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Word is that this morning on Hot 97 in NYC, Miss Jones had the youngest Debarge brother on her show promoting his album. Miss Jones asked him how was Janet's and James daughter doing and he confirmed that "Renee" was doing fine. They mentioned that she is about 18 years old and that she can also sing. Anybody know anything about this? Holla back.

Say What?

"I like the Trina that fucked five or six best friends," Trick comments wistfully. "She need to go get her original clique.... She needs some more T-Double-D in her life. She needs to start associating herself with my type of niggas." When told of Trick's comments, Trina replies, "I don't know if Trick knows what it means to evolve or not, but I do. He's street and that's all he's going to ever be. I came out being street, I came out being sexy, and now I've moved on to still being street but also being more mature and more classy. You have to grow. You see how Jay-Z has evolved from Reasonable Doubt to now being Shawn Carter. You have to grow to be a superstar and not just a rap artist. Jay-Z is a superstar, Trick is a rap artist. Trina went from a rap artist and is on the verge of being a superstar." (read the article)

Yeah That's Great But How Is She Going To Learn Her Lines?

A ringing endorsement from Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx has pushed "American Idol" winner Fantasia Barrino closer to landing the role of Effie in the big-screen adaptation of "Dreamgirls."

"I think if Fantasia does it, it's outta here," Foxx told reporters while publicizing his new movie, "Jarhead." "If Fantasia does the movie, it's completely in the stratosphere. "It's nuts." There's nothing official yet, but insiders say Fantasia is likely to co-star in the movie, adapted from the long-running Broadway show loosely based on Diana Ross and The Supremes. In addition to Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy and Tony-winner Anika Noni Rose have already signed on for the movie. Rumors about Barrino joining the cast have been floating around since last summer, reportedly because of Barrino's strong audition tape. Star magazine reported that Barrino auditioned for "Dreamgirls" director Bill Condon "and blew everyone away . . . It was that good," according to a source.

Coincidentally, Frenchie Davis, who was booted off the second season of "Idol," played the role of Effie in the touring company of "Dreamgirls."

"The role [of Effie] has not yet been cast," a DreamWorks spokeswoman told The Post yesterday. "There has been no movement as of today," Barrino's publicist said yesterday. "She auditioned a while ago and did an incredible job.

In Other News . . .

Babs is still a mess.

- If ANTM and Everybody Hates Chris weren't on the same network as these terrible ass shows I would seriously consider boycotting UPN, the home of Under Paid Niggas.

- Yesterday I posted a beautiful picture of Sisters Without Vaginas as Butta would say and receieved this in my inbox from my partner in grime. So I guess that the world tour will be stopping over at Howard University tomorrow. I pray they aren't the only act performing.

- I'm sorry that Foxy is going deaf but she's not blind. The Fashion Fair lipstick strikes again!

- Making The Bed 39 and Run's House were both pretty gosh darn entertaining last night. I'm glad that Diddy sent Malika's 46 year old looking ass home. She reminds my best friend and myself of a worn out T-Boz. I was shocked that he decided to axe the Ciara look-a-like.

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