The Ultimate Hustler last night kept me in stiches once again. First of all let me say that the theme song is pure annoyance. The sad thing about it is I find myself singing it while I do housework. I was very disappointed that my boy Laurence fired his damn self. WTF?! He was one of my favorite candidates on the show for the simple fact that he kept it low key. I'm also heated that Chris was axed when it clearly should've been that white chick. That poor girl wears her emotions on her sleeves like a cuff link. Get with it babydoll this is bidness man! As always Will has a recap of the show's events and you can chat with both Chris and Laurence over at BET.com at 7:45 p.m.

Anyways, I've had a very interesting day so far to say the least. After returning from yet another job interview/testing session this morning, I was greeted with a big ass white prisonah bus blocking my side drive way. Oh joy! Everytime I see those ashy prisoners performing back-breaking labor I smile to myself and then think "look at my tax dollars at work." I could've sworn I saw Gucci Man out there with the weed wacker but I doubt that was really him. On with the gossip!

At The 40/40, ESPN On The Screen

Jay-Z celebrated the opening of the 40/40 Club in Atlantic City last night. Beyonce, those other two girls, Serena Williams, and Magic Johnson all came out to show their support. Dame's invite must've got lost in the mail. Check out Gettyimages for more flicks.

Meanwhile Jay-Z Jr. was recently spotted by AllHipHop.com sporting a G-Unot shirt. I guess his publicist thought that it wasn't enough to be the new member of Boyz N Da Hood.

G-Unit Must Be Desperate

Rapper/Producer Lil' Jon released a statement today, which will clarify months of speculation about the status of his protege, Lil' Scrappy. Jon announced that his BME Recordings is currently negotiating a deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records."We entered a mutually beneficial agreement based on each company's creative strengths," Lil' Jon told AtlantaUrbanMix.com. "On a artist by artist basis, BME will help solidify G-Units artist in the South, where BME has a stronghold. I'll also do production for them, and G-Unit is gonna help market some artists signed to BME; the first being Lil Scrappy." Though full details about the deal were not available at press time, both labels did confirm that the arrangements are in final negotiation stages. (continue reading)

Sheryl Swoopes Digs Chicks

Calling life in the closet "miserable," three-time Olympic gold medalist and reigning WNBA MVP Sheryl Swoopes announced she is gay in an exclusive interview in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine."My reason for coming out isn't to be some sort of hero," Swoopes, a forward with the Houston Comets, says in the article. "I'm just at a point in my life where I'm tired of having to pretend to be somebody I'm not. I'm tired of having to hide my feelings about the person I care about. About the person I love." I'm just at a point in my life where I'm tired of having to pretend to be somebody I'm not. I'm tired of having to hide my feelings about the person I care about. About the person I love. "

"Male athletes of my caliber probably feel like they have a lot more to lose than gain [by coming out]. I don't agree with that. To me, the most important thing is happiness."Swoopes, 34, is the most recognizable athlete, male or female, to come out in a team sport. Former WNBA player Michele Van Gorp, who played for the Minnesota Lynx, publicly acknowledged she is a lesbian in July 2004. Before Van Gorp, former Liberty player Sue Wicks had been the only member of a female professional team to publicly come out while still playing. Previously, Swoopes has said she plans to continue her career. Former NFL defensive tackle Esera Tuaolo and MLB outfielder Billy Bean made headlines when they revealed they were gay, but both were retired when they made their announcements and neither had a career that comes close to Swoopes.

Here's a picture of Sheryl's life partner coach Alisa Scott.

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