Mail Call: You Sent It!

I received an email tip this morning from Lilah about Fantasia getting her boogie on in Jamaica. As you can see, it looks like she was having a whole lot of fun. Here's the scoop:

This picture was taking in Montego Bay Jamaica over the past week at Pier 1. Pier 1 is a partying spot that jumps off every Fri. nights. Now you have a few classy people that part there, but the majority is really ghetto. It wouldn't be my 1st choice for a party spot, and almost all celebrity that visit the island almost always goes to Marguretaville. Real nice place, no hookers or pimps.

Imagine my surprise while surfing Pier 1's site to see all the escitement I "missed" and spotted Fantasia Barrino in the crowd! Now I know that aint her man (Michael Clayton) with her, and do u notice the hicky? She looks like a hot mess. She should've been home with Zion, 'cause I know that guy has an agenda. What a shame.

Boy boy Wilson sent me a link with some information on the new Blade series that being developed by Spike. I can't believe they chose Sticky Fingaz over Bokeem Woodbine but hey, can't win em all. Why this shit look like an ad for a Halloween costume rental company?

I'm Just Saying

I like Jamie Foxx like the next person but this has got to stop. When "Gold Digger" dropped I thought it was a cool song for the radio . . . same thing with "Georgia." And there is no denying that he did his thing in Ray. Hell, my roommate and I watched that movie almost everyday when I up in the dorms. It's just that somebody needs to hold an intervention with him and let him know that he is not Ray Charles. Let it go my dude. Why are there pictures of him as Ray in the gallery?

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