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Jay-Z Ripping Club Patrons Off?

At the Jersey shore, the new 40/40 club owned by hip hop mogul Jay-Z is getting a bad rap from a couple of patrons. They say they didn't get their money's worth, and had to go to the police. The 40/40club owned by hip hop mogul Jay-Z opened with quite a fanfare just a couple weeks ago. A couple of the patrons who booked private parties and paid big money are demanding their money back because they didn't get what they paid for. Andrea Whitefield/Overbrook: "I didn't have my balloons, photos, free set-up. I didn't get any of these things."Not the 40th birthday party package that Andrea Whitefield expected when she paid over $850-dollars at the 40/40 club in Atlantic City. She was not alone.

Dalina Dickson/Willingboro, NJ: "I got my cake....that's about it."Dalina Dickson also arrived at the police station this morning to file a complaint about the club. She paid nearly $400-dollars for her party. While the women had never met before this morning, both tell similar stories about how the club handled private parties this past Saturday. It was just two weeks ago that the club held it's grand opening, an extravagant event attended by many music celebrities. Women say their parties this past weekend were nothing to celebrate.

It wasn't until after several phone calls from the patrons and Action News and hours outside the club that a general manager showed up. The general manager claims these are isolated incidents and there are no plans to change how the club books parties.

LisaRaye's Wedding Ceremony To Sugar Daddy Postponed

The extravagant two-day wedding event of LisaRaye McCoy and Honorable Chief Minister Michael Misick, Turks and Caicos Islands, has been postponed, the couple announced in a statement. The wedding festivities were set to begin on Dec. 27 followed by the ceremony on Dec. 28 at the exclusive Amanyara Resort, in the Turks and Caicos Islands. However the bride, star of UPN's "All of Us," and her fiance point to unnamed obstacles in their decision to put the ceremony on hold. The couple stated: "Due to circumstances beyond our control, the readiness of the venue, and holiday travel limitations, we have decided to postpone the nuptials. Please note that we apologize for any inconvenience to our guests. We hope you have a fulfilled and pleasant holiday. Peace and blessings to all.
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This shit a joke right?
By The Way . . .

- The softer half of Bey-Z recently stopped in Chicago to promote her True Star fragrance. This just in! Footage of Beyonce falling on stage - - she played that shit off like it was nothing. "It's alright." We fall down, but we get up . . .


- Not that you probably care but "Get Rich or Die Tryin" hits theaters today. I'm calling the bootleg man as we speak to get on the "reserve" list. Don't forget you can also cop 50's new DVD/CD for BET at Wal Mart (you read that right). Fiddy's video game comes out later this month just in time for the holiday season (which is smart marketing when you think about it). Hmm, Curtis better slow down before he ends up in MC Hammer burn out territory.

- You know its a damn shame when you can't get black people to watch the news but everybody is ready to watch the showdown on Oprah today. Negras.

- Margaret Cho ain't a holla back girl.

- One less employed nigga in Hollywood.

- The beautiful Dorothy Dandridge would have celebrated her 83rd birthday today. Go learn yaself and pay tribute.

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