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Everyone's favorite Butt.er.Face Vida Guerra has been linked to a picture of this..."unique" looking young lady. Rumor has it this is how she looked like this before some major plastic surgery. So whats the verdict? False! I highly doubt that this is true. So I decided to get my Inspector Gadget on uncovered some pictures of her early childhood. (edit: yeah I said it)

Yes I may be going to hell but you're laughing.

Does Alicia Keys have a hairy chest? My homeslice Nesh from Bama submitted this into me. I pray that this is just a few stray hairs.

Game Gets Maced By 5-0 . . . Seriously

The Black Wall Street label owner The Game was arrested yesterday in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Game, who's real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, was shopping and greeting fans in the Greensboro Mall in a mask, in Halloween spirit. Authorities unaware of the reason for the commotion, approached Taylor and asked him to remove his mask. Once authorities realized that he was a celebrity, they allegedly tried to diffuse the situation. Officials said The Game grew hostile and stated "Ya'll don't know who I am," and proceeded to make a scene. Watch the video here.

Director Slams Halle Berry And Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Movie producer-director Lee Daniels - who was hospitalized last week after a heart attack - is apparently feeling well enough to smack around a couple of Oscar-winning actors he has worked with. "Halle's a lost soul," Daniels lamented to Lowdown at Wednesday's launch party for Damon Dash's Tiret watch collection. Halle Berry, of course, won the Best Actress statuette for the 2001 movie "Monster's Ball," which Daniels produced. "She's a lost, confused soul," he continued. "I just had a heart attack, and she's the only one who didn't send me a card. Puffy, who was in my movie, and Billy Bob Thornton, did."

Daniels scoffed at the suggestion that Berry hadn't heard about his medical emergency. "That b- knows," he seethed. "It's Hollywood! It's Blackywood. It's a closed circuit, everybody knows everybody." Berry's rep replied: "She actually had no idea he had a heart attack. She sends her best and hopes he's feeling better." Daniels added: "I think that the Oscar, for the most part, is the kiss of death, because what really happens after that?"

The 45-year-old Daniels also slapped 1996 Best Supporting Actor Cuba Gooding Jr., whom he directed in the upcoming movie "Shadowboxer." "He went for the money and he ended up doing 'Snow Dogs,' and his career's in the trash," Daniels claimed. The president of Lee Daniels Entertainment in Harlem added: "Halle's wrapped up into the system, and so is Cuba Gooding Jr. But when you realize that Hollywood will spit your ass out and call you a n- tomorrow … The only thing that's saving her right now is her looks. And saving him."

By The Way . . .

- You know I'm going to start calling Beyonce the number one hip hop Stepford Wife. Although her and Jay may not have jumped the broom yet (or atlest from what we know of, Janet Jackson anyone?) she is always by his side. Awww, ain't it sweet. It looks like she has also got her some real extensions instead of that ghetto ass wig shit she was sporting a couple of weeks back.

- Dame Dash launched his collection of Tiret watches this week. I'm not sure if I would sport one (there a little too gaudy for me) but they are unique nonetheless. On another note, what's going on with "the best dressed female in the world?" That outfit looks like it came straight outta my Granny's closet, stockings and all.

- SWV looking a hot ass mess as usual.

- Fantasia has a reason for having stretch marks on her titties. Whats your's Melyssa Ford?

- More evidence that supports my theory that men can be H.A.M.'s too.

-Can I get an encore? Yup! Clickity clack for more pictures from Jay-Z's "I Declare War" concert.

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