The Official "We Want Some Attention" Post


As I mentioned earlier, Cam held a press conference today to announce that he had some General Tso chicken and lo mein for lunch. I was shocked that Cam didn't look a little more pulled together. Mr. Young, Fly, and Flashy was looking old, broke, and ashy.

Quick questions: Is the poster for Killa Season supposed to look just like the one for Paid In Full? Why does Hell Rell look like the world's oldest living negro on it? And where was Jim Jones and the rest of the Big Bird Gang? Poor Juelz, that nigga looked like he couldn't believe it himself. I was waiting to see some flicks of Jim looking like he just rolled out of the bed. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words so these don't say shit. Ay!

Here We Go Again

Some ladies are proving that it might be best to think twice before creeping. If you thought Karrine Steffans' "Confessions of a Video Vixen" was causing people to talk last year, wait until you get a load of what Carmen Bryan, Nas' former girlfriend and mother of his daughter, has to say. She has an autobiography called "Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop -- Oh, and Did I Mention Love?" coming out soon, and she's not holding anything back about her relationship with Nas or her alleged affairs with Jay-Z and NBA superstar Allen Iverson. . .

". . . Way after we kind of broke up, I asked him about Lil' Kim, Eve, Mary J. Blige. The only one Nas ever admitted to dating was Mary."As for Jay, she implied that he came along at the right time. "I was so in love with Nas at the very beginning, I couldn't even look at another man. But it began to fade. I guess I really took notice to it when I took Jay-Z's phone number." (more)

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