Now That's Love, Black Love

- While Star was on the road slanging books, Al and his guest partied with Swizz Beats, Mashonda, and Bobby Brown.

- After being married for only 14 months come Jan. 15, Star Jones Reynolds is already offering advice to the lovelorn via hernew book, "Shine: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love"; and through a promotional counterpart on AOL BlackVoices as the site's new "Love Coach." The AOL Coaches program is a self-improvement area providingsolutions and answers to people's most pressing questions. Reynolds is among the first of the Coaches to be featured in the new interactive workshop format available through the AOL Coaches program. Based on her personal experiences and content from her book, the workshop enables consumers to obtain tips and insights through a full-featured, multimedia program which includes original videos on topics such as "Am I Sabotaging My Love Life" and "How Do I know He's THE ONE?" (more)

*blank stare*

- With the jaw-dropping celebrity breakups and shakeups that go on in showbiz, some naysayers may speculate that these are indeed trying times for the institution of Black love.

But not so fast.

Here, we celebrate 10 superstar couples who represent the various levels of Black love. They include hip-hopper Bow Wow, who is all grown up, with the sexy R&B songbird Ciara at his side; music stars Nelly and Ashanti, who have claimed to be "just friends" for months, and are apparently in the midst of a full-fledged love affair and aren’t ashamed to show it; and Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri seem happier now more than ever. (

- The People's Choice Awards Does Not Care About Black People. Which is cool since black people do not care about The People's Choice Awards. The Image Awards will take place on Feb. 25 and will air March 3rd on Fox. You can visit the site to read a list of the nominees.

Beyonce and Jamie Foxx on the set of 'Dream Girls.'

- Angelina Jolie is knocked up with Brad Pitt's seed. Hmm, let me think.

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