend beats the pants off of Curtis. And he probably does too (in more ways than one).


Queen Latifah Loves Her Curves

In the new issue of People magazine Queen Latifah talks candidly about loving her curves, running from commitment – and planning for kids.

"Beauty is not just a white girl. It's so many different flavors and shades," the 37-year-old rapper-actress tells People magazine in its latest issue. "It's good for regular girls because the meter (for beauty) has been a slim white girl."

"(In Hollywood) we've definitely gotten better with body type," she says. "It used to be just me! Now with Jennifer Hudson's success and America Ferrera, I got some successors to take the reins on this whole bodylicious thing."

Latifah describes herself as being voluptuous — "definitely curvaceous."

"I think I'm normal compared to the statistics," she says. "This is a big country nowadays."

The star of "Chicago" and other films says she had elective breast-reduction surgery in 2003 to alleviate years of back and shoulder pain.

"I didn't want to get it. But I had lost 25 pounds and my breasts didnt go anywhere! I was still carrying that load," she tells the magazine.

However, "I didn't quite want them to be this small," she laughs.

Before surgery, Latifah says she was "an E or an F cup. I was pretty big. Now Im like a DD. I wanted to be a triple. They took one D too many! So that was hard to deal with. ... I missed my old look."

Latifah says she isn't interested in more surgery.

"There are people who love (plastic surgery) and want to cut and chop anything. I'm like, `Y'all are crazy!'" (source)

YouTube Clip of the Day

This clip takes me all the way back to my sohh.com/yaheard days. "Internet thuggin' isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle. I breathe this. I live it son. Check it out, I got ether tatt'd on my bicep. Yeah its in pen."

I love it, I fucking love it. Thanks for the gem Bored At Work.

I'm Just Saying . . .

The Hollywood premiere of 'Somebody Help Me'

You know a movie is going to suck when its star says "fuck effort" and doesn't bother showing up for the premiere. Kiara was right again. What prior engangements could Omarion possibly have had that prevented him from appearing? Driving Bow Wow to his evening shift at Wal-Greens? Oh well, at least Bai Ling and Tootie (sans rollerskates, damn) was there.


Throw Mama From The Train!

Andre Leon Talley and Jennifer Hudson turned heads on the Annual Night of Stars red carpet thanks largely in part to Dre's ridiculous red number.

I openly stan for Jay-Z's daddy but he slays my soul when he comes to events dressed like a member of the Harlem's Boy Choir on vacation at Fire Island.

On a much brighter note I am very pleased that J.Hud decided to invest in a good bodyshaper. The difference a girdle makes!


The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

Kelly Rowland appeared at the Virgin Megastore in London yesterday to autograph copies of the new 'Sims 2: Castaway' game. Kizzy, Kizzy, Kizzy . . . I mean really. Please say something nice about her career.


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