I was going to attempt to post something interesting today but as Jon would say, my hands went blank.

Thoughts of a Predicate Blogger


- Foxy Brown still has baby hair after all these years. She's also apart of the elite group of black women who still walk around wearing fushia Fashion Fair lipstick.

- Eric Benet fucks up again - - his new cd is titled Hurricane. First Halle and now this ...

- James is on fire. I don't think I'll be changing my site of the moment any time soon.

- Damn did Lil Flip fall off the face of the earth?

- People are going to start selling crack on the side in order to fill up their gas tanks.

- When is the Real World coming to Atlanta?

- The Youngbloodz have a new song where they say they "smoke that presidential shit, George Bush." So if you had some bad weed could it qualify as being that Condoleeza Rice or John Kerry?

- BlackPlanet should be shut down. One main reason being that there isn't any black people on there.

- I'm going to make a conscience effort to actually write a post in my personal blog.

- I wonder does Yao Ming recieves head from groupies.

- Fuck LaLa's muppet looking ass. Carmelo Anthony can still get it anytime. Twice on Sundays.

- Who's more white, Larry Elder or Montel?

- Slim Thug looks like he needs help tieing his shoelaces. I know you heard of that.

- Whoever wears this shit should be beat in the head with them.

- I love internet thugs.

- The president said not to "buy gas unless we had to." Nah muthafucka we just buy gas because we can.

- Matter of fact can someone from Hollygrove just shoot his ass while he's down in the NO?

- I'm a holla back girl.

- BET needs their asses whooped (as Nikki would say) like Denzel in Glory. How the fuck did Usher rank #1? Morris Chestnut was somewhere in the 20's. The fuck?

- Speaking of BET, they will be having a telethon on Sept.9 to benefit Katrina victims. Good concept, bad channel. (quick side note: am I the only person who finds the KFC sweepstakes ad on bet.com a little ironic?)

So whats on your mind today fellow bloggers?

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