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Def Jam and other rap labels are reportedly refusing to authorize the use of their artists' music on MTV Networks' LOGO, a channel that targets the gay community.

Noah's Arc, a comedy-drama starring an all black cast is among the new series set to debut on the network. Though the series, directed by Patrick-Ian Polk, features plenty of popular music, sources say labels have refused to allow their music to be used because they don't want to be associated with gay programming.

Apparently, Polk tried to clear Kanye West's music and "got flat out rejected by the label," the director said in a statement. "I'm a fair person, I get that and a lot of times these requests and things don't make it to the artists. But he needs to check his people because that's not cool. The black gay community, and even the white gay community, are big Hip-Hop fans, so they're missing out on a big market by being short-sighted."

The news comes several months after West commented on homophobia in the music industry during an interview on MTV's "All Eyes On Kanye West" earlier this summer.

America's #1 Trap Star's Child Support Drama

Young Jeezy is facing courtroom drama as he is petitioned back to court for child support. Jeezy, born Jay Jenkins, is currently under a review as the mother of his child, Nicole Dykes, is stating that since the original child support motion in 2001 his income has changed drastically. The original motion, which established the paternity of the child, set the child support for Jenkins to pay at $178 a month. Since that motion, Jeezy has become a household name in Hip-Hop thanks, in part, to his multi-platinum Def Jam debut, Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101. Dykes is asking for more than $20,000 in expenses, including clothing, transportation and housing to care for the child. At their last court appearance, held on October 6th, the judge declared that an adjustment would be made and that both sides will be responsible for their own court and lawyer fees. Dykes and her lawyer are appealing that decision, stating that negotiations were urged to Jezzy to avoid a court procedure but that was not accepted. Both parties are scheduled to return to court on October 26th. (source)

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- I received a nice email from Jawn Murray this morning. The internet is one hell of a place. Go show him some love and tell him Fresh sent ya.

- I'm not going to front, Ultimate Hustler had me on the edge of my sofa last night! I wasn't surprised that Seven and Alphonso got the boot however. I was more shocked at the behavior and antics of M.O.P. They really showed their ass! It was like an episode of "My Super Sweet Sixteen" but only with two grown men and a butch looking woman. And I'm not going to start on Seven's rant after she was booted. Was all of that shit really necessary? I think not. Do the good whiteys on "The Apprentice" wild out after they get axed? Nope, they just leave and shut up. Holla back and tell me your thoughts on last night's show. You can check Seven and Shock G out on "106 and Park" tonight and chat with them at 7:45 p.m. on BET.com - - which is sporting a new design. It's about time!

- I also was able to catch BET's 25 Shades of Fine. I'm not a guy so I don't have any thoughts on the list except this: Pam Grier is my number one. I'm sorry. Ciara can't fuck with the OG Foxy Brown on a bad week. Its nothing anyone can say to make me think differently. Here's the list for any of you who may have missed it:

1. Halle Berry
2. Beyonce
3. Janet Jackson
4. Aaliyah
5. Tyra Banks
6. Mariah Carey
7. Ciara
8. Gabrielle Union
9. Alicia Keys
10. Pam Grier
11. Jada Pinkett Smith
12. Nia Long
13. Mary J. Blige
14. Ashanti
15. Vanessa L. Williams
16. Stacey Dash
17. Lisa Raye
18. Tina Turner
19. Kelly Rowland
20. Vivica Fox
21. Lil' Kim
22. Toni Braxton
23. Mo'Nique
24. The Cast Of Girlfriends
25. Lauryn Hill

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