Damn, It Must Feel Good To Pay Less

What happened behind the scenes between Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton at the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and the Atlanta Falcons? Sources close to Atlanta Gossip (AG) says that the two pop divas had an altercation after Mariah spilled beer on Toni's boots and walked away without an apology. To top it off Carey called the boots cheap. "Did those come from Payless?" she said. The singers were on hand to perform two songs at halftime at the nationally televised Thanksgiving Day game where Braxton sung the national anthem. Sources close to the Braxton camp say that Toni was really upset about the whole incident, but brushed it off her shoulder to go on and belt out the anthem. (via Atlanta Gossip)

More evidence that supports my theory that Mariah Carey is one crazy bitch. She is too old to be told. At least Toni didn't come dressed like she was ready to hit the stroll after the game.

Fresh's Two Cents

As previously mentioned earlier today Kirk Franklin appeared on "Oprah" to talk about his addiction to porn. When I first heard the buzz about this a few months back I couldn't believe it. However reality sat in real quick and I put my judgments aside. Is he supposed to be immune to the same temptation as the next person just because he is a gospel star (I ripped that sentence off from "He Got Game") ? Not all. At the end of the day Kirk is human. I applaud him for being man enough to come out to the general public to speak about his problem. In my opinion I believe that his appearance on Oprah will definitely get both sinners and sanctified people talking. It may also very well help another person suffering from the same addiction.

On the flip side of things I'm kind of salty that Oprah didn't have any women on the show. I know quite a few females who have the same appetite for porn as a 21 year old frat boy. Gotta see all sides of the spectrum.

Blog Watch (you are being watched)

- Linsay Lohag (not a spelling error) grinds on Juelz Santana a la Pretty Rickey.
- Canada doesn't heart Kanye West.
- Saucy Dame talks fashion.
- 2005 H.A.M. Pageant

edit: ODB aka Saucy Dame is conducting a project called Ready For The World. Submit your pictures today! I'm trying to decide on which one of my 1,001 pictures to choose from.

Freshly Squeezed

Nigga Please: T.Pain is a unique sort of crooner, who brands his R&B style "Hard & B," for its reality-based approach. But, Pain has only been singing roughly 9 months and the Tallahassee, Florida native was a rapper beforehand. "I'm definitely going to have to go back to rapping," Pain told AllHipHop.com. "Yeah I think ill switch it up on the next album. The R&B s**t still going to be there. I aint going to totally push back. It's not just totally R&B right now."

That cat is only 20? Hot damn he must've had a rough life. I thought that nigga was at least 26, off rip. And he's only been singing for 9 months, shut up! [ /sarcasm] What I really want to know is what's up with everybody trying to coin new phrases? First we had Crunk & B now we have Hard & B. It all sounds like shit, B.

- Last night Eva celebrated her 21st birthday at Lotus nightclub in NYC. She didn't look anything like Josephine Baker to me but beautiful nonetheless. What was going on with her girl Naima though?

I didn't even recognize her ass at first. 95 percent of the contestants who have appeared on America's Next Top Model are one H.A.M. sammich away. For example. While I'm on the subject of Naima, she is scheduled to appear on Tyra today with her twin sister. I'm not sure if I am going to watch the episode because it looks like a straight tearfest. I don't know about you but I am over people crying on television.

- Kirk Frankin will be Oprah today as well to talk about his addiction to pr0n. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about it.



Freshly Squeezed

- Uh Oh, Ya Ass Goin' To Jail: Singer Lumidee, whose real name is Lumiana DeRosa, was arrested at Laguardia International Airport on Friday November 25 after the Drug Enforcement Agency (D.E.A.) was tipped off that she was smuggling drugs into the United States. Police reportedly recovered over $1 million of frozen cocaine and over 7,000 exstacy tablets worth more than $500,000. DeRosa is reportedly involved in a suspected $50 million bicoastal drug ring, that also includes model Gloria Velez, who was also arrested on drug charges in 2004. Velez, was promoting the release of her calendar & DVD when she was charged after police seized 200 pounds of cocaine, $800,000 in cash and four other vehicles, where nearly $1 million cash was found. It was unclear how much money or drugs allegedly were pulled from Velez's bus. Lumidee enjoyed a brief but successful stint in the music industry in 2003. Her single "Never Leave You (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)" topped the Billboard charts for 2 weeks that summer, and a remix featuring rapper Busta Rhymes enjoyed a substantial amount of chart success. The album failed to create any other hits, but the Recording Industry of America certified it gold with sales of over 500,000 copies.

Attention Please: I said it once and I'll say it again, this is a gossip site. Is gossip true most of the time? No. Strictly hearsay. Therefore Lumidee's friends and fans (the five of you left) stop filling my inbox.

- Speaking of Gloria Velez, remember that infamous video of her going down on another chick? Clickty clak. NSFW of course.

- The 1st Annual Dirty Awards took place at the Georgia International Convention Center last night in Atlanta, GA. Killer Mike, Rasheeda, Da Boyz N Da Hood, Nik from ANTM, Paul Wall, Diamond and Princess (from the group Crime Mob, who looked a certified a mess), Slim Thug, and Field Mob were some of the southern stars who came out. Hit up Gettyimages for pictures from the event. Next year we going Grayse!

- Top Model Diva Eva is celebrating her 21st birthday tonight. Next time I have a birthday party I want to channel Whitney Houston.

- Like most straight women I tend to gravitate towards, ahem, men who are in touch with their femininity. Thus my love for Miss Jay. But enough is enough. Did ya'll know (s)he had a young son? Shocked the hell outta me.

- These two better not try to steal Christmas this year . . .


At any rate Brandy was spotted in Miami at American Airlines Arena last night as the Heat played the Knicks. Its cool if her and Quentin remained friends after the break up but baby girl looked like she was in stalker mode.


One quick question.

Freshly Squeezed

Ashanti recently shot the video for her new song "Still On It." I must admit that I am feeling this joint. But from the looks of things I don't know if I'm going to feel the same about the video. As long as she doesn't attempt to dance we're cool.

A Must Have For The Game Fans!

Stop Snitchin - Stop Lyin is the most controversial DVD in hip hop history. Multi-platinum rapper The Game is in rare form giving the world an inside look at what really went down after leaving his popular "unit" and dropping "300 Bars," including the beginnings of the "G-UNot" movement. In "Stop Snitchin - Stop Lyin," The Game candidly talks about his rap career, personal life, ex-label mates, and exposes the truth about the fall out with his former crew with help from the Black Wall Street camp and numerous other celebrities. There are no secrets kept inside this DVD, The Game exposes the whole truth and then some along his mission to hunt down "five-0" that takes him from Los Angeles through New York City (including a stop to the G-UNot billboard in Jamaica Queens), finally ending in Farmington, Connecticut outside of 50's house in a final show down between The Game against the unit you must see to believe! (via StopSnitchinStopLyin.com)

What a fucking waste. Order now for $ 16.99. All proceeds will go to buying new computer equipment for the inner city youth of Compton. I'm lying.

Nigga Please

"I'm not tryna be like Will Smith cause Will Smith is not a real rapper. He was more of a bubble gum rapper. The only real rappers out there right now are Me, Kanye, 50, and maybe Jay. But Jay ain't in it like that no more." - Bow Wow

Trend Watch

Everyone from Diana Ross to Tyra Banks has one now. I've been thinking about trading mine in for one of the new models as well.


Parishioners of a downtown Houston church held Sunday services in a temporary building because a fire gutted their place of worship.S ervices for St. John's United Methodist Church were held in its youth center on Sunday. Investigators believe a faulty light fixture started the fire that damaged much of the church on Wednesday.The youth center was built with donations from Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child.


But what's new? Anyways, gotta run watch Superhead on "Tyra." This should be good.


Out on the Town

- On Thanksgiving Day the 14th Annual Ryan Cameron Celebrity Bowling Challenge took place at the Atlanta Fun Center in Stone Mountain, GA. ATL all-stars like Chris Tucker, Monica (along with her husssbandRock), Big Boi and Ludacris came out to enjoy the fun.

- I've peeped Vivica and Star Jones out together on more than one occassion in the past but now another B-list celeb has been added to the equation. I just want to know one thing.


- Here we go! The rhinestone princess Trina was at the DJ Khaled Birthday Party on 11.23 at the Mansion Nightclub in Miami Beach, FL. She performed along side her baby Weezy F. (the "F" stands for FEMA now by the way) Baby on stage. I must be going crazy because these two are starting to grow on me a little.

- Last but not least Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted coming out of a midtown restaurant yesterday. Its amazing how people (myself included obviously) make a big deal out of these two. Oh well, I can't help it. While Kelly was out in Lala land to pick up two American Music Awards (and Michelle stuck in a Motel 6 in Texas washing Beyonce's wigs), Bey was out in NYC shooting the video for "Check On It", the new upcoming single from Destiny's Child #1's at the Sony Studios. Hype Wiliiams directed the clip which features fellow Houstonians Slim Thug and Bun B.

Okay gang that's pretty much it for now. I didn't plan on posting today but you know how it is. You come online in the middle of a "Good Times" marathon for a recap and end up staying for two hours. Ciao until Monday!


The Morning After

Today is my favorite day out the year next to my birthday - - black Friday. Razors are pulled, curse words fly in the air, and threats are exchanged. This could easily describe the Thanksgiving day my family enjoyed the day before but I'm talking about those crazy mofos out there in your local K-Mart. Not only can you buy 85 percent of the items on your Christmas gift list for crackhead prices, you can watch an old white woman get her shit pushed back in Wal-Mart over a $9.99 crock pot. Success!

Every year the gods of crunk look down on all the patrons doing their holiday shopping. So be easy; your best bet would be to do your shopping online.Unless you're a drama queen like me.


The internet has been going nuts speculating that is Nik's girlfriend. I highly doubt it, she looks more like her sister if anything. Anyways, these pictures were snapped at AmericaSmart in ATL on 11.19. Visit
Sandra Rose for more flicks.

RIP Mr. Miyagi (rappers please wait at least a week before you put the man on your black tee)


The Best Thanksgiving Ever

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Announce Their Divorce
(Guess who's together after all these years?)


Freshly Squeezed

- When you're as obsessive as Pharrell Williams about crafting melodies and spaced-out hip-hop club beats, you don't even have to think about making a solo album. It just happens. Williams, one-half of the Neptunes hitmaking team -- and the best-dressed man in the world, according to Esquire magazine -- was fiddling around in the lab between recording sessions with artists like Mariah Carey, Omarion and Slim Thug, when out popped his new CD "In My Mind." "When I'm working on certain acts -- in between sessions, before the session, after the session, or like while they're at lunch -- I stay working, and I make beats," Williams told asap last week while preparing for a Vibe Awards rehearsal. (continue reading)

- Songstress Ashanti is rumored to be at the top of the list of new artists being eyed by Bad Boy Entertainment. The fate of Ashanti's label The Inc. is undetermined, with its current status being halted by a federal investigation for money laundering and racketeering. Bad Boy is newly distributed through Atlantic and insiders say that executives are hoping to woo Ashanti to their new home. Her last album Concrete Rose was released late last year on the boutique label, went it was still under the Island Def Jam umbrella.

- ATL's finest come together to recreate famous 1958 'A Great Day in Harlem' photo by Art Kane. On Friday, what seemed to be impossible was done. More than 50 members of Atlanta's music community came out to stand together, unified. Literally. Call it "A Great Day in Atlanta." T.I., Ludacris, Bobby Valentino, members of Disturbing Tha Peace, the Ying Yang Twins, T-Mo and Kujo Goodie, TLC's T-Boz, the ladies of Crime Mob, Organized Noize, Killer Mike, Field Mob (okay I'm hating, them niggas are from Albany, GA not ATL), Mr. Collipark, Jermaine Dupri, influential music exec Kawan "KP" Prather, DJ Crew the Aphilliates, Bone Crusher, Boys N Da Hood, Young Jeezy and others gathered to recreate the famous 1958 "A Great Day in Harlem" photo by Art Kane. For the original, Kane assembled close to 60 members of the jazz community in New York's Harlem neighborhood -- including Count Basie, Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Henry "Red" Allen -- to pose together. The ATL gathering will be part of the upcoming MTV special "My Block: Atlanta." (via mtv.com)

You can see plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and the actual "A Great Day in Atlanta" photo which was taken by Amanda Marsalis December 11 at 4:30 p.m. ET on MTV2.

- This goes out to my BX crew: Remy Ma is giving away 600 turkeys and 400 hams (the good ones) for families in need today. Visit Beautiful Hustle for more info.

- Did anybody watch the AMA's last night? I forgot all about it!


Dear Family,

Please take time out from cleaning chitlins and smoking weed to read the following. Thanks.

- Wait until you get in your own house to take a dump.

- Cousin Angela stop being siddity for once in your life. Every year you turn your nose up at the food (the same shit you was raised on mind you) and talk about how "country" we are. Hoe sit down.

- BE ON TIME BLACK PEOPLE! Last year we were supposed to eat at 3 p.m. and didn't actually get started until the infomercial for "Classic Soul Ballads" came on.

- Your kid breaks you buy.

- If you know your are one of those people who struggle to boil water please do not try to use this time to get your Rachael Ray on. Just bring some Chek soda and we'll call it even.

- If I hear the phrase "Hey (insert my family's nickname for me), you think you can watch the kids while I run up the street? I'll be right back" this holiday season I am going to lose it. You know how many times one of my cousin's trips "up the street" has turned into a six hour long escapade? Take your kid with you!

- Family gatherings do not equal amateur night at Showtime at the Apollo.

- This goes out to all of my"big" cousins: Get your own shit. Do not ask me to bring you back a couple of napkins, a peach soda, silverware, or a toothpick. This is why you have all of those damn kids for.

- Uncle Rawkus no one cares about your political views. Please refrain from using this family gatherings as an opportunity to tell us about the white man oppressing black America; we don't give a shit.

- I said it once, I'll say it 1,000 damn times: Stop it with the fucking Tyler Perry movies already! This is not the Madea film festival! "Meet The Browns" is not funny after you've watched it for the 2,000th time.

Other Great Holiday Tips

"Do not be ghetto and take a plate home if someone invited you over for dinner. It's like a buffet, eat all you can while you there and leave with a full belly. Just assume the answer is no. - Dream

"There is only so many things you can do with left over Turkey, do not try to re-freeze it and save it for Christmas! " - Es

"Don't try to save wrapping paper for next year. My grandmother does this - - she saves bows and wrapping paper off of other people's gifts. This is the only tacky thing I can think of that my grandmother does." - Style + Grace
"Making sure not to get too drunk and reveal all of the family secrets to the family."- Miss Keish

"Being Bobby Brown" caps via my 'Roni Rich @ four four



This picture is unfresh on some many levels its ridiculous. I'll let you do the dirty work.

Edit - Shouts out to Suburban Diva, it really is a hard knock life for Whitney.

You wanna be hustlers can learn a thing or two from 20 year old entrepreneur/community advocate Shola Adisa Farrar. This Oaktown native has been making moves long before she signed on as a one of the sixteen contestants of BET'S most recent attempt at reality television. While the Fordham University senior may not have been crowned the Ultimate Hustler by Dame Dash's standards you haven't heard the last from this future mogul yet. She's got that ambition baby!

Fresh: So how has life been like for you since the show wrapped?

Shola: Life has been great! I'm in school at Fordham University and I will graduate in May.

Great, what is your major in?

I'm majoring in Music and minoring in Communications.

Big things, big things!

Yup! Yup! Yeah in addition to school. I have also been working with the Oakland Youth Uprising Center to get things popping off for Oakland, where I'm from. Also I have found an active acting agent so I've been going on a lot of acting auditions and casting calls. And there are many other things in the works, so you'll be seeing a lot of me soon.

Do you think that the show did an accurate job of representing you as a person?

The last few episodes I think I was able to stand out as a personality on the show. It was a time during the taping that I felt more confident, and decided to really be myself regardless of any negative or questioning feedback the other cast members had about me. And I carry myself with a certain regard and I think it showed that. I've gotten e-mails about the class that I showed and how I stood out from the other contestants, so I think the show showed me for the most part how I am and in a positive light. There are some questionable things that happened at the end of my run on the show that tried to damper my image, but I think people saw through that and thought me being cut was a decision that had no grounds.

I totally agree with you. I respected the fact that you stood your ground when Seven was trying to "school" you in the SUV. Girl I don't know how you did it I would've lost it!

Well thank you. Yeah, I think people thought I was a push over because I was kind of quiet in the beginning but that is not he case, I don't stand for people disrespecting me or trying to tell me about myself.

Word. What did you think about Seven's little spazz out session she had once Dame decided to give her the boot for her comments?

Well I think Seven was doing too much. She needed to accept the fact that what she did was wrong and let it go.

Exactly. Do you still remain in contact with any of the other contestants from the show?

Yeah I am in contact with most of them. Its funny because although Seven is the most opposite from me, me and her are cool and talk regularly.

Its nice to see that there isn't any ill will between the two of you.

No not all...its a reality TV show, you cant take what happened on that show to heart, we were in competition mode. But now we are in networking-how can we work together to help each other mode.

Yeah that's a good thing. We don't want to see a showdown post show between the two of you like Oprah had between Omarosa and the other contest on "The Apprentice" (laughter).

(laughter) Yeah

So was there anything else going on in the house that the show has neglected to display so far?

No not really, not that I can think of.

So let's fast forward to the last episode. Many people including myself and Sheryl Underwood think that Jen totally sabotaged the last mission by giving you the wrong bag when you made the delivery to Diddy. What was going through your mind once you realized that had occurred?

Well it never occurred to me that Jen had sabotaged me, honestly I don't think Jen was smart enough to think that through. She just couldn't complete the simplest of task of giving me the right bag. I was embarrassed and very upset that she would mess something up like that, that was so simple. She made me look bad in front of Diddy and I was mad at her for that. Plus we would have won that mission if she didn't mess up.

I was shocked when Dame decided to let Biggs make the decision on who to send home. Did they not review the footage? "You are being watched"...whatever!

You're funny (laughter).Yeah in this situation I was surprised that he let his man, Biggs, do his job. I was the only person that Dame didn't decide to cut himself. I think Dame was worried about getting caught up in any controversy or back lash there could have been based on his decision-no matter who he chose. So he escaped that by deciding not to choose. But basically it shouldn't have happened- there was no reason for me to be cut. And Dame let me down and I think the audience down by relinquishing his power to someone else when it came to making this decision.

I don't think that was a smart move at all. Its Dame's show, not his but I could go on and on about Dame. How did you feel about different people saying that you played the race card at the black door elimination?

That blew my mind! I definitely don't think I pulled a "race card" and I resent that they said I did. A race card refers to someone bringing up race to play victim or use as an excuse, and I definitely didn't say that comment to say she had it better than me.I was simply stating fact. Just as I would if I was in an all white environment, I would stand out. I think its interesting that we act like race doesn't exist and that it doesn't play a role. But in this situation it definitely played a role and I guess people want to be so politically correct that they don't want to say what it really is or to even question it.

What went through your mind when Dame spoke those ever so corny words "you're a hustler but ... "

Well once he gave the power over to Biggs, I was like whatever at that point. So when he said "Well, Shola.." I said, "Dame"....(laughter) because it was just so obvious to me that this wasn't a real competition based on people who could actually contribute and survive in the business world. This was very much a TV show and I think that came first before deciding who was really the Ultimate Hustler of the group.

Right. What's going to be some new projects coming up next for you?

As I said in the beginning there are a lot of exciting things in the works. I don't really like saying too much before contracts are signed, but there are some hosting things in negotiation right now. I graduate in May. You know hustling to take my singing and acting career to the next level. And keeping it Crunk (laughter). So periodically check out my website www.sholajoy.com to see whats new with me!


Is it possible to have the freshest weekend ever? I think so! I was able to get in touch with a couple of familiar faces to conduct interviews for the site. They should be up sometime this week so be on the lookout for that. I'm so excited I decided to post (Sundays are usually my day "off", this chile gotta rest too).

While ordinary people like you and I sit home and watch the game, Alicia Keys, Vivica Fox, and Star Jones (ew?) all enjoy a nice courtside view. Lala, Styles P, and Jadakiss also took a break from "throwing refrigerators" at Diddy to come out and support Carmelo Anthony (read: my future husband).

Bonus Material

- I'm not 100 percent sure how recent these pictures are of
LisaRaye nor WTF was going on but whatever the case is she looks like she was having a ball (pun intended).

- What does Lil' Webbie, Redman, Juelz Santana, and Al Reynolds have in common? They all recently partied together. I can totally see the first three names on the list kicking it together but what is
Al doing there?

I'm still trying to figure out what these two are talking about.


Ciao until tomorrow!



I love Raven Symone, I really do. When I was in the eighth grade I had the pleasure of meeting her in person after she performed in the play "Mama We Ran Outta Grits Again" (or something like that) in Jacksonville, Florida. She was the most down to earth celebrity I have met so far. She was very sweet to me as she autographed my program which I still have to this day.

As the picture of her slowly started to load (my pc has a nasty STD) I thought to myself that her hair and make up looked great. And then the picture finally completed and my facial expression went straight into gas face territory. Why is Raven shopping out of Miss Cleo's closet?

Racheal Roy scares the shit out of me. Why is she always so damn happy? Seriously, this broad makes me nervous. Poor Dame, its no wonder why he has been losing his mind lately. I would too if I had to be around her ass all the time. Whenever I see the two of them together it makes me sad. Sad like when I lost my $.65 slushie money in the third grade. The only thing I am feeling is her accessories. She probably uses that bag to keep Dame's meds in.

Finally we have Tichina Arnold. Tichina will always be "Pam" in my mind. She is another case of good black don't crack and I love that about her. But that doesn't mean that she can get away with letting her ninnies hang down low (I'll give three hundred dollars in Dash Cash to whoever can tell me what song was from). Besides the titties everything looks great.

By the way, what is wrong with Cousin Jeff? Now is not the time to be trying to take T.O.'s starting spot honey. Mad niggerish.I guess the hip hop wedding singer is also trying to take B.G.'s crown. Hoe sit down and put on some chapstick. This is Fresh Rivers singing off.

First like to say thanks to everyone who took the time out to holla at me and say genuine things about my little speech yesterday. I had like 40 extra emails this morning, it was crazy. When I say that I appreciate ya'll I don't be bullshittin'. You guys help keep me sane more than you'll ever know. I would also like to say a million thank you's to Rod and Cathy for their expert advise. These are two major players in this blog pop culture movement and have always been such a huge help to me. Rod is in the process of establishing a network for African American bloggers on Blogads.com. Yo, if you sleeping on Rod you need to wake your ass up. He's trying to help put other black blog sites in the position as our white counterparts who are generating major dollars from their site traffic. And ya'll stuck on the fact that he's gay? C'mon homie we major.

Fresh + Rich = Bre. This is our love child, she looks quite beautiful don't you agree? Anyways, everyone's favorite crazy ass upcoming model Lisa was booted this past week but not before the girls' trip to London. . . The Ultimate Hustler had an interesting turn of events this week. I thought for sure Jen would've been packing her bags but to my shock Shola was axed. . . Making The Bed 89 was funny for me to watch last night due to all the drama with The Lox and Puff that took place this week. . . Run's House season may be over but no worries, they'll be back next season.

Freshly Squeezed

- Typically, celebrities pitch products that play to their strengths. Martha Stewart's a stylish homemaker, so she makes sheets. Paul Newman's the kind of progressive, cool husband who wouldn't mind cooking dinner, so he makes salad dressing. But, alarmingly, if Shar Jackson's new cosmetic line, RelationLips, is any bellwether of things to come, celebrities have now realized that the things that make them most famous, most recognizable, are things that they really shouldn't be proud of. The trouble stems from the name of her first gloss, "He Cheated." Getting knocked up and deserted by Kevin Federline hardly seems like the kind of thing Ms. Jackson would want to celebrate; when George Foreman started selling grills, one imagines that naming the first model "Ali Whupped My Butt" didn’t cross his mind. (via Radar)

- Producer Swizz Beatz, who gained notoriety for tracks he has produced for DMX, Jay-Z and others, was in family court today (accompanied by his wife J Records artist Mashonda) to defend against a lawsuit brought against him for child support, according to a witness. Nicole Levy, who is being represented by Raoul Felder (the same attorney who brought a child support action against Diddy on behalf of his son's mother Misa Hylton-Brim), filed for child support on Dec. 22, 2004 and now awaits the court's decision on the fate of her case. According to a spokeswoman in Felder's office, Swizz had originally denied paternity when the suit was filed. However, paternity was established after a blood test was administered. Levy is suing for the child to have the "same lifestyle that he would if he lived with the father," says the spokeswoman. At press time, representatives for Swizz were unavailable for comment.

- LeBron James has Nike, Allen Iverson has Reebok, Tracy McGrady is down with Adidas, Dwyane Wade re-upped with Converse and Shaq signs with… Payless ShoeSource? Shaq maybe on the sidelined for the next few weeks but he'll be sporting his new Dunkman Game Show the entire time. The Big Fella recently signed an exclusive deal with Payless to distribute his shoe at Payless stores starting Dec. 1. Not only is the actual deal with Payless a shocker, but the price tag for the shoes may leave basketball fans in awe. While you can hardly find a pair of NBA superstar shoes for under $100, Shaq's shoes will run $24.99 for youth and $39.99 for adults."When I was a kid, I got a lot of my shoes at Payless," O'Neal said in a statement. "Now having kids of my own, I wanted to create a performance shoe that parents everywhere felt good about providing for their kids or themselves."Shaq will be wearing the Game Shoe in all his games this season, let's hope that the shoe wasn't the reason for his hurt ankle last week. That's not good publicity.

Nigga Please

- Kanye West will receive the Artist Achievement Award at the 2005 Billboard Music Awards, which will be presented Dec. 6 in Las Vegas. The awards will air live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Fox (8 p.m. EST). "Kanye West has not only had a huge impact on R&B/hip-hop, he has transformed modern music as a whole," Tamara Conniff, co-executive editor of Billboard, said in a statement Thursday.The Billboard Music Awards recognize the year's leading artists and songs as determined by performance on Billboard's weekly.

Next thing you know his ass will be at the podium accepting the artist of the millenium award a la Wacko Jacko.

In unrelated news, guess who I saw in an issue of Essence from a few months back? None other than Jimi Izrael! I wish ya'll could've peeped my facial expression when I came across the article. I looked like Beyonce (who graces the cover that Jimi's interview appears in) at Popeye's in line trying to decide on two side orders. Yeah I know I'm hella late but I had to tell say something.


Dennis Doesn't Make My Whistle Blow

(NSFW = Not Safe For Work) Clickity clak for the uncut (no pun intended) version. Trust me folks its nothing to write home about.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen Lend Me Your Eardrums - -

Crunk and Disorderly is like my first born child. I've been here from the beginning watching it grow and develop into the success it has become today. I've very proud of my accomplishments thus far with this site. I've achieved a level of popularity among the black blog community in a matter of only six short months. I plan on expanding C&D in numerous ways with the coming new year. Sometimes I become so busy with trying to generate more buzz for that I tend to neglect it. I can't do it all by myself folks. Basically I'm looking for a group of bloggers to contribute to this monster. I need people who have are opinionated, have a passion for the hip hop pop culture, and willing to bring their A-game at all times. I plan on getting in contact with people who I think echo the thoughts and sentiments of myself. Like I previously mentioned this site is my baby and I'm not going to leave with a past sex offender to get molested everyday after school, ya feel me? Just know that you are being watched.

I also think that it is past due for a black gossip/hip hop affiliation to occur between many of us well-known sites. Sure we link to each other but do we actually take time out to applaud each other's efforts? Let's be real, a lot of bloggers who are popular have the mentality that it is all about them and their shit. There are tons of Caucasian celebrity gossip sites out there who stick together and webmasters are making some serious cake while they sit home eating their cheese sandwiches writing about the same shit as us. The only difference is they are smart enough to network together. Don't get it twisted or misconstrued though, Fresh does care about white people. Hell, if it wasn't for Cathy over at Cityrags referring me I wouldn't be on Blogads.com.

We provide our readers with the same quality of news, gossip, and music reviews so why then do we act negative and bitter towards each other instead of making that money right quick? However I can expose another blogger or site to my audience I will. Shit ya'll see me drop links all the time, look around. I've never been the type of person who thought it was all about them. Whenever I can put another person on I feel as if I'm playing a small part of their success and thats good enough for me. But in the same breath I'm not going to be shouting out corny shit just to rub someone's back so they can do the same for me. Nullus.

I hope ya'll feel me cause this shit has got to stop. I just had to get this off of my dome and Pocarra's (that's the new word for big breasteses by the way). Just something to seriously think about.


Oh well. He still lost the cover/Man of the Year title to a bitch. Ay! (spotted via NahRight)

On further inspection of Fiddy's new photos I couldn't help but notice a striking similarity in his eye brow and a former co star's. Looks like spit wasn't the only thing these two were sharing.

The Proclamation of Mimi

An excerpt from Mary J. Blige's acceptance speech for the 2005 VLegend Award:

"Last but not least, I gotta thank Quincy Jones and this whole VIBE thing. Absolutely. For so many years, VIBE has given me great, great, great covers, but I must say, I'm very, very disappointed at the cover this time, so Mimi, me and you really need to talk, as women. No disrespect, but I really hated the way you guys shaved off my head, pushed my forehead way back behind my ears. I'm just insulted, so that's no respect on the cover, but I thank you, and I appreciate this award."

Dearest Mary,

Dissing VIBE while accepting our VLegend Award was extremely disappointing. I'm sorry you find your most recent cover insulting. It was definitely not our intention. If you look at the big picture, we've been supportive of your career beginning with the first issue of VIBE in the fall of '92. You've graced our cover seven times, more than any other artist.

Besides your desire to make a private conversation public, your accusations are untrue. How your hair looks on that cover is between you and your hairstylist. I swear, your hairline is no different than the Polaroids you saw at the shoot or the snapshots we printed in my What's Good column. In any case, you felt compelled to speak your peace, and at the end of the day, isn't this truly why we all love Mary in the first place?

One of the hardest things about working at VIBE is not to take things like this personally. For myself and the rest of the edit staff, working here is more than just a job. We take our roles as journalists very seriously, but we're die-hard fans as well. I'd be lying not to admit how hurt we were by the negativity you brought to our celebration, especially since you were being honored. After last year's incident, we went above and beyond to make this year's ceremony drama-free. We did not want to let '04's unfortunate events deter us from our mission to celebrate the best of the best in urban music. It's sad you did not share in this vision with us.

Mimi Valdes Editor-in-Chief

(via Vibe.com)

Click here to listen to me bitch about the show. They cut me off like they did Mary, heh.


Finally a new song I can play while I have sex. Yes!

Consider this an early Christmas gift.

(gif jacked from Clay Cane's hilarious blog)

Say What?!

Beyonce has become a crossover sex symbol a la Halle Berry, a black girl who's not so overwhelmingly Nubian that white people don't appreciate her beauty." - Rolling Stone Magazine

Girl You Don't Got That Vibe

At Saturday's taping of the 'Vibe Awards,' Mary J. Blige silenced an audience of thousands. The Grammy Award winning singer, who is this year's VLegend Award honoree, took the podium and vocalized her displeasure about her December Vibe cover. She alluded to a much-needed sit-down with the Editor-in-Chief Mimi Valdes, a former intern who has been helming Vibe since style-maker Emil Wilbekin exited his award winning post to work in fashion last year. "You could hear a pin drop," a record executive who witnessed the spectacle told Black Voices today."Everyone's mouth was wide open in disbelief. It was Mary being Mary. She always speaks her mind, and that's why we love her. That cover did not do her justice or reflect her current positive and confident state." (via BlackVoices)

here for a list of the winners. How the fukk can you have a tie at an award show? Ah well, don't forget to tune in tonight on UPN at 8pm ET/PT.

Freshly Squeezed

- Halle Berry is the new face of Versace. We're told that fashion photographer Mario Testino shot the sexy star in L.A. last weekend for the upcoming print campaign. "The shoot was beautiful portraits, slightly messy hair and a wind machine -- very glamorous," tattles our on-set spy. Berry follows in the footsteps of Kabbalah cuties Madonna and Demi Moore as Donatella Versace's latest celebrity muse. And if anyone cares, Wilhelmina model Gabriel Aubry will reprise his role from last season as Versace's requisite beefcake.

- Muhammad Ali's daughter, Laila, Friday quashed rumors she is involved in a lesbian relationship with singer/actress Queen Latifah."Yes, I am in the process of getting a divorce, but I am not dating, nor will I ever be dating a woman, because I am not gay," Ali said in a statement released Friday. "It is unfortunate that my divorce has started rumors in the media that are untrue."Ali, 27, and Johnny "Yahya" McClain are in the process of ending their five year marriage, Zap2it.com reported. Ali, a female boxing champ, is training for a December bout in Berlin and getting ready to star in a volleyball movie, the Web site said. Her legendary father recently allayed rumors he was on his deathbed from Parkinson's disease when he accepted a Medal of Freedom in person from President Bush, Zap2it.com noted. (via Zap2it.com)

By The Way . . .

With all the drama surrounding his name its nice to see Dame with a smile on his face. And then along came a spider name Racheal . . .

- Free was recently spotted in the club getting her boogie on

- Ciara and Mr. Jr. Gong discuss the goodies in Jamrock at the Vibe awards

Paul Wall doesn't have to go far for some nice pillows to rest his dome


What ya heart beating fast for B.G.? I hope that he is not on that shit again. Will getcha boy!


Man Kanye's spaced out," Jim Jones told the magazine. "That shit aint right what he be wearing. That shit be borderline homo. I can still fit 20/30 thou [sand] in one jean pocket, he can't fit two singles in his. - Jim Jones on Kanye's colorful garb (via Nastack)

At times I question Kanye's sense of style but you can't be mad at him for wanting to be an individual. Jim needs to take a few dollars from his stack and get LaQuita from the block to freshin' his braids up. Nigga got all that "CEO" money and refuses to get a shave, pfft. I'm going to start my own campaign called Start Bathing. Its basically the same concept as Stop Snitching only with the green traffic light and the motto under it. You know its a movement right?

Anyway, Beyonce, Mama Tina, and those other two chicks appeared on Oprah Friday to promote House of Dereon fashions. The line is supposed to be modestly price couture clothing that ordinary people can purchase to get that all important "Beyonce lift". I personally don't care for most pieces in the line but there are one or two that I would rock. I just can't see myself dishing out $100 for those jeans, sorry. Ashanti's new perfume may smell like old cat piss but she definitely has a good thing going with Mudd. $38 is affordable for folks living on my block.

While I'm on the subject of my trap I think I'll drop a PSA. My fellow southern Georgians and Floridians it is not cold enough to be walking around with your mink, rabbit fur, pleater, leather, member's only jacket, whatever the fuck on. Last week while I chopped it up with my boy D-Red he had the nerve to have a heavy ass Pelle Pelle coat on. I wanted to reach over and say "nigga our weather is still in the low 80's duke. I'm happy to see that your baby's mom was nice enough to buy you a jacket with her income tax check last year but its not that serious." And chicks stop it with the leather boots already! Just because its a little nippy in the morning don't get happy when you're in the closet. By the end of the day your feet will be sweating like Ruben Studdard on stage.

Nigga Please

The Rev. Jesse Jackson called the Philadelphia Eagles' punishment of Terrell Owens "much too severe."Jackson said in a statement released Friday that Owens could have been more professional when he publicly complained about his contract, his team and the Eagles' organization. But Jackson said Owens' suspension without pay for four games and deactivation for the rest of the season is "much too severe for the charge" and hurts the athlete's NFL career at its height. The civil rights activist said the level of punishment could have been warranted if Owens had been caught shaving points, selling drugs, carrying a gun or fighting fans without sufficient restraint. "This does not warrant a one-year ban from the game," Jackson said, adding that the Eagles should release Owens to the open market or free agency if they no longer want to associate with him.

Ralph Nader, a consumer activist and former presidential candidate, has already called for the suspension to be rescinded. Owens was suspended last week after he said in an interview that the Eagles showed "a lack of class" for not publicly recognizing his 100th career touchdown catch, and that the team would be better off with Green Bay's Brett Favre as quarterback. He has since apologized.

Blog Watch


Weekend Buzz Bonus Material

You smell that? It's the aroma of fresh H.A.M. cooking in the oven! The Vibe Awards took place this past weekend in Culver City, CA. David Banner, Kimora Lee Simmons (sporting a new blonde mess), T.I., Sanaa Lathan (who didn't look like she just had a baby by Denzel at all -- c'mon man, ya'll should've known better than to believe that!), Pharrell, Rhianna, Nia Long, and Juelz Santana were among the many who came out to enjoy the festivities.

Normally I would do a blow by blow post on the top messes of the evening but that shit would take all night. You know the drill, Gettyimages gotcha covered. And can someone please tell Game that it is not that fuckin' serious? Thanks.

Reviews of Get Rich or Die Tryin' (via Butta)

Sean Burns, PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY - "On one hand you've got Tupac Shakur, Will Smith, Ice Cube, Mark Wahlberg, Ice-T, LL Cool J, Sean Combs and Andre Benjamin. On the other you've got 50 Cent. This kid stinks!

Devin Faraci, CHUD - "50 spends the film with one look on his face, and it's the look that you imagine a caveman would have when confronted with a cellphone."

Willie Waffle, WAFFLEMOVIES.COM - "Good news for 50 Cent! He doesn't have to worry about finding a date and a tux for the Oscars, because he won't be invited. He's playing himself, HOW HARD CAN THAT BE?!? "

Stefan Halley, HERO REALM - "With the emotional range of a wet sock, Jackson mumbles through his lines with a blank expression."

Steve Rhodes, INTERNET REVIEWS - "Rambling, boring and full of bad messages for our youth."

Brian Orndorf, EFILMCRITIC.COM - "50 Cent's fanbase might love this valentine to the rapper's ego no matter the quality, but other audiences might not be as forgiving with this half-realized urban fairy tale."

Its all about Chicken Little, nigga!


But if you are like me its only one thing about this movie you really care about and that my friends is the shower scene (NSFW). I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times, I hate putting C&D all over pictures but there are a few sites out there who don't like giving people credit. Anyways, I don't know who's little penis that is so if anybody does lemme know. Ciao til tomorrow!


Hey, Whatever Happened To . . .

- LeToya from Destiny's Child?
- El Debarge?
- Xscape?
- Bobby Brown's feet?

Freshly Squeezed

- Mazel tov to 13-year-old Amber Ridinger, who is celebrating her bat mitzvah in a lavish style that puts the spoiled brats on MTV's "My Sweet Sixteen" to shame. Amber's parents, Internet entrepreneurs J.R. and Loren Ridinger, have hired Ja Rule, Ashanti and Omarion to perform at their daughter's party at Miami's Forge nightclub this weekend. The well-heeled Ridingers -- who keep a penthouse here at the Ritz-Carlton and dock their 160-foot yacht at Chelsea Piers -- also have convinced Mike Piazza to stop by and snagged Nicole Richie's boyfriend, DJ A.M., to man the turntables. We're told that Amber will wear a $27,000 Dolce & Gabbana gown and will debut her own fashion line -- Gossip.

- As Muhammad Ali's wife Lonnie attempts to deny recent reports that her husband is near death, rumors surrounding his daughter Laila Ali have been popping up across the Internet. The rumor seems to have come from one widely-circulated e-mail source that says the following: "Laila Ali and her husband/manager's divorce is final. The two have been separated since January and their divorce became final November 1st. Laila has finally come to grips with her true sexuality and is happy with her new found freedom and is dating Grammy nominated actress, rapper, singer, Queen Latifah." Latifah's rep, Amanda Silverman of The Dart Group, told EUR via phone that the e-mail is "something that somebody made up" and that her client is not dating Ali. "I don't even think they know each other," she snapped, before hanging up.

Don't Watch Me, Watch TV

- This bitch is crazy. I know this because I am a God warrior.

- If you are like myself and missed the pilot to Trina's new sitcom (I've never heard of of the Black Family Channel let along actually have it), you can visit Miss Trina to download it.

- This must be "Lucky Nigga" (heh) week on Oprah. First Terry and Jonathan now Beyonce this later on today. I've been hearing some buzz that she will address the pregnancy rumors, her new clothing line, and someone is set to make a special appearance. She will also reveal a big secret (yeah right).We'll just have to wait to find out. What do you think it is? Holla back.

- I want you to go upstairs and pack your bags . . . because you . . . and you and you and you and you and you and you are going to Fo' Fo for a America's Next Top Model recap!

- "Making The Bed 83" was so predictable last night. I promise I told the dick dealer exactly what was going to happen. And can someone please tell that Lorrie Ann choreographer chick to sit down hoe.

Lorrie Ann to Dominique: "OMG, I totally called you everything but fat and greasy when you were dancing but now I'm all on your shit because Diddy's said you sound great."

- Buffie The Body clapping her ass - - NSFW! Edit: I was talking to Mo on AIM this afternoon and he showed me this. I have nothing to say but




this is an audio post - click to play

"While 'Hell to the no' is novel (and perhaps another example of Whit's incessant referencing), this one is practical and original. Not just a nutshell example of Whit's Broadway-esque song launching, it's actually a useful, cathartic way to express exasperation. Use it in your daily life. In doing so, you'll see that Whit has redefined her status as the voice of a nation." - - Rich

This should keep you entertained until tomorrow. You can thank Eightwonderofwit for that one.

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