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Haloscan is working once again. Sorry for the inconvience.

Rumor Control

There is currently a debate on different message boards about Halle Berry appearing in one of R.Kelly's videos back in the day. Rumor has it that Halle was the video vixen crawling on the kitchen floor while Kelz fed her milk in the video for "Honey Love."According to AOL Music the rumors are true. On the 11 Things To Know About R.Kelly (other then the fact that he loves girls 16 and under), Halle Berry's appearance in the video is rank number three. Damn I learn something new everyday.

Freshly Squeezed

- Soul veteran Aretha Franklin threw lavish parties at a hotel in Detroit, Michigan last week for survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Approximately 40 survivors enjoyed the festivities. Franklin performed, chatted and posed for photographs with guests. She says, "It's the right thing to do. Hopefully some of the other performers in town will follow suit."

- Actress Gabrielle Union has so many relatives; they have their own parade each year. Union hails from Omaha, Nebraska where her family is legendary for its size. She says, "I'm actually from the largest black family in the state of Nebraska. We have our own parade in downtown Omaha every year."

- At first glance these 13 year old twin sisters remind you a lot of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But what remains unsaid is their message of hate and racism through their music. (More)

- The finest "Brothers On The Planet" according to Essence are:

Boris Kodjoe
Terrence Howard
Will Smith
Denzel Washington
Blair Underwood
LL Cool J
Michael Ealy
Idris Elba
Larenz Tate
Mos Def

Yet another list that fucked up. Where in the blue hell is my Morris Chestnut?

- "When he laughs, sometimes he scares me. I'll tell him a joke, he'll start laughing too hard...and I am like, 'Hey man, what the fuck?" - Jamie Foxx on Tom Cruise (via Gabsmash)

- Bun B has one hell of a street team (NSFW--exposed buns, B)

Bonus Material

Can you keep up? I bet in this picture Beyonce is thinking "I was dancing in one of these in the video for "Naughty Girl" but it was a lot bigger. Hmmm?"

Let the congregation say "hell to the nah." Its Passa Mase, ya'll. I'm laughing at the fact that his stretch marks remind me of Star Jones'.


Kanye and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 on the set of "Heard Em Say." Although I listen to the album on the average of once a month, this is my favorite track off "Late Registration". Its about time Kanye did something I liked!

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