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"They Must Be Deaf at Def Jam If They Can't Hear Me"

Such was the gist of legendary singer and class-act Patti LaBelle's defiant stance against her former record label, Island Def Jam Records, and its president, L.A. Reid, this weekend. The occasion, an all-star birthday celebration for LaBelle's 60th, was staged in the main theater at the lavish Atlantis Hotel and Casino in Nassau. UPN taped the show for airing in November.The glorious night of music reunites LaBelle with former groupmates Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash for their immortal hit "Lady Marmalade"; it also features rapper Nelly with Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child (they do a version of Patti's hit "Love, Need and Want You"), Ashanti, Gerald Levert, Yolanda Adams and Michael McDonald

The show was such a hit that Patti, Nona and Sarah have decided to reform their old group Labelle, and have committed to doing a new album and concert tour. I have no inside info, but I would guess that Clive Davis would be all over this idea within seconds. What could be better? The birthday/TV show, however, was almost sunk by the sudden regrets sent by Usher, Beyonce and Outkast. All of them had committed to the project eons ago but backed out at the last minute. Was it a coincidence that all of them are closely connected to Reid, the record executive who unceremoniously dumped LaBelle from the Def Jam side of the company two months ago? Probably not. Reid earned the ire of many recording artists during his short stint at Arista Records. In fact, he was partially to blame for Arista being folded into the RCA Music Group when he led that label to its worst standings in a quarter century. (continue reading)

While we are on the subject of "Deaf" Jam, it seems as if Foxy's ear woes are more serious than I initally thought. While she may be my baby hair nemesis, I do wish her the best. Shouts out to Ms. Mac for the information.

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Bonus Material

- Urgh Christina Milian? Do you not feel a draft? NSFW once again I hate tagging pictures up but dammit I will

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