I would like to say thanks to all of the people I had the opportunity to speak with today. I had a lot of fun interacting with you all. If I knew I would've have gotten this big of a response I would've done this sooner. Foor those of you still in question about this big project I had planned let me fill you in. First off it wasn't actually that big of a deal to begin with. I'm a huge fan of The Best Week Ever which airs every week on VH1. Since I'll probably never be on the show (well maybe one day) I decided to toy with the idea of making an online version of it. Only without cameras, famous comedians, and B-list actors. And of course you know I am going to put a spin on it so I decided to talk about subjects that happened in Black pop culture. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure they are going to rant and rave about some of the same topics tonight. I just wanted to have a little fun with this.

Cam'Ron Shot In D.C.

Krob: So by now we've all heard about Cam'Ron's "carjacking." Now police are suspecting that it wasn't a carjacking at all, and recent rumors claim this was planned by Cam'Ron to promote his forth coming album.This on both levels is a perfect picture of stupidity. First, if it was a carjacking, why would you carjack a brand new royal blue Lamborghini. I mean could you possibly want to get caught any faster. I am sure there are only a handful of royal blue Lamborghini's in the U.S. let alone Washington D.C.

Then there is the rumor about this being for album promotion. Has it come to this? I mean, if it has I totally blame 50 and Kanye. The romanticizing of tragedy to sell albums is out of control. Cam'Ron has now managed to combine 50's story and Kanye's story into one. Since 50 and Kanye are the best selling rap artists right now. So I guess that means Cam'Ron's album is going to go 50-gillion times platinum. Good Luck.

Lene: Dipset has ruined more lives than Avian bird flu. Seems like no one is telling the whole story. The cops say it was a carjacking, but they never took anything of value. I mean, they tried to take his life but that aint worth nothing.

Mama Janet?

US singer Janet Jackson and James DeBarge, who were briefly married in 1984, had a daughter together, DeBarge's brother Young DeBarge has claimed on a radio program.Young DeBarge said the child, named Renee and now 18, has been living with Rebbie Jackson, Janet's oldest sister. His comments lent support to reports that have circulated for years claiming Janet has a "secret" daughter. (source)

Rich: I saw the pic posted and could totally see the resemblance. But she divorced James in '84. And the child would have to have been born in '87. But Janet's a fucking liar. I don't believe a word that comes out of that woman's mouth. That whole family is so divorced from reality, they think they can just lie lie lie and we'll buy it. It's like instead of circumscision, they get nose jobs at birth.

Aaron James: We have Corey Clark, Brandy's ex-husband, and now Young Debarge. Corey's album went triple wood, Robert Smith aint seen the light of day since that whole thing, and now Young Debarge? When will these desperate people tryna promote their albums understand that drama doesn't help til the second album? We need to know you first before we care about your business. Young Debarge looks like a fake Chico. And if he's tryna go in that direction this ain't helping. Where's Chico?

Ivenize: Well, I remember year ago my mama telling me that Janet supposedly had a child so it never really came as a surprise to me. But I believe that it's hers. She looks just like lil Penny to me.

Jon: Whats with her child? She got a child? By who? Her brother Tito?

Jay-Z And Nas Kiss And Make Up

For those in attendance at the first of two scheduled "I Declare War" shows-the second to be held in Philadelphia tomorrow night-they got to witness a Hip-Hop reunion and a new alliance in the same night. First there was the reunion as Beans made his return to the Roc. Dispelling rumors that he would or had signed a deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit imprint, Beans, decked out in Roc-A-Fella chains, emphatically said, "Roc for life, nigga."

If that weren't enough, later in the show Jigga was joined by Nas. In a move that many thought would never happen, the two emcees not only shared the same stage-they performed "Dead Presidents." While Jay and Nas have reconciled, the Queens emcee took what appeared to be a jab at a certain multiplatinum MC who's also from Queens: "I don't understand niggas making all this money and being mad at the world...We're bringing NY back. That beef shit is wack," he said. "We did that, we had fun. Now lets get this money." (source)

Bo Fahs: I think that the idea of Jay using his pull to essentially "Declare War" on beef in rap is a really good move. I think that what Jay says pretty much goes in rap, and has for years, from AF1's to button ups. Moreover, I think that Jay is a longtime fan of Nas and that to go out on a limb. I think that he consistently brings a credibility to Nas that Nas is often times in danger of losing. Jay keeps Nas relevant.

Jon: Maybe they'll go on double dates to the drive in. They can share big tubs of popcorn. They should make a duet. That would be so sweet, like Paul and Michael. Thats precious. Oh snap I didn't know Beans showed up to the gig straight from the clink. It was a reunion, awww. I'm tearing up.

Kirby: As a black man I feel proud that brothas are finally starting to take back our culture from an artist point of view. "that beef shit is wack," genius.

Yes Hommo

Brooklyn stick-up kid Darryl "Hommo" Baum has been revealed as the man who shot 50 Cent nine times back in 2000. Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson was shot near his grandmother's house in Jamaica, Queens in May of 2000. In the new book, Queens Reigns Supreme: Fat Cat, 50 Cent, and the Rise of the Hip-Hop Hustler, author Ethan Brown reveals that Baum, whose alias is short for Homicide, was indeed 50's shooter. Baum was later shot to death in June 2000 -- just three weeks after shooting 50 . (source)

Jon: The fact that the cat that shot 50 was named Hommo was what did it for me. I mean, you BETTER be blasting fools if you gonna call yourself Hommo. Shits nuts. Nigga better be on a murder diet of 3 chumps a week at least. I mean, if i knew that fool first thing i would do is laugh at his stupid name. Even though its short for homocide, which, if you take into account his attempt at 50s murder, he didnt live up to. He was more of an attempted hommo. Maybe thats what they shoulda called him. But I mean, in NYC there are some gully ass homo dudes so you never know. According to a source of mine that 50 is always making marketing moves. And he does have a book out too. so anything to generate buzz around his name will [in his opinion] help sales. From what I understand there is a scene in the movie where he fights in a prison shower buck naked. Is that gully?

Family Business

Kelley: Run's House is the best show on TV. Finally decent Black people with some sense. Diddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy whatever as much of an ass as he can be makes for damn good TV.

Rant: Its just like a show that you can identify with on all levels. As a kid, a high school student, a parent, and a spouse. If you take away the big house and money they are just like you and me. But the wife seems a lil slow but she cool though. I love their accents. I want one. Last night my friend and I took turns talking like the mom and daughters.

Ivenize: To me it's just one of those desperate attempts to promote his new album. Which is gonna be a flop anyway. Don't get me wrong I'm a true hip hop head and I love Run DMC. But we all know what path his new LP is gonna take. And I'm still boggled to why his son's name is Russell, Jr.

Sheryl Swoopes: The Female Mack

Fresh: Okay so earlier this week Sheryl Swoopes came out of the closet which was a surprised to me because I always thought Cheryl Miller was trapped in it my damn self. I guess I always thought that she was the spokeswoman for heterosexuality in the WNBA. Wrong. Its fine by me - - more men for me to enjoy. I'm all for lesbians. People have been going down low brothers crazy lately. They should focus their attention on some of these down low sisters walking around.

Ivenize: It's 2005 - - who isn't gay? (excluding me)

Aaron James: I used to have this girl I was cool with in middle school named Cheryl and we always used to compare her to Sheryl Swoopes cuz they both played basketball then Cheryl came out. Then Sheryl came out. Two for the price of one. A lesbian basketball player, what a shock. Its like she wanted us to be. Her lover's face was kinda greasy looking though.Too many late night lickings. Where's the wet towel next to the bed?

Paul Wall Gets Married To A Becky Shontrecka

Paul Wall probably won't be hooking up with females on the internet, as chronicled on his song "Internet Goin'Nuts." The Houston bred rapper quietly got married in a low-key ceremony in his hometown over the past weekend, a representative for the rapper confirmed with UrbanClubbers.com. The identity of his bride was only disclosed as Crystal, "his longtime girlfriend."(source)

Rich: I'd be surprised if she weren't black. I don't know, though, I mean, haven't we entered a new age where the whole "wigger" thing isn't as big of a deal as it was? I mean, do people even say "wigger" anymore? I realize that he's a cracker in the black world. But I don't get the feeling that he's really fronting.His rhymes aren't desperate, y'know? He's just kinda his schleppy self.
Y'know, I say good for him. I bet he really loves that girl. Because I'm sure he could have gotten with someone much more Hollywood beautiful. He's just always impressing me. He seems like a good guy. I bet he's nice to gay people and everything!

Krob: If there is a such thing as being black-washed he is. And why is it that all white dudes like that look the same - - the buzz cut, the thin line beard. I mean they are clones of each other. Like Paul Wall and Kevin Federline are brothers right?

Veet: I'm 27, female, from Philly and in grad school. And I'm thinking that I'm gonna just date white men because the black ones want me to look like Beyonce and raise their illegitimate kids.
I figure when you make your money off of black people you'd better be down with the brown off-stage as well.

People Who Hate Rappers Are Having One Hell of a Week

Chris Bilal: Someone shot Cam'Ron and DMX is going to jail. White people are just in orgasmic joy. Two down, 100 to go.

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