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Buffie the Body = Slut Pattie Deluxe

I am here to fulfill your fantasies of being with a HOT model. I will be giving 5 lucky men the lap dance of their life. When you feel this big ass bouncing up and down of your throbbing package you might blow. I'll be staying at the Westin Hotel in Manhattan doing in calls for body worship and a little face sitting or ass worship. I am NOT offering and full service, hand jobs, oral, or massages, just the opportunity to touch, kiss, and worship my beautiful body. I will allow one lucky guy to give me a fully nude body rub with lots of mutual touching and finish me off with some oral play. I will NOT return the favor at all so please don't ask before or after I cum. But I will take a picture with all of you who I meet with for my album and can give you a copy if you like or post it on my site in my personal pics section as one of my lucky fans. (continue reading)

Did that bitch just say 'ass worship'? You've gotta be fuckin' kidding me. Why pay when you can "whoop that trick" for free?

They Should Have Never Gave You Niggas Airline Privileges!

The words "Do You Know Who I Am?" reportedly shot out the mouth of Lil Kim and fell upon a USAir flight attendant before a flight from Fort Lauderdale to New York Monday night. According to the New York Post, Queen Bee was nearly thrown off the airplane after getting loud with the flight attendant over some kind of seat mix-up. A witness on the plane texted the newspaper minutes before the flight's 6 p.m. takeoff with the following blow-by-blow: "Lil' Kim totally freaked out on the attendant. Some first-class seat mix-up. Called the agent a racist and pulled a 'Do You Know Who I Am?' The attendant had no idea and could have really cared less. Taking off shortly. She's now seated in back row of first class and has to be served by the flight attendant who she fought with. Things seem a little tense up there."

First The VMA's, Now This?

Amerie, Rhianna, and T.Error Marie will give a special tribute to Destiny's Child at the upcoming American Music Awards. If the performance looks anything like this picture I will be tuning into see who's going to be Michelle and fall off the stage. Oh, and you can caption that picture if you would like. They look like some straight up 'tards.

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