Leftover Porkchops


- Common, Taraji Henderson (she will always be "Yvette" in my heart), and Jeremy Piven puff away on cigars at the Citizen Smith Restaurant in L.A.

- Toccara, Bryant McKinnie, Sandra "Pepa" Denton and Michael Madd at Secret Society at Bed on January 16.

- Its no secret that I have voiced my distaste for BET programs in the past on this site but I was actually impressed and enjoyed the Top 25 Most @#%! Moments In Black History. It was a hilarious countdown of mad niggerish moments that held my attention for more than five minutes, which is no small feat. Keep it up BET! MTV, let's talk. What the fuck is this?

- Touch the sky with Kanye.

- Special shouts out to Sheri Booker for mailing me the wonderful book One Woman, One Hustle. I was so happy when I received it in the mail today! It is a book filled with both short stories and poems that will you will be sure to enjoy. Visit Sheri today and tell her Fresh sent ya!

Fresh Tidbits

The women of South Beach have two words for Halle Berry: Watch out! Berry's new man, Versace model Gabriel Aubry, is so popular with the opposite sex, said our source, "he makes [Berry's ex] Eric Benet look tame." Benet is a self-confessed sex addict. While Berry went to pal Angela Bassett's baby shower last weekend, Aubry was in Miami where he drove his vintage Camaro convertible and "chased young women" around the clock. A source said, "He wants to be famous, and he will use Halle to get there. He has a place on the beach and he pretty much chases whatever is around." But Wilhelmina models co-owner Sean Patterson said, "I was with him this weekend. The craziest thing he did was play a round of golf." (more)

- As many of you have already noticed, Terri McMillan's ex Jonathan Plummer appears in this month issue of Click magazine. I have got to get my hands on this! Visit the website for more details.

- The poor man's version of Bey-Z strikes again! Question: Does Ashanti ever close her damn mouth? I mean nothing can possibly be that funny all the time.

Mase calls Dip Set "monkeys" meanwhile he is a Gorilla.

- Guess what other famous kid is on myspace? Thanks

- Poor Jim Jones.

An Icon Dies


Coretta Scott King, who turned a life shattered by her husband's assassination into one devoted to enshrining his legacy of human rights and equality, has died. She was 78. Markel Hutchins, a close family friend of the Kings, told The Associated Press he spoke early this morning with Bernice King, who confirmed her mother's passing. Former Mayor Andrew Young said on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Web site that Bernice King found her mother at about 1 a.m.

Young, who was a former civil rights activist and was close to the King family, told NBC's "Today" show: "I understand that she was asleep last night and her daughter went in to wake her up and she was not able to and so she quietly slipped away. Her spirit will remain with us just as her husband's has." Efforts by The Associated Press to reach the family were unsuccessful. They did not immediately return phone calls, but flags at the King Center were lowered to half-staff Tuesday morning. (more)


Hollywood big names like Tyra Banks, Nicole Richie, Lenny Kravitz, Macy Gray, and Jessica Simpson all came out to help celebrate Benny Medina's birthday. Star and Al also showed up looking fab. Looks like everyone had a great time! Click here for more pictures.

Isiah Thomas 'Hasn't Been A Good Dad'

Isiah Thomas' 19-year-old love child spoke out about his scandalridden dad for the first time yesterday, saying the Knick president won't even return his calls. Marc Edward Thomas Dones, 19, says he couldn’t care less about Thomas - - or his current sexual-harassment suit -- because the basketball star refuses to have a relationship with him.

I don't care about what's going on with him now -- that's his concern," the aspiring writer told The Post yesterday while walking his dogs outside his suburban Detroit home. "Our lives are separate. He lives his and I live mine." "He hasn't been a good dad to me. He's never returned my calls -- that's just him." Dones, whose arched eyebrows and high forehead make him the spitting image of his dad, said he'd left at least three messages for Thomas in the past month in hopes of speaking to the absent pop before his birthday Feb. 6. "I rang because, you know, I'm turning 20," Dones said. "I think I deserve two words from him -- 'hi' and 'goodbye,' something like that." (more)


It's a boy, and a girl, for acting duo Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance. The couple are new parents of twins, a publicist for the pair announced Monday.

The babies were born Jan. 27 to a surrogate mother, Alex Dubee said. Bassett and Vance have been married for eight years. Bassett, 47, won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of singer Tina Turner in the 1993 biopic "What's Love Got to Do with It." Vance, 45, plays district attorney Ron Carver on the NBC show "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."


Fresh Tidbits


I've been receiving emails asking where my Rhonetta Johnson post went and I have no idea. I think somebody at Blogger is trying to conspire against her since she is going to be bigger than J.Lo. I feel her pain. So here it goes once again because it is just that serious.

- There is no justification for this atrocity. If you are going to pay tribute to a fallen star at least have a brand new product. Don't takeshoes from 97 and try to hook them up. (Thanks Butta)

- For once I would like to see Janet in some regular clothes. I'm not sure how old these pictures are but this is the first time that I have ever seen them. (Thanks Kaylah)

- Jim Jones gets a facial (not that kind, nasty) via Nah Right

Bobby Kristina Is A Nimpho Babby


You gotta love Myspace if not for networking for the abundance of HAM-CAM's. Sometimes I just surf from profile to profile laughing as girls (and some guys) pose in akward, overly sexual positions that even Paris Hilton can't pull off. Bobbi K. doesn't get down like that however but she does have a few flicks that lets us all know who had the dominate genes between Bobby and Whitney. "She's a Brown, she got BODY!" Thanks BonQueshaLA for this lovely tip. But wait, there's more!

Freshly Squeezed

Every time I see Vivica I think "damn did Kim get out early?" but then I realize its her. she doesn't look like an ebony blow up doll in that picture which is always a good look. Ashanti also took a break from being the poor man's Beyonce and attended.


Wow, Sisqo is still alive? I guess so. It seems like this nigga disappeared into thin air after his second album came out. I personally thought his "croutching tiger, hidden negro" phase was amusing to say the least. I can't wait until Vh1 does "I Love 2000" so all the of the panelist can sing the lyrics to 'The Thong Song.'

+ Terrence Howard gets a new hairstyle, yes!



- A Pimp Named Slickback strikes again. If Donald Trump was Black would he wear his hair like this?

- There is only one man who can bring me out of my weekend seclusion and his name is Bobby Brown. If I knew I would have these lovely pictures waiting for me in my inbox, I would've checked it a long time ago. Even if his fingers are ashy, he still is number one.

- Muhammad Ali in his prime was hot, 'Ye on the other hand looks like hot airbrushed mess.

- Get 'touched' by Lil' Kim and check out a Lil' Janet @ Cake and Ice Cream


Bre, you will forever be the love child of Rich and I. But you're head is starting to look a little big for your body. Don't go all Star Jones on us!

- It pains me to say this about Patti LaBelle but she looks like
a big ass lobster in this outfit. Sebastian from 'The Little Mermaid' would be pissed!

- Please take time out to support the advertisers of the site!

- I'm just saying . . .

A 'Hottie' mess



- Nelly (I just had to do it) had all the ladies in ATL going crazy at Lennox Mall where he held a fashion show for Apple Bottoms. Thank God for AB because I don't know when the last time I seen a dude rocking a Vokal shirt in the trap. Click here to see pictures from the event.

While you are in the clicking mood, check out pictures from LeBron James and Kenya Moore's birthday bash @ Sandra Rose. Everybody from Jamal Anderson to J-Nicks came out to show love. I hope Mama James didn't get drunk! Speaking of J-Nicks . . .


Me: Why does he got a rubberband on two fingers? Does it represent the struggle?

Mr. Irreverent: People use rubberbands to remember. He probably forgets which sex he was.

Everytime I see Shar Jackson I can't help but think how fucking worthless she is becoming. I know that sounds harsh but its the awful, pitiful truth. She is like that young teenage cousin who has five kids but is always out at the club. Anyway, Shar was recently spotted making out with not only Britney Spear's ex-husband Jason Alexander but my favorite California thug Ray J. Aww wait a minute!

Superhead Back On The Prowl

Ex on the rebound: Looks like self-labeled Video Vixen Karrine Steffans has wasted no time finding a replacement for HBO host Bill Maher. It's an old boyfriend, singer-actor Ray J. The other night at Mel's Diner in L.A., Steffans, who split with Maher just before the Golden Globes, swapped spit with Ray J while Serena Williams and her entourage looked on in amazement."It was certainly hot and heavy," said a spy. Ray J's technique got a rave review in Steffans' recent memoir, "Confessions of a Video Vixen," in which the author reveals: "When Ray and I made love, we would go for hours on end, each hour more satisfying than the last." I'll draw a veil over the rest.

From the Daily News' Reliable Source column. 1/27/06 (thanks Ms. Marla)

Aaliyah + Jay-Z Pictures?

The internet is going b-a-n-a-n-a-s over pictures that recently surfaced of Jay-Z and Aaliyah playing it close. I've seen the pictures and heard of of the gossip along with them but I think its a little tacky to talk about someone who isn't here to defend themselves. And that's all I got to say about that like Forrest.





- Picture via Worth1000.com, thanks Sacha!

- Da Brat needs big money and a big penis

- Cartoon Network gives out first apology ever for MLK episode

- Jamie Foxx developing a reality show to "rebuild the rock star"

- Rhonetta Johnson's American Idol video

- Ray Naggin can't get enough chocolate!


Chingy, WTF?

15's in the back blasting, Peep the candy as I pass em / Watch the chamillion paint flop like Chingy's last album - Smoke of Field Mob, "That's My Shit"

It's a sad day when Chingy comes to a movie premiere trying to show his grill. Somebody please give him and Shar Jackson some job applications.

Ray J Is About As Gangsta As K. Fed

AP: So you're a former gangbanger?

Ray J: Yeah. As a teenager ... I was young and just trying to find myself.

AP: I've read that you've been shot at so many times, you can't remember all of them. Did they ever shoot at you for being Brandy's brother?

Ray J: (Laughs) No. When you live in Carson and Compton and Long Beach and you growin' up in the neighborhood, getting shot at is just a regular thing. If you're hanging out at the school after hours with your friends and y'all shootin' dice and people are drinking and smoking and it's a gang environment and it's a party life constantly, that's where another rival gang targets. (more)

Wow, I haven't heard the term gangbanger used since '95. This nigga really needs to stop having delusions of grandeur. As pointed out by Ty, he was on that damn Sinbad show back in the day. Just because you played your older sister's "gangsta" cousin/brother/whatever on Moesha doesn't give you street cred. You will always be Brandy's little brother. Learn your role like Solange.

Hey Mama, Big Mama


It's nothing like standing in front of people double your size to make you look smaller, no? I'm not mad at Nia though, she looks good to me. I'm still not too sure about the short/stockings combo but hey, whatever works. I've never come across a white woman who is referred to as a big momma, I'm still loving those look-a-likes in the back.


It's always big news around the internet when Janet decides to shows her face. These pictures are of her leaving a Sushi joint with a friend. The chubby Janet is starting to grow on me a little bit. She has that kindergarden teacher thing going on.

Quote of the Day

"Well there's a huge difference between vaginal and seminal fluid. Seminal fluid I can handle if you're my husband. Vaginal fluid . . . I got issues." - Star Jones (more via Nova Slim)


Due to itis that was beyond my control, I slept through the entire Jamie Foxx special. I felt a little guilty at first but once I started going through my email I realized I didn't miss much. I hate to say it but it looks like we got punk'd. How was it? Holla back.

I was able to catch Jada's performance with Wicked Wisdom on Lettermen tonight thanks to a reminder from Butta. I'm not much of a rock critic but my ears know what they like and didn't enjoy that screaming shit she was doing one bit. It was damn near a Mad TV parody. You know you've fucked up when white people are looking at you nuts.

I'm Just Saying

I like Stevie Wonder and all like the next person but this is just wrong. Somebody needs to fix this.


The Official "We Want Some Attention" Post


As I mentioned earlier, Cam held a press conference today to announce that he had some General Tso chicken and lo mein for lunch. I was shocked that Cam didn't look a little more pulled together. Mr. Young, Fly, and Flashy was looking old, broke, and ashy.

Quick questions: Is the poster for Killa Season supposed to look just like the one for Paid In Full? Why does Hell Rell look like the world's oldest living negro on it? And where was Jim Jones and the rest of the Big Bird Gang? Poor Juelz, that nigga looked like he couldn't believe it himself. I was waiting to see some flicks of Jim looking like he just rolled out of the bed. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words so these don't say shit. Ay!

Here We Go Again

Some ladies are proving that it might be best to think twice before creeping. If you thought Karrine Steffans' "Confessions of a Video Vixen" was causing people to talk last year, wait until you get a load of what Carmen Bryan, Nas' former girlfriend and mother of his daughter, has to say. She has an autobiography called "Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop -- Oh, and Did I Mention Love?" coming out soon, and she's not holding anything back about her relationship with Nas or her alleged affairs with Jay-Z and NBA superstar Allen Iverson. . .

". . . Way after we kind of broke up, I asked him about Lil' Kim, Eve, Mary J. Blige. The only one Nas ever admitted to dating was Mary."As for Jay, she implied that he came along at the right time. "I was so in love with Nas at the very beginning, I couldn't even look at another man. But it began to fade. I guess I really took notice to it when I took Jay-Z's phone number." (more)

Music Notes


Hey Rhonetta, Janice Combs wants her wig back. Thanks in advance. Not only can she not sing she is also a damn criminal. Check out Dlisted for more details and CL for another lovely glamour shot.

I Always Thought Brandy Look Like An Alien But Damn

Brandy Norwood, the actress and musician best known solely by her first name, is extending her talents into the video game world. She will provide her voice and likeness, and help develop the story line for a sci-fi/action game that will ship in the first quarter of 2007. The game comes from Matty/Markus Games, a Los Angeles-based firm founded by director Matty Rich ("Straight Out of Brooklyn") and video game veteran Frederic Markus ("Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.") Brandy, who has sold more than 14 million albums worldwide, also will develop an original soundtrack for the as-yet-untitled game. Besides hearing this exclusive music in the new game, the release schedule calls for the CD of the soundtrack to go on sale right before the video game ships. (more via Rich)

Were you wondering the story behind this photo?

Well, wait no more.They were taken at a convenient store in Alpharetta, Georgia and proves that the singer is back on crack or something.

The word is that Whitney Houston is back on crack. Jamal Mitchell of Marietta, Georgia emailed us photos that he took with the singer. "The once-stunning Grammy winner was photographed at an Atlanta gas station at 4 a.m. one morning last month, looking disheveled and bizarre in pajama bottoms, and a $50,000 fur coat and a messy wig.

Jamal: I was pumping gas and noticed her driving up in a Porsche Cheyenne SUV. She was alone as she pulled into the parking lot of the convenient store near GA 400 in Alpharetta. I told my partner, "Yo man, that's Whitney Houston! " She got out of the vehicle and purchased 5 or 6 packs of cigarettes. approached her and asked if I could take a picture. She said, "Sure, Do you have a camera?" I ran to my car where my camera was and she took three pictures with me. She was nice, but she wasn't the Whitney Houston I was use to seeing on TV and in music videos. She was very thin too and her breath smelled like liquor and smoke. (thanks Mo!)

The Good

The Los Angeles middle school attended by high-profile attorney Johnnie Cochran Jr. will be renamed in his honor, officials said. The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to rename the 1,900-student Mt. Vernon Middle School after the attorney best known for representing O.J. Simpson. (more)

The Bad

"I've been in the closet with it for a while," says Federline. "I don't know, guess I would have to say I'm the rookie of the year."Besides a guest appearance from rapper Petey Pablo, Federline says there will be no guest stars on his upcoming album. Nor will the album be produced by any major industry producers, and he doesn't yet have a record label -- a curiosity, since, given his wife's A-list status, he could have used her connections to get a deal. The first single was released through Yahoo Music Unlimited.

The Ugly

New York Knicks team president Isiah Thomas is accused of sexual harassment and discrimination by one of the team's former front-office employees in a federal lawsuit. Anucha Browne Sanders claims Thomas made unwanted sexual advances toward her and refused to stop, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan. Thomas and Madison Square Garden are listed as the defendants in the lawsuit, which charges them with. (more)

Blog Watch


Respect Will Smith's Gangsta

Lately it seems like nothing can go right for Bow Wow, the 18-year old, multi-platinum, self-proclaimed "Ohio playa", as in the last week he has been belittled by some of the game's current artists and moguls. "...Yea, Paul Wall did Grillz", the no longer "Lil" Bow Wow said on a Philadelphia radio station. But surprisingly at another time on the same show, when asked about doing his grill, Paul Wall said, "What? Nah. Ain't nothin' like that. I aint even know he old enough. I think I would still have to get his parents permission."

Another interview by another Philadelphia area radio station placed Will Smith with the "job" of answering to Bow Wow's accusations of being a bubble gum rapper. But Smith refused to respond saying that, "A grown man don't answer to no child. I'm a grown ass man. I cut records before his momma let somebody cut to have him." Smith also added, "My worst movie (Wild Wild West) grossed almost twice as your best movie (Like Mike). Check the records and read a book young man."

Nigga Please

Do you love MASTER P? Do you love DANCING WITH THE STARS? Do you love the man also know as a Rap artist, music industry mogul and accomplished athlete? Do you also love his adorable partner Ashly DelGrosso (who thought she a goner the first week out)? Then click here to visit Keep-P-Dancing.com. Seriously.

Master P has a message for today's youth. "I wanna show kids, 'Do something else wit your life, you don't gotta [succumb to the streets]. I've never danced before. I grew up in the ghetto. I just want to show kids they can try something new. Most kids in these communities live until
they're 18 or 19. If I made it out, they can make it out. I want to show them some change."

Move Over Oprah, There Is A New Black Jesus In Town

My mouth dropped like Superhead at a Murder Inc party when I saw this on Dlisted. This is what Kanye had to say about his favorite subject - - himself:

"I'm the most controversial artist this year. . ."

"I'm saying that as an observation, not as a stunt; from the outside looking in, you know?"

"You should give it to me because I'm doing my job . . ."

"I'm making good music, and it's interesting and changing the world and everything, so you put me on the cover. I appreciate it. I don't want to come off, like, ungracious, but I feel like I had to fight to get on these covers."

The sad thing is I'm probably going to buy the magazine now.

Quote of the Day

"I've seen a lot of myself [recently], especially with Usher," he notes. "He basically did my whole show -- he does my whole show as if it was me [onstage]. I guess that's what kept my name out there. Him and Omarion are the two artists I can say have a lot of my flavor." - Bobby Brown, mtv.com. Also check out the picture of the day. Observe's Natalia's little finger, how sweet.

Freshly Squeezed Flicks

Last time we saw Tocarra in a Black men's magazine she was looking like a damn fool but there is always room for redemption. Photoshopped or not I like the pictures much more than her last spread. Visit CL for the flicks from her appearance in King.


I'm not sure where Naomi was walking off to. Maybe slap-a-bitch-in-the-chest-anonymous, eh? Who knows.

Solange and Elise Neal are two people I wouldn't expect to see in the club together. Were there any remotely attractive guys in the spot? From the look of things it wasn't! Check out Indmix.com for more pictures.


Leftover Porkchops

- It's that favorite time of year again when huge Hollywood names put away their wallets and rack up on goodies for free. The always sophisticated Ruby Dee did a little shopping around as did Tracey Edmonds.

- Go away already.

- NBC does not care about black people.

- Amen Dlisted! Li'l Richard does need a new wig.

- Nas signs with Def Jam.

Buzz Notes

I'm going to hell for that.

Aretha Franklin will join New Orleans singer Aaron Neville in performing the national anthem at next month's Super Bowl. They will be accompanied by another veteran New Orleans musician, pianist Dr. John. "The combination of all three should present a very memorable performance," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Detroit Free Press. Franklin, Neville and a 150-person backing choir will sing to a taped vocal track to be recorded in Detroit several days before the Feb. 5 game at Detroit's Ford Field, the Free Press reported on its website. (more)

Jacki-O Is One Poe Girl

Jacki-O, who scored a hit with the sexually charged rap "Nookie," has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, declaring debts totaling $144,225 and assets of only $1,340. According to the Miami Herald, Jacki-O (born Angela Kohn), filed bankruptcy late last year, not only to clear herself of debts owed to the IRS and merchants like Verizon and Bally's Total Fitness, but also to be released from her recording contract with Miami's Poe Boy Entertainment. A spokesman for TVT Records says that while Jacki-O's petition seeks to free her from obligations with Poe Boy Entertainment, she is not leaving TVT Records. "An artist would like to live a very fabulous lifestyle," the sexy female rapper told the Miami Herald. "But it takes money to look like money." The female rapper best known for battling Foxy Brown on wax as well as in a rumored studio fight, Jacki-O released her first album Poe Little Rich Girl (Poe Boy/TVT) in 2004.

When I first read this I laughed to myself. This is coming from the same chick who claimed that "pussy paid her bills" right? Obviously her cooter wasn't too hot then. Poe Boy Entertainment, ya'll.


Like many of you I was glued to my television Friday to watch Oprah's interview with Jaimee Foxworth. Hated it! Oprah claimed that she didn't watch any of Jamie's movies for herself but I think that's a lie. Like my homeboy Chris told me the other night, people think that she is black Jesus but that's another post. Couldn't you just imagine Oppy and Gayle sitting down watching "Baby Got Back 53" together sharing a tub of popcorn? That doesn't sound too far fetched to me. The interview didn't really shed any new light on the whole ordeal. If you watched Jamiee's interview on 20/20 last year then you didn't miss much at all. So what did you think of the show?

Eve Can't Get Enough of That Delicious White Meat

Like I've been saying for the past few months now, white boys are the new pink. This weekend I am going in search for me one so we can play "catch a slave, freak a slave" in my backyard. Okay that wasn't politcally correct but you get the point. Anyway, Eve has come a very long way. Remember them kitchen ass braids she was rocking in her first video? Sure sometimes I forget that she's a rapper and all but the girl looks great to me. Who cares about race, y'know? Long as you're happy then I'm happy for you. Plus we've all seen the sex tape. Eve has been playing with long white objects for quite sometime now.

We Are Family

- The Bryants look happy as ever! Shit, I would be smiling too if I scored 81 points. Continue the family love over at CL!


Weekend Grind

- More fun with Dick and Jane. 1 - 2

- Lebron James' mom may be
crunk and disorderly but at least she didn't fuck up all the way.

- I'm sorry Eskay but I had to jack
something from you when I saw this picture.

- Thanks to everybody who emailed me to let me know that C+D was under 'Best of the Web' on Black Voices!


Wait, There's More!

- Mary J. Blige looks like she is about to cut a bitch.

Diddy on 106 and Park

- True on so many levels! Thanks K Kaos!

- The sweetest thing I've seen all week, hands down. Maybe he was performing "U Still Got It", eh?

Picture of the Week!


Freshly Squeezed

That picture with Halle Berry and that dude is a fake. I use to be on this board where this chick would post pictures of herself that were 'tampered' with and since then I have had a keen eye when it comes to pictures. This is similar to the pic of Johnny Gil and Eddie Murphy.

The picture in question.

Take a look at the floor, it's slightley bent up on the left side, halle's side And it looks 'higher'. There are NO shadows whats so ever also. Its so dark outside but they come out so bright, no flash can do that. The rain coat thing that she is wearing doesnt look right. The only way it can look like that is if there was a lonnnng as slit in the middle

AND lastly, why she all dressed down and dude is all 'casual.' As a matter of fact, his left hand is cut and pasted there. To make it seem like he was wearing a long jacket. The lighting on that hand is off. And it just looks...ahh goddamit Fresh the pic is fake and its so easy to do it when everything is black.

Eddie and Johnny's pic

Its the same floor but with paint to make it look like dirty stepped on gum. Check out johnny's right leg. Bottom line...this was a bad job. - Crazy Baby

- Wilson Pickett, the soul pioneer best known for the fiery hits "Mustang Sally" and "In The Midnight Hour," died of a heart attack Thursday, according to his management company. He was 64. (more)

- Dennis Rodman and Tracy BingHAM (as Billy Sunday likes to call her) have been riding the red,blue, and white stripes all the way to the U.K. in the Celebrity Big Brother house. (Thanks Ella)

- Blair Underwood, Lynn Whitfield, Boris Kodjoe, Maya Angelou, and Cicely Tyson will all appear in Tyler Perry's new Madea movie. Click here to view the trailer to visit the film's website. Coming up next: Madea's Funeral Reunion (I'm bullshitting but I could see it happening. Thanks Stylishly Graceful)

Axelrod's attorney, Jay Paul Deratany, said he planned to sue Davis and his wife for more than $1 million. Deratany said he was writing the papers Thursday for a battery suit against Kendra Davis and a slander case against Antonio Davis, and planned to file them Friday. (more)

Leftover Flicks

- Kim + Em's wedding photo

- Reebok's new ad

- 'Dream Girls' getting their bouffant on (thanks nOva slim)

Halle, if you don't want this white boy I will take him

- 50 and his two sons

- Damn good mixtape cover art

Since I kept receiving emails asking me how I felt about Cam's verbal assault on Jay-Z I'll give my little opinion. But before I set this post off let me say something about Rich:

1. You stole the "Ultimate Hustler" concept from Dame . . .then gave it back
2. You 42 years old and you rocking Jeezy the Snowman shirts
3. You got some kitchen ass braids

I know you.

See how stupid that was? Yeah, exactly.

So I finally took the time out of my day to download Cam's little song. If I would've known that he called Jay-Z "Fraggle Rock" I probably would have downloaded this shit last night. I love Jim Henson! But like someone said earlier, Cam's a little too Shug Avery for me with all the "you shol is ugly" disses. Thanks Cameron Giles for telling us something we didn't know. It's not like he was exactly gorgeous when he first came out. He can thank that little stomach problem 'cause Killa shed some weight and came out all chistled faced and what not. Don't get it confused, I still think he looks good, but c'mon now. That ugly shit is a little 4th grade.

And he had Beyonce singing about slanging crack? Big fucking deal. Raise your hand if you brought that second album Cam is talking about.

One thing that I am glad about all of this drama is no one is talking about 50 Cent for once.


Star's Doesn't Look Scary!

Star is looking good! Please keep it up.

Trina To Appear On Desperate Housewives

First let me take time to brush my shoulders off. Wait, did I not call this shit months ago? I always knew in the back of my mind that girl would be on that show making a guest star appearance after her spread in The Source. I've never watched an episode of Desperate Housewives because I'd rather take all 12 of Shar Jackson's kids to Disney World on a hot summer day, but I'll make an exception! CL has more details on Miss Miami's guest slot.

Cam'ron vs. Jay-Z

While I was watching Skating With Celebrities (more on that later) last night, all hell broke loose over the internet! I haven't heard the track yet but from the look of things it doesn't sound too interesting.

If you're a former crackhead life is good for you right now. Flava's Flav has a guilty pleasure on his hands, Bobby may go on tour with SWV, and Todd Bridges in on television ice skating with a white woman. It don't get no better. Hate it or love it, crackheads got their swagger back!

Wendy: Do you go to church? Bobby: I am a church.

Me too.


Leftover Porkchops

- Now there is a debate of sorts about Diddy's new ad campaign for his fragrance. I could care two broke dicks about it personally but some people are taking offense due to the lack of sisters in the ads. The thing that makes me mad is that dude wants someone to pay $300 for 2.5 oz. for some shit that probably smells like 3 day old sink water. Now this is nothing to a baller but for the average Joenelle like myself this is a hell nah. So please Mr. Diddy take a seat. Thanks in advance.

- The word for Michael Jackson today is J-O-B (thanks Elliott)

- Angelina Jolie gets schooled by a, well, school girl in Haiti

- Askmen.com has released their list of most desirable women. Miss Jay didn't make the cut :/

Get Involved: Let's Find Superhead A Man!


Ya'll are some talented folks I swear. Since Karrine and Bill (who were sooo in love with each other) recently called it quits, let's help to find Karrine a new unattractive white man. If she was to place an ad in a newspaper looking for love what would it say? WWKD?

My Two Moms

My girl Aja hit me with this picture of Star + Al from the couple's official website. Apparently the two hired a graphic designer to retouch the photos but the designer only touched (I had to type that) one of Star's breasteses. I have got to meet this person and shake their hand! Anyway, once word got that one of Star's tit-tays were jacked up, the photo gallery was shut down for "maintenance". Don't cry yourself to sleep just yet, its back up. Once again Al looks as gorgeous as ever. Did you know that his middle name was Scales? Oh the irony.

Mini I'm Just Saying

Why does Al look like Star's cabana boy? Slap that nigga in some hot pants and he's good to go!

+ 50 needs to preserve his sexy

+ Isaac Hayes hospitalized for exhaustion

+ Around the way gossip


Golden Globe Blow Out!

(some of the flicks are also from pre-award show events)

Joy Bryant - Tichina Arnold - Kimberly Elise - Tracee Ellis Ross + Gabriel Union - Tracee Ellis Ross - Aisha Tyler + Gabrielle Union - Mariah Carey - Ludacris - Tyler James Williams + Chris Rock - Tichina Arnold - Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, + Mike - Sanaa Lathan - Christina Milian - Joy Brant

I'm Just Saying

You know those portraits at your Granny's house that has a picture of somebody in a champagne glass and a rose in front? Yo, somebody please put this shit in a frame for me.

Ah Hell To The Nah! Whitney and Bobby To Divorce?

Are Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown finally ending their troubled 14-year marriage? A Lowdown spy reports that the 36-year-old Brown - who shares a 12-year-old daughter with the 42-year-old R&B superstar - has been telling friends and acquaintances they're splitsville. The weekend before last, during a visit to the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Conn., Brown was spotted chatting up pretty women backstage while the all-girl group SWV (which stands for Sisters With Voices) performed along with male groups Guy and Blackstreet.

"While flirting with a bunch of women, they asked, 'What's up with your wife?' Bobby said, 'We ain't together no more. We're getting a divorce,' " says the spy. (more via Eskay)

Once again I hope that this is a rumor. Local law officials take notice: I will yell "Radddddddiooooo" and throw a trash can inside of my town's racist pizza parlor if Nippy and Bobby ever split. There is light at the end of the tunnel for fans of B.Brown such as myself. A possible tour with SWV? Christmas all over.

Nigga Please of the Week

You may hate on me, but all my friends tell me I look like Beyonce.

Um, no? More information about Schatar:

- She is familiar with five languages (but only fluent in one).

- She was in the film Amistad. Give us free!

- She's been a "co-star" (read: extra) on ER, CSI, CSI Miami, Half and Half, and Comic View.

here to visit her website. On another unrelated note, don't forget that American Idol Season 5 debuts tonight. Oh the H.A.M.anity!

Fun With Dick & Jane

- The "Black Brad Pitt" (hey, its good to think highly of yourself) and Beyonce courtside at a Nets and Pacer game. Oh how I wonder what the conversations are like. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

+ Don't mess with Mary's jacket


Leftover Porkchops

- The C+D Tenderoni of the Week performed @ Mike Brauser's birthday party. Guess who also came through.

Micheal Jackson loves G-Unit!

- Beyonce's new Loreal ad looks hot. Literally.

- Seriously Eva,
c'mon now . . .

- I know if my Granny heard me say this she would probably give me the evil eye but Dr. King's son is hot. We could have sophisticated fun together.

- Missed the delicious taste of The Flavor of Love last night?
No worries!

Hollywood Minute

Kelly will appear on "Girlfriends" in three-episode story. Starting February 20th she will play Tammy Hamilton, an ambitious 21-year-old who convinces real estate queen Toni Childs (Jill Marie Jones) to take her on as an intern. Click the thumbnail to find out more. Thnx to Bella from this news. (picture + news via Kelly-Rowland.com)

The Denzel/Sanaa Rumor Makes Its Way To The National Enquirer

Denzel Washington and his wife of 22 years may be headed for trouble -- and insiders say it's because of the fear that the Oscar winner is a serial cheater! Sources have told The National Enquirer that 50-year-old Denzel's long-rumored extra-marital activity -- particularly rumors of a relationship with pretty actress Sanaa Lathan, 34 -- have caused major upheaval in what was once considered one of Hollywood's most rock solid marriages.

Said a friend: "People have speculated about Denzel having affairs for a long time. But I wouldn't be surprised if the recent reports about Sanaa have gotten under his wife Pauletta's skin like nothing else has." Indeed sources say the couple could be headed for divorce after a furious bust-up that ended in Denzel moving out of the couple's $10 million house in California.Pick up this week's issue of The National Enquirer to read more. (source)

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