"Dreamgirls" Sneak Peek

I know I have been hitting ya'll over the head with "Dreamgirls" news but I can't help myself. Tia sent over a truckload of pictures from the movie and I thought I would with the class. This movie has me interested for the wrong reasons now. I just want to go and look at the wigs!

Here's a link to the new commercial that many of you saw during the BET Awards Tuesday night.

06.30.2006 Panache Report Blind Items

Blind Item #1: by Sin-Q

Few people know that a black actress is a former street prostitute who turned tricks for a living alongside an infamous black woman. The black actress has been labeled bizarre, irrational and unstable. She and the infamous woman worked a corner populated by well to do johns and creeps in Los Angeles. They had an physical altercation when the infamous woman found out the future actress slept with her favorite john, a married rapper (whom she didn't like to share). Both women are extremely well known in the black community.

Blind Item #2: by Algiers

This black female singer is so full of herself, early on. A few weeks ago, she performed out of the country and proceeded to curse at the audience when they responded weakly to songs they were not familiar with. She said, "What's wrong with all of you, I know you m*therf**kers ain't too old to know what I'm singing." Some people got up and left. This singer also likes to disrespect established black female singers, pretending like she forgets their names when she encounters them at industry events and parties. When other people talk about other female singers in her presence, she rolls her eyes and quickly changes the subject. She has no respect for her fans nor her peers.

It's Official, She's Coming Home!

Atlantic Records just sent me this press release about 10 minutes ago. You know they are going to have one hell of a party for her when she comes home.


- Queen Bee Excited To Return Home- -

NEW YORK, NY - Queen Bee Entertainment released an official release today to confirm the various media reports and rumors that Kimberly Jones, AKA Lil' Kim will be released from Philadelphia Federal Detention Center on Monday, July 3rd at 6 AM. She will remain under house arrest for a 30 day period.

"I am thrilled to be coming home," states Lil' Kim. I thank all my fans for all their letters, as well as my family and friends for all their support throughout the past ten months."

"We are pleased that Kim is coming home to start the next phase of her life. She has accepted responsibility and handled herself in an exemplary manner." says L. Londell McMillan, Entertainment Attorney for Lil' Kim.

He Makes Pee Wee Herman Look Like An Amatuer

This may be old news to some of you but it's new to me! Caramel Hunny sent this in to me this morning and I had to share it with you.

On March 30, Minnesota Timberwolves center Eddie Griffin was drunk and masturbating when he crashed his luxury SUV into a parked Suburban outside a store in Minneapolis, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday by the man whose Suburban was hit in the crash.

The location where Griffin crashed is located a couple miles from the Target Center where Griffin had played with his team several hours earlier.

Abed Hassuneh, who is the brother of the victim, said Griffin told him, "That he was masturbating himself going down that street. That's how the accident happened because he was not paying attention. He's paying attention to that video and all of a sudden he's shoveled somebody's car on the top of the sidewalk . . . "

Several of the 911 callers that night said Griffin was drunk. One witness said Griffin told him he was watching pornography in a DVD player mounted on the dashboard of his Cadillac Escalade SUV when he struck a Chevy Suburban parked on University Avenue Southeast.

In the video located on the site he says "I will buy you any car you want. . . not a Bentley. " So the brother wasn't too drunk, no?

Um, No?

Shemar Moore has been on my Nigga Please radar since he decided to host 'Soul Train'. It's bad enough I couldn't ever bring myself to watch that lip synching festival in the first place, but him hosting sealed the deal. Now they have some other guy on there who looks like a door-to-door encyclopedia pusher.

And I'm not even going to speak on that travesty he called a hairstyle in "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". Fuck, his hair being like that in the movie is enough reason to make a bitch mad by itself.

"Criminal Minds" Photocall

I don't know exactly what look Shemar is going for in these pictures. He looks like a fabulostic pirate to me. Those boots are screaming put-my-straight-to-DVD-ass-in-the-next-Pirates-of-the-Carribean-movie. I bet he wants to go plunder some "booty" right now . . .

I Just Want It To Be Over

Last night I decided to skip Star's chit chat with Larry King and laugh at Diddy try to train Dana Dane, Dannity Mayne, whatever and 'Run's House'. I'm so tired of hearing about her ass! Am I a bad person for not giving a damn? Because frankly, I don't.

Here's a great piece from the NY Post that pretty much sums everything up for me.

What else has she been lying about? Barbara Walters had to admit it - on national TV. Dame Barbara, the self-crowned queen bee of daytime television, is a big, fat, two-faced fibber. This may be a first for the boob tube. But an important principle was at stake. Namely - whose is bigger? Barbara Walters' ego? Or Star Jones Reynolds' mouth? . . .

Star Jones Reynolds committed the egregious sin of announcing Tuesday on the air - without Barbara's permission! - that she was leaving the "View." Later, she complained to "People" that she felt as if she'd been fired. Well, she was.

"We hoped . . . she would leave with dignity," Barbara said yesterday. "But Star made another choice." Barbara admitted she neglected to tell viewers that Star was on the outs - and her public defense of the formerly rotund Bridezilla was a sham. "It's been uncomfortable to pretend that everything is the same," she said. " 'The View' made Star a star," she added.

Not to be undone, Star took her shots on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. "It's a little shocking to me that Barbara feels betrayed," she said. "If anyone should feel betrayed it should be me! Barbara didn't have my back."

Only one thing is crystal clear:

Star Jones Reynolds is excruciatingly annoying. And difficult. And insufferable. And she should go.

And Barbara should get the hell out with her. (Star Jones illustration via The Gallery of the Absurd)


06. 29. 06 Nippy Watch

Things have been a little slow on the Nippy frontier this week. Like many of you I wanted her to come out during the tribute to Chaka Kahn at the BET Awards Tuesday but of course she didn't. So I guess we will have to settle for a little vintage Nippy.

This YouTube clip is of a 1986 Coke commercial featuring Nippy and a few other familiar faces. Dallas Penn thinks that Whitney's current love of coke is all Coke's fault.

The signs were all there 20 twenty years ago, but now it's obvious that Coca-Cola is responsible for NIPPY's drug addiction. C'mon people?!? The 'COKE IS IT!' slogan. Her move to Atlanta, GA, the corporate H.Q. for Coca-Cola.

While you are in the YouTube spirit, check out this clip. I guess I see what you guys were saying now. Thanks for the link Butta.

Will Diddy Be Heading To The Chapel Soon?

Diddy is finally going to make Kim an honest woman. Or at least that's what the latest rounds of rumors say.

Word is that Diddy proposed to Kim recently and she accepted. If this is true I feel happy for the girl. It seems like they are married already because they've been together for a while. After seeing her and all of those damn kids at the BET Awards, I couldn't do anything but shake my head.

But then again she might just be on her way to being his beard for life. Yeah I said it.

(pictures via YBF)

Guess The Parent!

You ever look at a cute kid and then glance over at the parents and wonder how the hell did they create such a beautiful child? I do it every time I go to church. So who is the lucky sperm donor?

Lil' Jon! Can you believe that? I'm going to need a paternity test administered right away because this kid is too cute to be the fruit of Jon's loins. Nathan will hit the runway at a fashion show to bring awareness for HIV/AIDS in July. You can check out more information about the show at Sandra Rose. Thanks for the tip Marcus!

06.29.2006 Rumor Control

There seems to be some trouble in paradise between Kanye and Jamie. An unknown source told Media Take Out, Kanye's arrogance finally got on Jamie Foxx's last nerve.

After Jamie Foxx's actions during last night's BET Awards, people were left wondering whether there's trouble between the Oscar winning actor and Kanye West. MediaTakeOut.com has uncovered that the two artists have been feuding for months.

The feud started earlier this year when, while the two were rehearsing their Grammy performance, West reportedly told the multi-platinum selling Foxx to "stand back and watch a real star perform." The usually calm Foxx flew into a rage and stormed out of the rehearsal. Jamie was later overheard telling his publicist, "does this n***a know who I am? Did he see the Academy Awards?"

During last night's BET Awards, the animosity between the two superstars was noticeable. When the pair won the award for Best Duet/Collaboration, Kanye West tried to ease the tension by profusely thanking Foxx for the collaboration.

But Jamie Foxx wasn't ready to make peace. While West was giving his acceptance speech, Jamie Foxx stood behind him making faces and, at one point, held a portable fan behind Kanye's head. When it was Foxx's turn on the mic he simply shouted "Three-six mafia, I'll see you baby." Three-six Mafia won an Oscar earlier this year for the soundtrack to the movie Hustle and Flow.

MediaTakeOut.com managed to catch up with Jamie Foxx late last night at a Los Angeles hot spot. When asked why he held up a fan behind Kanye West, Jamie responded, "someone had to cool that n***a off."
All of this must have happened while I was dosed off.

This Just In: According to Eurweb, Lil' Kim will be leaving the big hous soon. Her mother Ruby and brother Christopher announced at the awards that she is scheduled to be released early next week, which is three months early. I guess we will have to wait to see how that one develops but I kinda miss Kimberly. An additional HAM is always welcomed to the feast.

Naima & Vince Carter @ The 40/40 Club

I believe that Naima finally took our advice and went away for a little bit. But as you can know see she's back to her old tricks again. Which is fine, she actually looks like she took more than three minutes to get ready. There's still something off a bit. She looks a little loaded.

I don't see how Jay-Z does it. He is virtually every where! I can't figure out for the life of me how that man still manages to run a record company but hey, I guess he does. You already know wherever he is, Beyonce can't be too far behind. . . literally.


The Saga Continues . . .

As People reported on its website Tuesday night, Star Jones Reynolds did not return to work on The View Wednesday after being asked by ABC to stay away. Barbara Walters, the show's creator, told People on Tuesday that she felt "betrayed" by Reynolds's comments to the magazine that her "contract was not renewed for the tenth season. I feel like I was fired."

Reynolds added that she got the news just days before reports surfaced that Rosie O'Donnell – one of her most vocal critics – would be joining The View in the fall.

On Wednesday's episode of The View, Walters elaborated on the controversy: "We didn’t expect her to make this statement yesterday. She gave us no warning."

Walters then went on to explain that Reynolds had known "for months" that she would not be returning in the fall, and that the network had given her time to exit the show with "dignity."

I don't believe this is the last we have heard from Star. I think this may just open up doors for her. When I got fired from that God awful bank last summer (check the archives) it was a blessing is disguise. Now when I go in there to deposit my checks (word to Essy, the hustle is so beautiful) I laugh.

Her and Al need to have their own weekend show since Connie Chung and Maury Povich got the axe. Glitter will be everywhere, please believe.

Shits & Giggles: Black America's Got Talent!

Not only am I'm a drained from those shitty awards last night, I'm also nursing a bruised thigh. What, you thought I was playing when I said I was going roll around the floor like B? Anyway, I read all of you guys comments and I agree with a lot of them so that's there's really no reason for me to add my two cents.

I'm all cried out over BET. I need a break. So due to popular demand from my Myspace friends, I decided to hit you guys with some hot new talent. I know I said I'm not Clive Davis but this kid has star power out this world. Someone needs to sign him ASAP! Thanks Niki for the video, understand that :)


Fresh Flicks: BET Awards 2006

There are 1,001 pictures from the award show and I would be here all night trying to post them all. I still haven't done my SASHA act. So here's a few pictures to wet your appetite. Visit the links below to check them all out!

- Red Carpet -
Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri; Kim Porter and Sean Combs; Hot Mess; Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams; Kelis and Nas

- 106 & Park -

Fantasia; Joe Jackson and guest; Damon Wayans; Don King; Mary J. Blige

- Press Room -

Beyonce; Remy Ma; Young Dro and T.I.; Vivica A. Fox; Mo'Nique

Afterburn: BET Awards 2006

I know you guys are an opinionated bunch but damn, I didn't think ya'll would be in the comments until after the show, ha ha. Now I know you wanna give your two cents about things so here's the forum for you to do so. I'm still recovering from Antoine Merriweather and OutKast's appearances. Go ahead and step up to the mic!

Now pardon me, I'm going to go slide across my kitchen floor like SASHA for the Dealer.

Fresh Flicks: BET Media Day

The BET Awards are a few hours away and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it. I'm not going to post pictures from every single event since I know my sister sites will be pretty much doing the same thing. Less work for me!

Brooke Valentine; BernNadette Stanis; Three Six Mafia; Teena Marie and daughter; Ice Cube

Too Short; Cherish; Ralph Tresvant; Jennifer Hudson; 3LW

Nay Nay Goes To Court

Naomi Campbell is being accused of less-than-model behavior again, this time by another of her maids who claims the supermodel hit her.

In a terse single-sheet filing in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, Gaby Gibson accused Campbell of "personal injuries," "employment discrimination," "civil assault," "civil battery" and other complaints.

Gibson, who filed the lawsuit on Monday, the eve of a Manhattan Criminal Court appearance by Campbell on charges of assaulting another maid, asks for "actual, compensatory and punitive" damages without specifying an amount.

The court document does not detail acts by Campbell, but in a published interview in April, Gibson said the catwalker hit her on Jan. 17, called her names and threatened to have her arrested. Gibson told the New York Post that Campbell got upset after being unable to find a specific pair of jeans. Gibson's lawyer, Thomas D. Shanahan, did not immediately return calls for comment. Campbell is due in court Tuesday on a similar charge that stemmed from a similar situation -- the supermodel couldn't find a pair of jeans. (continue)

I'm starting to wonder if all of these allegations have some truth behind them. I should take a visit to NYC and try to bump into her so I can sue her the following week.

Kanye Leaves A Box Full of Presents Behind

Kanye West in the past has discussed his addiction to porn, and a source tells The New York Post the rapper posed at a "major music magazine" recently leaving behind a present for the photographer and stylist. "There was a huge box full of porn," the insider revealed. "It was all white girls with black guys." West did not call to ask for the pictures back. (Page Six)

I can't say that I am shocked. There were rumors a few months back that he was cuddling up with Pamela Anderson, but I believe that was during the time the video for "Touch The Sky" was in production.

Hey, everybody has their own preference in porn so whatever. At least it wasn't any crazy "chicks with dicks" type of shit. Or better yet John Legend and Fonzworth.

I'm Just Saying . . .

I know Kelly is a spokeswoman for Dark N' Lovely, but someone should give Verdine White a contract also. Hey, at least his hair is real. Feel free to caption this picture.

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