Say What?!

Beyonce has become a crossover sex symbol a la Halle Berry, a black girl who's not so overwhelmingly Nubian that white people don't appreciate her beauty." - Rolling Stone Magazine

Girl You Don't Got That Vibe

At Saturday's taping of the 'Vibe Awards,' Mary J. Blige silenced an audience of thousands. The Grammy Award winning singer, who is this year's VLegend Award honoree, took the podium and vocalized her displeasure about her December Vibe cover. She alluded to a much-needed sit-down with the Editor-in-Chief Mimi Valdes, a former intern who has been helming Vibe since style-maker Emil Wilbekin exited his award winning post to work in fashion last year. "You could hear a pin drop," a record executive who witnessed the spectacle told Black Voices today."Everyone's mouth was wide open in disbelief. It was Mary being Mary. She always speaks her mind, and that's why we love her. That cover did not do her justice or reflect her current positive and confident state." (via BlackVoices)

here for a list of the winners. How the fukk can you have a tie at an award show? Ah well, don't forget to tune in tonight on UPN at 8pm ET/PT.

Freshly Squeezed

- Halle Berry is the new face of Versace. We're told that fashion photographer Mario Testino shot the sexy star in L.A. last weekend for the upcoming print campaign. "The shoot was beautiful portraits, slightly messy hair and a wind machine -- very glamorous," tattles our on-set spy. Berry follows in the footsteps of Kabbalah cuties Madonna and Demi Moore as Donatella Versace's latest celebrity muse. And if anyone cares, Wilhelmina model Gabriel Aubry will reprise his role from last season as Versace's requisite beefcake.

- Muhammad Ali's daughter, Laila, Friday quashed rumors she is involved in a lesbian relationship with singer/actress Queen Latifah."Yes, I am in the process of getting a divorce, but I am not dating, nor will I ever be dating a woman, because I am not gay," Ali said in a statement released Friday. "It is unfortunate that my divorce has started rumors in the media that are untrue."Ali, 27, and Johnny "Yahya" McClain are in the process of ending their five year marriage, Zap2it.com reported. Ali, a female boxing champ, is training for a December bout in Berlin and getting ready to star in a volleyball movie, the Web site said. Her legendary father recently allayed rumors he was on his deathbed from Parkinson's disease when he accepted a Medal of Freedom in person from President Bush, Zap2it.com noted. (via Zap2it.com)

By The Way . . .

With all the drama surrounding his name its nice to see Dame with a smile on his face. And then along came a spider name Racheal . . .

- Free was recently spotted in the club getting her boogie on

- Ciara and Mr. Jr. Gong discuss the goodies in Jamrock at the Vibe awards

Paul Wall doesn't have to go far for some nice pillows to rest his dome


What ya heart beating fast for B.G.? I hope that he is not on that shit again. Will getcha boy!

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