More Pictures + Info From The Heineken Red Star Event

Marsha Ambrosius & DJ Aktiv; Kenny Burns; Raheem DeVaughn

Reader Amber J sent me an email the Heineken Red Star party that I thought I would share. [Click here to see today's post featuring Erykah Badu.]

If you guys ever want to give me the skinny about a concert, star sighting, cuss me or whatever feel free to hit me up. I read every email I receive, it just takes a while to holla back.
Last night, I attended Heineken's Red Star private party featuring Raheem Devaughn and Erykah Buadu. First off, let me say that despite his talent, Raheem still got on my nerves and I could have completely done without his performance. He sang forever and walked around with a fake crown on his head asking "Who wants to wear the crown?" and "Who wants these soup coolers on their body?" He looked like the the guy from the Burger King commercials.

Meanwhile Ms. Badu entered the building late, without her own band announcing "I'm the analogue girl in a digital world also known as green eyes, also known as medulla ablangata also known as head..." She brought her Mac notebook out and a beat machine and soldiered on with her confused back-up singers.

She did a lot of improvisation, but it was still the STUFF to me because I love her music so much. The crowd was loving her and there was tons of audience participation. When management informed her it was time to wrap up her set after only twenty-five minutes she was like "Fuck you!" We loved her response and she sang just a little bit more. All I wanted her to sing was "Ye-yo" and she did not sing it. Overall, her performance was great even though the band did not know half of her songs. She kind of looked like a disheveled female version of the Nutty Professor.

As we were walking back to the parking lot, I swore Erykah was standing right next to our car smoking a joint with her peoples wearing a pair of eyeglasses without lenses. And OMG, it was her! I was like " Omg! Erykah, I love your music, I've been listening to you for years and all I wanted to do is hear you sing Ye-yo, and you didn't." She said "I'm sorry, but thanks though." We proceeded to take a picture with her and mess up her cipher, but she was mad cool though, she said we might see each other in another lifetime. Now that made my night.

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