K. Fed Wants You To Know That He's Not Your Uncle, Or Your Cousin. He's Daddy, Dude.

Thank God for the internet and the virtual marketing, for some fool made the mistake of "leaking" a good minute of what can only be called, the sound of reeking garbage (link via Notes From A Different Kitchen). What's crazier is I have listened to this over 100 times. Once I stopped my ears from bleeding and picked up my jaw from the floor because the cat tripped over my lip, I knew for sure that the world had gone mad. I shuddered, cause all this fool had to do was whisper "I love you" to Britney, put it on her and deposit his demon seed into her womb. Now that the transformation is complete - - we must all succumb to his music. Is that really all it takes? I need to get a better outlook on life. . . This working 9 to 5 shit to pay the rent just aint cuttin' it. And to think, someone let him walk out of the studio with this mess in his hand! Someone said "Kev- boy, that shit is off the HOOK!" What he don't know is that they are laughing hysterically behind his back. Well, let the C&D readers laugh right in yo' face! Kev-Boo, someone's done steered you wrong and I have a sneakin' feeling I know who . . . Apparently, you have no friends - - cause someone was in the studio - - I'm sure high, hyping this to the outer limits. They told you it was a Neptunes beat, honey it sound like a Saturn. The song is called "Y'all Ain't Ready" and you know what Kev you're right, we're aren't. So why don't you crawl back under the rock you came from in the Valley, take out them braids, pull up your pants and get a real job like parking cars or working at the DMV. On the other hand, just continue to spend Britney's money. It is what you do. Well.

By the way Kevin, you are NOT THE FATHER!

- - Wynter Patrice

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