Jonathan Plummer's Advice To Women, Store Bans His Book

Author Terry McMillan's ex-husband Jonathan Plummer says that women who even suspect their husbands may be living a double life as a gay man, have to just ask the question.

“All I can say to women is just like if you have any speculations just ask the person that you are with. Just tell them to be honest and let them know that it is OK to be who you are,” he revealed to TV One's Access.

Late last week I received a press release about a bookstore in Oakland, California refusal to sell Jonathan Plummer's new novel, Balancing Act. A Marcus Books store employee has been quoted as saying that the decision not to stock the book was merely "a personal preference."

Some members of the LGBT community are accusing the store of homophobia.

Berkeley City Council member Darryl Moore, who is African American and openly gay, said, "It's unfortunate that Marcus Books, which has stood for change and been progressive, would deny a man who's openly gay to have his book [sold]. It speaks to the homophobia in the African American community."

Moore added, "The whole incident is tragic between [McMillan and Plummer], but this gentleman has written a book to express his side, and to have it banned because he's openly gay is just outrageous to me."

Without openly accusing the store of homophobia, Plummer also expressed disappointment over its decision.

"It's unfortunate that an African American bookstore is banning my book," he said. "We need a lot more compassion for this book, especially with this story being the story of the Bay Area."

Joe Hawkins, a black, gay event promoter for Club Rimshot and host of the online gay talk show "Real Talk," doesn't believe the store's decision was motivated by homophobia.

"I really respect and have supported and promoted Marcus Books for years," Hawkins said. "I also know that Marcus Books has carried a variety of titles by black people of various sexual orientations like B-Boy Blues and all of E. Lynn Harris's books." (source)

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