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There is a rumor buzzing around the internet that Mysterious (aka Psycho Bitch 3000) from the original season of Making The Band is pregnant. "Who in the blue hell is tapping that?" you might ask. From what I heard it was apparently Aaron Hall. Hell to the nah! Say it ain't so! Rumor or truth the fact remains that this shit is just wrong.

Beyonce White Washed?

Beyonce Knowles, who appears on the cover of this month's Vanity Fair, is the first African-American woman to front the glossy since Tina Turner flashed her gams in 1993. But is she too black for Graydon Carter? Publishing insiders have been whispering about the cover girls strangely pale visage ever since the November issue hit newsstands. Now, a high-level source at Vanity Fair is alleging that the mag digitally altered Beyonce's image to appear several shades lighter. African-American entertainers have long complained about being ignored by mainstream magazines, which often avoid covers featuring black celebrities for fear that they will underperform on newsstands. Vanity Fair, which has drawn some of the sharpest criticism, has has not featured a solo black person on its cover since the late nineties, when it showcased Michael Jordan, Will Smith, and a clown-faced Chris Rock. (continue)

In my opinion I don't think she appears any lighter than normal but my beef with Vanity is why did they put her on the cover of a hip hop issue? Beyonce ain't hip hop! (Sorry I couldn't help it. I'm still on my Making The Band kick. Remember that episode when they're were giving Sara a hard time?)

Keyshia Troll Cole Clears The Air

Keyshia sat down with Angie Martinez's non-rapping ass for an interview on October 7 . In the interview the two discussed her problem with Lil' Mo (there is none, but very interesting to hear Keyshia's side), the Kanye West tour, and how she and Ciara are the only two new girls doing their thing. Um, WTF? Bitch you just went gold. I'm not saying Uncle Ciara is better vocally (cause I personally think Keyshia has got her beat) but that girl is double platinum.

NBA Player Jason Collier Passes Away

Atlanta Hawks center Jason Collier died Saturday morning, possibly of cardiac arrest, the team said. He was 28. Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche said no other details immediately were available and did not say where Collier was when he died.The 7-foot, 260-pound Collier, a five-year NBA player, spent his first three seasons with Houston before joining Atlanta in 2003. He averaged 5.6 points and 2.9 rebounds in his career. Collier played for Georgia Tech and was drafted by Milwaukee in the first round, with the 15th pick overall, in the 2000 NBA draft.

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Bonus Material


- Young Titty - - urg, City chilling in coach on Southwest (nah I'm playing but that probably is this case). I see ya lil daddy!

- Ashanti celebrated her berfday earlier this week. Here are a few pictures from the party. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

- Ashanti's mama usually looks nice but she just needs to sit down. There's nothing worst than a old H.A.M. !

- Beyonce is too funny - - watch this.

- I receiveded an email from Nish this morning asking why does Rev. Run has a son name Russell Jr. ? I have no idea personally. Anyone knows whats up with that?

- Somebody make Wyclef stop performing already. If you are watching the Millions More March you understand.

- Jay-Z disses The Game? I don't know, you be the judge.

I think I'm out for the weekend. Hit the link sections and marinate on that. Shout out to Tiffanie living the good life in LA and my girl Erica (God bless you) .

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