07. 17. 2006 WTF Files

BET = Can't Get Right

Out of all the rappers and DJ's in the world they decided to roll with this guy? It's bad enough Mad Linx is the regular host of Wack City, now this. I pray that this is a rumor. You could barely understand what he was saying in his confessionals on 'College Hill.'

Apparently you have not seen the last of Rodney Henry from this season's College Hill. There are reports that Rodney will be hosting BET's Rap City this week while filling in for the current host Mad Linx. This week Rodney will sit down with E-40 for a day and find out more about the hyphy movement as well as talk about his business ventures and new album.

Henry's manager will not confirm nor deny that Rodney will be the show's next host, he comments, "We are just thankful to Stephen (Hill), Reggie (Hudlin), and BET for giving Rodney an opportunity. He adds, “But hey, you never know what can happen." Rodney is currently reading scripts for a pilot as well as entertaining an advertising campaign deal for a popular urban clothing line.

When Groupie Love Turns Ugly

American groupies have a long way to go.

A naked woman makes a scene outside the royals' favourite nightclub Boujis in South Kensington. The woman stripped naked in the street and climbed over passing cars and taxi's, blocking the traffic for about twenty minutes before the police arrived, when she was made to get dressed. She was then dragged kicking and screaming into a police van.

Meanwhile, Boujis, the scene of a street fight two weeks ago when Prince Harry and his friends were partying there, carried on as usual as Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were expected to arrive. But the hot Hollywood couple opted for a quiet night as they went back to their hotel after a meal at the Nobu Berkley restaurant with Justin's mum, while Trinidad and Tobago World Cup star Dwight York arrived at the exclusive club with two girls on his arm. Singer Darius was also amongst Boujis' guests.

The following pictures contain nudity. So if you are on the plantation I suggest you ask Massa for permission first. Please remember I am not responsible for any lost wages. I wouldn't waste my time though, I give those titties four thumbs down. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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