It's Not Right But It's Okay

Kanye West @ A Party For Fendi's New B.Mix Bags In Tokyo
"I thought that design in his hair was his dramatic cuntiness way saying 69 is his favorite sexual position."

- - Posting My Ass Off, 11.30.06 - 2:35 pm

Your Two Cents Required

Rapper 50 Cent thinks Oprah Winfrey "started out with black women's views but has been catering to middle-aged women white American women for so long that she's become one herself," he says in the January issue of Elle magazine, excerpts of which were printed in the New York Post Thursday.

"I think the idea of being publicly noted that she's a billionaire makes (black women) interested in seeing her views. But it's even more exciting to the demographic of white American women she's been aiming at to see that she has the exact same views that they have," he says.

This isn't he first time the rapper has bashed the media mogul. In an interview with The Associated Press earlier this year, he complained that Winfrey rarely invites rappers on her talk show: "I think she caters to older white women." (

I can see where 50 Cent is coming from. Honestly I can. But I'm tired of hearing him bitch about it. What do you think? Oh yeah, that GQ picture never gets old with me. It's magically delicious.

Oh Really?

Have you heard the wonderful news? Actress Eva Longoria is engaged to San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker. Gee that's really fucking great. But I should care because?

11. 30. 2006 Random Flicks

While Trina appears to be giving a heartfelt testimony at Wednesday night bible study she is actually performing at her birthday celebration in Miami. The lovechild of Isaac Hayes and Suge Knight came through to show Katrina LaVerne some love. Unfortunately, he didn't take off his shirt to expose his man boobs. I don't know about you but I love looking at them shits jiggle in the video for "Push It." Deelushus.

If you look closely you can see donkey in the background posted up by the the bar with Trick Daddy. BALLLLLLLLLLLIN'!

Beyonce - "Listen"

Listen, I hate this song. And not because SWSNBN is singing it. I've tried and tried to change my mind but I'm not feeling it. But as usual, she looks damn good in the video.

I'm being nice this week because I am trying to get on Mama Tina's Christmas list, shhhhh, don't tell. My very own rhinestone encrusted root box is at stake and I'm not messing that up for anybody.


Say Something Nice Challenge : Fantasia Feat. Big Boi - "Hood Boy"

Here is the first video from Fannie Mae's self-titled sophmore effort due December 12. The album also features appearances from Missy Elliott and Babyface. The track I am most looking forward to hearing is "Baby-Makin' Hips." Simply deelushus.

Shout out to Taylor from Green Light for the clip

Rumor Control: Another Damn Tell All?

According to Illseed from AHH Rumors, gay rapper Cashun will expose a couple of your favorite rapper's favorite rappers in a new tell all book. Word is that he is in the process of putting together a juicy tale that would out some of his celebrity clientele. Proceed with Cashun!

Be on the look out for my future bestseller It's No Secret: LaMichael Is My Secret Lover (That's What We Are) hitting church spaghetti dinners nationwide Neveruary 3007. Contact me for a special coupon which will enable you to recieve one bag of free Florida oranges with the purchase of my book.

iFilm Clip of the Day

It's been a good three hours now but I'm still thinking about HWSNBN's 2 liters of fun. I always had a feeling El Presidente was hangin' and swangin', tehehe. But enough about Big Dick Willie.

Sexpert Sue Johansson stopped by The Tyra Show on Monday to discuss facts and myths about sex.

Video Spotted @ ONTD

Ludacris feat. Mary J. Blige - "Runaway Love"

"Runaway Love" is the latest single off of Luda's Release Therapy. The song is a cautionary tale for young females with a solid message. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the track will attract the same amount of attention as "Money Maker."

Mya In Rap Up Magazine

Mya is featured on the double-sided cover of Rap-Up's Winter issue. The Game appears on the flip side but there is enough funk around this website already. We don't need the aroma of spoiled milk lingering around. Thanks.

I just love the second photograph. It says "I have a bad urinary tract infection but I still look fabulous!"

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah . . .

I know you are tired of hearing about Carmen Bryan but this interview with Wendy Williams is pretty freaking amusing. I won't ruin the fun for you so here it goes.


Interview Audio Spotted @ Sandra Rose

Stuntin' Like His Daddy

LaMichael At The US Premiere of Concept Tiguan
Bitch he paid, that's all I got to say. Can't see little niggas, the Norwegian swagger in the way.

I'm waiting for him to jack Ludacris against a wall and scream "you ain't bad, you ain't nothing!"


Sucker Free Ashanti

The OG Cassie Ashanti made an appearance at MTV's Sucker Free yesterday to promote that new God awful 2Pac video, "Pac's Life." During a recent stop at 106 & Park she discussed her new album in between laughs. WHAT THE FUCK was so funny, I do not know.

Ah Ashanti, our very own Fran Drescher.


I'm Just Saying . . .

Eve Celebrates New M.A.C.'s Viva Glam Lipstick

I have a brilliant idea for the execs over at VH-1. Considering the fact that "The Celebrity Paranormal Project" sucks more than a West Coast Productions newbie, I think an all female hip hop version of "Starting Over" could be worth a shot.

Walk with me now. Trina, Lil' Kim, Eve, Foxy Brown, Khia, and Remy Ma living together under one roof in the projects seeking counseling and support from a team of life coaches. C'mon, it's not like they are really doing shit right now. It would make for interesting television I think.

Anyway, Eve made an appearance at MAC's Harlem store earlier today to promote a brand new shade of Viva Glam lipstick. Too bad she had to leave the event one hour earlier than scheduled since Rhonetta Johnson was outside making terroristic threats. She was said to be angry at Eve for stealing her "good club wig."

I'm lying. But it could happen dammit and you know it.

Tracy Morgan Busted For Drunk Driving

TMZ has learned that "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan was busted for drunk driving early this morning in New York.

Police sources tell TMZ the comedian/actor was stopped at 4:38 AM in Manhattan after cops noticed he was driving erratically. According to the police report, Morgan "was unable to maintain a position in a lane of traffic."

Edison Alban, spokesperson for the Manhattan D.A.'s office, tells TMZ that Morgan told cops he was drinking beer at a club before he was pulled over.

Morgan was taken to the 33rd Precinct and charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Operating a Motor Vehicle While Impaired.

This is Morgan's second drunk driving arrest. He's currently on probation in Los Angeles for a D.U.I. conviction. The latest arrest could constitute a violation of Morgan's probation and, as a result, he could face jail time in both L.A. and New York.

Morgan's rep was not immediately available for comment. (source)

Having lost a family member to a drunk driving accident I have a zero tolerance policy for that bullshit. Such a waste. FINISH HIM, DUN DUN DUN! Sorry, I'm still dying at the previous entry's comments.

WTF Files: A Promo No No

If you ever come across D-Roc wondering the streets of Atlanta dressed like Raiden from Mortal Kombat, you have my permission to steal on him. His bite size hand may be strong but it is no match for my Shaolin technique. And Kaine isn't doing too much better either, looking like a hairy catfish. Somebody please alert animal control, thanks in advance.

Shout out to Da Real for the picture (although you are clearly trying to destroy me) .

Don't Hate Her Because She Is Beautiful

Furonda also made an appearance at The 75th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. Too bad she looks like my cousin Nate dressed in drag.

Freeze Frame

Jordan Brand Hosts Dinner With Carmelo Anthony
While Carmelo chopped it up with the cast members from the HBO hit show "The Wire," La La was busy developing on the spot techniques to protect her chesticles from Felicia "Snoop" Pearson.

[insert an underwear with dickholes joke here]

Happy Skanksgiving

Fed Ex spent this past Turkey Day with his babymama and children. Please do not ask me who the rest of the Junkyard Gang members are because I have no clue. Shar was allegedly pissed when K Fed showed up to her home with his latest victim. Oh no he didn't! Ah, yes he did.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that she was probably upset because she kept inadvertently hitting the children with her tittyballs.

picture via DListed


Author Bebe Moore Campbell Dies At 56

I apologize for not having this information available earlier but I was waiting to receive some type of official statement from the family (which I later did) regarding her passing.

Bebe Moore Campbell, who penned several best-sellers including Brothers and Sisters and What You Owe Me as well as articles for The New York Times and The Washington Post, died Monday. She was 56.

Campbell died at home in Los Angeles from complications due to brain cancer, said publicist Linda Wharton Boyd. She was diagnosed with the disease in February.

"My wife was a phenomenal woman who did it her way," husband Ellis Gordon Jr. said in a statement. "She loved her family and her career as a writer.

Her books, most of which were fiction based on real-life stories, touched on racial and social divides while including the perspective of many ethnic groups.

One of her first novels, Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, was published in 1992 and spanned a 40-year period dealing with prejudice in the United States. The book earned her an NAACP Image Award for literature.

She followed the book with Brothers and Sisters, which focused on race relations in the corporate world after the 1992 Los Angeles riot.

Among her other novels were Singing in the Comeback Choir, What You Owe Me and 72 Hour Hold, the latter dealing with a mother coping with her daughter's bipolar disorder. (

WTF Files: Katrina LaVerne Taylor, Girl Stop

Last year Trina made her television acting debut as Cleo Harris in a sitcom titled "With Friends Like These." And no one seemed to give two blue fucks about the project. Luckily for us some of the footage from the show managed to find its way on YouTube. Victory!

Seriously, I haven't seen acting this terrible since Monica in that made for television movie "Love Song".

How Random!


Nippy and Ray J on the same track, ya'll.

The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

J. Alexander @ The 75th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade

Oh don't be jealous just because you didn't think of it first. I have every intention on creating a hair piece of my own to wear to The Dealer's office Christmas party. I'm going to be a huge hit with the 65+ crowd.

I'm Just Saying . . .

Rihanna In Concert 11.22.2006
Like the little rich YT boy would say, Rihanna has a fire crotch. I'm sure of it.

YouTube Clip of the Day

They're back! Believe it or not but this is the real way Janet Jackson lost all that weight. Okay I'm lying.

video spotted @ Nova Slim

Helen of Troy, Eh?

Hell hath no fury like a baby mama scorned.

Nas's ex is raking her acrylics over the rapper and his wife, Kelis, in a new tell-all book, "It's No Secret."

Carmen Bryan says he beat her, cheated on her, cut her child support, and then invited her for a threesome with the "Milkshake" singer, just before they married.

And you think your boyfriend has lousy foreplay.

Not that the self-described "hip-hop Helen of Troy" stayed home watching Oprah when her man was away. She found time to entertain Jay-Z and Allen Iverson while dating Nas.

She claims he beat her "with a closed fist" after finding out about one fling. In turn, she "pulled out my pepper spray from my back pocket and sprayed Nas down like he was some rabid pit bull," when he cheated.

Miz Bryan also claims Kelis doesn't wear deodorant, Jay-Z scrubs his butt in the shower (doesn't everyone?), and Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce because, he said, "to be honest, I can't take her breath."

Sure. (

Uh oh, Mama Tina is putting together a roots box right now with Carmen's picture in it.

Early Morning Zest

You have to excuse the fact that is has been pretty dead around here lately. You know how it is, I'm still sore from passing out turkeys and such down at The Carter. No good deed goes un-noticed.

As soon as I touched the keyboard this morning I went on a manhunt for my baby thang LaMichael. It's been about a week since I've blessed myself (and you) with his divine presence.


Wait, there is more.

Um, can someone please enlighten me and tell me who exactly Joe Exclusive is? You cannot tell that bitch she is not fierce, hot damn.



2Pac Feat. Ashanti & T.I. - "Pac's Life"

Hope everybody had a wonderful Turkey Day, yadda yadda. I know I did! So I interupt my mini-vaca to bring you this entry. No hand claps necessary.

2Pac, Clifford, and Ashanti on the same track? What in the blue hell is the same thing that went through my mind. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrell with this song. Check out the statue of Deacon Cletus in the background.


American Music Awards 2006 Arrival Flicks

Jamie Foxx; Beyonce; Kirk Franklin & Family; Keyshia Cole; Flava Flav; Isaiah & Jenisa Marie Washington
All I have to say is that Keyshia Cole is taking me back to my junior high days with that microwave ponytail. Bless her heart.

Jay-Z; Chamillionaire; Mary J. Blige; The Game; Chris Brown; Raven

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