Diddy Throws A Hissy Fit

A couple of nights ago I was suffering a bout of insomnia so I decided to watch television until I fell asleep. After running through the channels a few times a woman resembling Kim Porter appeared on the screen. After further inspection I realized that it was indeed her.

Then I remembered Nova Slim telling me about the show months ago. I can see the Essence cover now: Kim Porter, Making The Successful Transition From First Class Baby Mama To The Small Screen.

And just to let you know, watching Kim flex her acting chops portraying "Violet Walker" worked like a charm. My ass was out for the count after five minutes. For that alone I am forever grateful.

But I digress.

Diddy got his dramatic cunt on at Jermaine Dupri's Grammy's after party. He allegedly went off on both Naomi Campbell and Terrance Howard fo no apparent reason.

"[Diddy] just started screaming at her when he saw her," says the spy. "No one could believe it. He was screaming obscenities at her, and also screaming at Terrence Howard, who was with her."

Campbell, however, brushed it off. "Naomi played it totally cool," says the party guest.

Another source tells me that while the two used to enjoy a flirtatious friendship, their relationship soured under the influence of Diddy's baby-mama.

"Kim Porter hates her," says the snitch. "There was also an issue that Diddy had wanted her to be the face of Sean John's women's line - but didn't want to pay her."

But a third insider adds: "[Naomi's] circle of friends have been trying to help her get her life straight. But they feel all they've done has been in vain and she's constantly causing trouble. She's been a disloyal friend."

Man it's whatever. Niggas in the trap is not having that. The Slickback movement is 500,000+ deep in the streets as we speak. Need I remind Sean of the type of members in dude's goon squad? He be with a gang a gangs who hang and bang, animals, orangutans. Hammers move, bangers bang! He don't want it with Terrance and especially Naomi.


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