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Fantasia Receives Backlash For Comments Made In Her Book

A couple wants signs promoting Fantasia Barrino removed because they think her new autobiography portrays the city negatively. In her book, "Life is Not a Fairy Tale," Fantasia said she couldn't read after attending local schools. She also described how her friends used to call High Point the "Land of the Dead." The 21-year-old R&B singer won season three of the Fox television show "American Idol." Kyle Sandler, 29, and Jennifer English, 26, have created a Web site to counter the book's descriptions.

"I can see people driving in to (the furniture) market saying, 'Ha ha ha. Fantasia hates them but look at the signs saying 'Welcome to High Point, home of Fantasia Barrino,'" Sandler said. Council member Latimer Alexander said there are no plans to remove the signs, although he said they are not permanent. Mayor Becky Smothers says the city has bigger issues. "There's a lot more serious things happening right now than Fantasia's signs," she said.

"Hello, My Name Is Kirk Franklin And I'm Addicted To Porn"

Kirk Franklin may be a minister of the gospel, but the happily married father of four recently overcame an addiction to pornography. Franklin is frank in his talk about his deliverance from pornography, an obsession he'd indulge in while he traveled city to city ministering the word of God and at home when his wife Tammy was asleep. Though the Texas-bred entertainer hid the evidence of his pastime well, it was while lying in bed with his wife in a Los Angeles hotel room that he decided to come clean about his struggle.

At that moment, Franklin knew he could conquer his demon."Because sexuality is so spiritual, you have to go back to that source to recognize that it's that connection to Christ that will give you victory over addictions. You learn what that is and when you're willing to go through the process of understanding that truth. Not necessarily the acrobats of religion, but just the simplicity of the truth of the gospel and your new identity in Christ. When you become born again and you're able to understand that and to apply that to practical living, then you are able and a candidate for victory," explained Franklin, in his gruff preacher-like voice. Despite potential scrutiny from judgmental Christians about his taboo addiction, Franklin has opted to be outspoken about his issue regardless of pending backlash.

"I guess it's just my makeup," he declared. "That's just something that I am. I'm just very vocal about stuff. My weaknesses are something that God just presses upon me to discuss, and I'm very comfortable talking about it."Franklin said that his openness and desire to share are part of the reason he's joined the world of blogging. "It's another new and fresh way to really be connected. It will allow people who are blessed by your ministry to stay part of the process," he offered. Franklin's blog can be found at www.kirkfranklin.us.

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Bonus Material

- Remember kids (and Vivicia), good black don't crack. And don't forget to "preserve your sexy" twice a day.

- Although she is probably more well known for being Diddy's first child's mother, Misa Hilton Brim is also a fashion stylist who clientele have imcluded Mary J. Blige and Lil' Kim. But how can she expect to pull any more celebs in looking like this? It appears she has been hanging with Mama Combs when she goes shopping for cheap weave.

- This award season is officially dirty. What other award show you know has a "Andre 3000 Trendsetter Award ?" Or my personal favorites "Crunkest of the Crunk" and "Best Gold Grill." Thanks to Grayse for the tip.

- The NBA's dress code gets a new makeover.

- Ugly Pretty Ricky's debut cd has just been certified Gold. Yay *sarcasm* The group is also in negotiatons to launch their very own cartoon series as well as a reality show. Why?!

- The link section has been updated, finally.

- What it do? It's Paul Wall's year book flick.

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