Buzz Notes Quickie

- C. DeLores Tucker, political activist and long time opponent of "Gangsta Rap," died Wednesday (Oct. 12) of undisclosed causes at Suburban Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center in Norristown, Pa. Tucker, 78, spent her life fighting for civil rights.

- Usher is in negotiations to play the younger Morgan Freeman in a new movie the Oscar winner plans to star in and direct. The singer has sat down for talks with Freeman and he's confident their new movie project will happen. Usher says, "I play an assassin. I play Morgan as a younger character and it takes place in Cuba. It's a very cool script. The type of script you want to have yourself involved in. A character that I've never seen, that I could never identify with. That's basically what I look for. I go after scripts where it's a character that would not be typically played by somebody like myself, based off of what you know of Usher, something that kind of gives you a little bit of an edge." The project will be Freeman's first directorial effort since the 1993 drama, "Bopha!"

- Janet Jackson preparing her body for a baby? Friends say the 39 year-old singer is ready for motherhood, and she has stopped her strenuous workouts. She has gained a little weight judging from recent photos. Her boyfriend, Producer Jermaine Dupri, is 33 and he would love to have a child with his lady love.

- The divorce is final between Omarosa and her husband of six and a half years, Aaron Stallworth, and now, he's talking. Stallworth, 28, says the former Apprentice star was the love of his life and that she let her ambition get in the way. Omarosa wants to be a star and she has no time for him. Omarosa first shot to fame on season one of The Apprentice. She was mean, nasty and she became a star. Omarosa lost out on The Apprentice title, but she went on to star in other reality shows (The Surreal Life and Fear Factor). Stallworth's family and friends are supporting him, and he says he now realizes they did not have a happy marriage. He didn't even know what her real hair looked like. She always wore weaves. And, they were separated for more than half of their marriage.

- David Banner is trying to launch a side career as an actor. For his first movie, "Black Snake Moan", he couldn't have had a more intimidating co-star: Samuel L. Jackson. But it was all good, according to Banner.

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Bonus Material

PSA: Sensitive Thugs

- Last night while I was out in the club when a hideous Pretty Rickey song came on over the speakers. As I cringed and rolled my eyes I noticed about five dudes in black "Jeezy the Snowman shirts" rocking back and fourth and singing the lyrics to. WTF? How are you going to go from on some killer, drug dealing shit and flip the script? Please make up your mind.

- Apollonia looks like a former porn star. But as you can see her man can't enough of them titties.

- Hot damn! Thats not some random homeless woman in Ugg boots, its Diana Ross ya'll.

- Did anyone watch the premiere episode of Run's House? Enlighten a sista please!

Shouts out to Veet, Onika over in Japan (konnichiwa!), Kolton, Hana, and Nastack.

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