Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006

#2 Rhonetta Johnson

RJ showed extreme grace under fire during her audition for American Idol, proving herself to be a real dreamgirl. Bow down bitch.

Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006

#3 Evan Ross aka LaMichael

Forget Young Dro. Norwegian swagger was the best thang smokin' this year.


Star Tracks: Rihanna

Good ol' Fire Croutch performed during the halftime show of the 2006 Brut Sun Bowl at Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas on December 29, 2006.

Michael Jordan And Wife End Marriage

Michael Jordan and his wife, Juanita, divorced Friday after 17 years of marriage. "Michael and Juanita Jordan mutually and amicably decided to end their 17 year marriage," the couple said in a statement issued through their lawyers. "A judgment for dissolution of their marriage was entered today. There will be no further statements."

Michael Jordan's lawyer, Frederick J. Sperling, declined comment.

But in court documents filed Friday with the Lake County Circuit Court, the couple said "irreconcilable differences have caused an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage." The couple said attempts to reconcile their marriage had failed and future ones "would be impractical and not in the best interests of the family."

Juanita Jordan previously filed for divorce in January 2002, but withdrew her petition a month later when the couple announced they were attempting a reconciliation.

The couple met at a Chicago restaurant during his second season with the Bulls and were married Sept. 2, 1989, in Las Vegas. They have three children: Jeffrey, 18, Marcus, 16, and Jasmine, 14.

Michael Jordan, 43, lives in Chicago; Juanita Jordan, 47, lives in Highland Park, Ill.

The Jordans, who have lived separately since February, will share custody of their children, according to court documents. (

Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006

#4 Bobbi Kristina

Everybody loves a "nimpho babby."


Lacefront Wigs = The Devil's Instrument

Patti LaBelle, Lil' Mo, Trina and Remy Ma are featured on the Atlanta Custom Hair website wearing hair and lacefront wigs from the Diamond Collection.

And Jesus wept.

Your Two Cents Required

The motherload is finally here.

As you already know Joe Jackson 2.0 Mathew Knowles is behind the release of the squeaky clean rap album Kids Rap Radio, Vols. 1-2. I had the personal pleasure of hearing the cd on Christmas Day. Please try to control your hate, thanks.

Check out the Kids Rap Radio profile on MySpace to hear selected songs from the album.


Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006

#5 DMX

Real men don't fall in love and start wearing flip flops. However, they do accuse the mother of their lovechild of rape, go on a hunt for Krispy Kremes at 2 am and start prayer circles outside of the 106 & Park studios. That's hot.

Trina's Birthday Party Weekend

visit trinafan.com for more pictures from the party

This picture is all types of wrong. I mean really.

Anyway, Katrina LaVerne's Diamond Doll Celebrity (ahem, "celebrity") Birthday Bash Weekend went down earlier this month in Miami. And guess who decided to show up?

Can you believe that Gollum from Lord of The Rings made a special appearance at Trina's all white party?! Now I wouldn't jump the gun and say that these two are a couple again but different sources are claiming that is the case. Whatever, let me find out Trina is Weezy's beard.


YouTube Clip of the Day

Before I continue please allow me to apologize for the lack of updates around this joint. I've been spending most of my holiday season in the hospital. But thanks to Kerney Thomas and his miracle hankie I'm all better.

Here's another soulful video clip from Reh Dogg. His music is like chicken noodle soup for my soul with a sode on the side. That guy is going to go places in 2007, trust me. Thanks Keisha!


Star Tracks

Kanye West bumped into Cedric The Entertainer while out shopping along Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Ye had been shopping with a friend at Christian Dior while Cedric was carrying items that he had bought at Gucci.

Eve was also spotted out in Beverly Hills shopping along Robertson Boulevard. She gave a group of kids hustling candy a wad of cash and told the paparazzi that she planned on eating good during the holiday season.


Merry Christmas!

Yadda yadda yadda . . . Happy Holidays.

Godfather of Soul James Brown Dies

Singer James Brown, the self-proclaimed "Godfather of Soul," who billed himself as the hardest working man in show business, died on Monday at age 73, his manager said.

Brown died at 1:45 a.m. (0645 GMT) at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta after being admitted there on Saturday for treatment of severe pneumonia, his manager, Frank Copsidas, said. Charles Bobbit, Brown's longtime friend and personal manager, was at his side, he said.

The singer, also known as "Mr. Dynamite," is credited with bringing the word "funk" into mainstream musical vernacular and influencing a new generation of black music. (

Like AntBee said in an email, a couple of days we laughed along with the comments people wrote about the video posted. Now we can write our condolences.


Zestfully Clean

I usually could care less about Omarion but I couldn't help but notice how zestfully clean he looked at a recent stop at TRL. That poor, poor baby. His forehead is finally starting to show the signs of getting skeeted on by Chris Stokes for all those years.

That boy is about to break out in a fierce vogue at any moment.

The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

The Ghetto Grammy's went down last night in Jacksonville, Flawda. As I expected it was wall to wall ham as far as the eye could see in that mofo. But the highlight of my night would have to be running into these two.

Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006

#6 Pastor Kerney Thomas
Miracles are happening everyday. And he's partly responsible for a few.


The Twins Are Here!

Diddy has confirmed on his Myspace blog that he is a proud Papa once again. Cause he won't stop, cause he can't quit.

Kim Porter delivered a pair of twin baby girls at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York City early Thursday morning. Congrats!

Q&A With Taye

Elle Magazine: If your life depended on sleeping with a man, who would you choose?

Taye Diggs: It would have to be a really put-together brother. So, Tyson Beckford

Oh, really? To each it's own. But please make sure to tell Tyson to put his condom on his tongue before he licks you until you cum.

Excerpt spotted @ Bossip

Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006

#7 Dessarae Bradford

You say potato and I say potahto. You say crazy stalker bitch and I say ambitious and determined stan.

Who Wants A Racoon Fur Jacket For Christmas?

R&B artists have a fondness for wearing fur but rapper and sometime designer P. Diddy is under fire for allegedly misleading style setters into thinking a jacket from his winter collection is animal friendly, when in fact it isn't.

The item in question, being sold at Macys, is advertised as having an "imitation rabbit fur collar" and is "nylon/faux fur/goose down".

The reality, apparently, is that the coat is made out of genuine fur.

The Humane Society Of The United States (HSUS) purchased the item believing it to follow their ethics regarding animals as fashion, only to find that the fur in question once belonged to a raccoon.

The society is now doing DNA testing on the fur to establish whether it is from a raccoon dog, a Chinese breed to dog whose coat resembles that of a raccoon.

If it is made certain that the design does involve an animal, Macys has agreed to take the offending item off its shelves. (

You know Janice was in his ear tombout (yes, tombout) "It's a good idea if you want to cut corners and save a lil' bit of money, baby."


YouTube Clip of the Day

Here's an oldie but goodie. JAMMMMM!

Star Tracks: The Williams Family

The Williams sisters were in court yesterday to hear the testimony of their father Richard Williams in West Palm Beach, Fla, during his breach of contract trial. Promoters allege that Richard Williams signed a contract on their behalf committing his daughters to play in a 2001 Battle of the Sexes match. The promoters claim they lost millions of dollars after the sisters reneged on the deal.

The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

Terrence Howard dons native dress during the third annual Dubai International Film Festival on Sunday. The actor is in the United Arab Emirates with his family for the holiday season, telling PEOPLE, "It's an amazing place. I want my children to see a place where people of color have made great strides and really have a chance." (

Shiek Slickback is in the muthafuckin' house, bow down! Thanks Courtney for the email :)

BET's 106 & Party

It's that time of year again when BET misleads a nation of teenyboppers to believe that their favorite artists are bringing in the New Year with them. Awww, that sucks.

Lloyd; Bow Wow; Young Jeezy & Rocsi
Um, why do the women (a term I use very loosely) in the background look like Flavor of Love 3.0 contestants?

Big Tigger & Omarion; Juelz Santana; Busta Rhymes & Megan Good

Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006

#8 Aqualeo

Don't ever call this duo an OutKast clone. They will show up in your blog comments section starting ruckus, not a pretty sight.


More YouTube Madness

Due to submission rules and guidelines, Swole wasn't able to make Donkey's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006. Fuck! But there is always next year. Until then, enjoy.

Take a look at the television screen in the background. I think that pretty much explains it all.

12. 19. 2006 Random Flicks


Keisha Knight Pulliam and LeToya Luckett // LeToya along with her grandmother and Bun B


YouTube Clip of the Day

A few minutes ago I was chilling on my sofa enjoying a fresh Granny Smith apple (gotta love this fine country living) and ran across this Mary J. Blige commercial. I don't get the opportunity to watch that much television so it was the first time I saw it.

I'm assuming MJB's label people peeped Nia on YouTube and tapped her for the job. This is great news for the Weather Girls. Yes!

D-List Love

Jeezy & Keyshia 12.14.06

Don't they look . . . nice together.

SOHH Gyant (who also maintains O1LT.com, check him out!) spotted Keyshia Cole front and center last week during rehearsals for Young Jeezy's concert at ATL's Tabernacle. The singer was surrounded by uniformed police officers during the entire session. Um, was that shit really necessary?

According to one of Sandra Rose's industry spies, the couple was seen holding hands as they made their grand entrance [insert sarcastic comment here] at Ludacris' Christmas party on Saturday night. It is also rumored that Jeezy purchased a brand new Ferrari for Keyshia as a Christmas present.

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