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Once upon a time not that long ago I was in love with the teen group Immature. Posters of them covered every inch of the exposed wall above my bed, I recorded their performances on Nickelodeon's "All That", and vowed to marry all three members of the group. Sometimes I am embarrassed to admit it but I also can remember singing "Feel The Funk" in my folks' full length mirror on several occasions. A couple of days ago a wave of nostalgia hit me and I felt the immediate urge to download about twenty songs from them. One of those songs was called "Da Munchies." I balled over with laughter as I sat down and closely examined the lyrics.

You know me I need a juicy-fruity
I could really sink my teeth into
You're so sweet [Yeah]
I get diabetes and my greetings
I just wanna be alone with you
You're the flavor of my month
I think about you all the time
A girl like you needs someone like me, yeah
I got da munchies for you baby
You got the flavor I adore [I adore]
I got da munchies, for you baby
C'mon let me munch you up
Let me munch you up, oh

WTF? What were the adults who actually took the time to record this shit and put it on wax thinking (and smoking)? These were some grown ass kids back in the day.

Chocolate chip, cool whip
Almonds your vanilla crunch
All those are the girls get on my face
You're my lifesaver
You're my favorite flavor baby
You're the only one I want
I wanna munchie only one I want

Clickity clack to download the song - - its your Halloween treat, haha. While you are listening let me ask you this: what's some songs you listen to when no one else is around?

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