06.29.2006 Rumor Control

There seems to be some trouble in paradise between Kanye and Jamie. An unknown source told Media Take Out, Kanye's arrogance finally got on Jamie Foxx's last nerve.

After Jamie Foxx's actions during last night's BET Awards, people were left wondering whether there's trouble between the Oscar winning actor and Kanye West. MediaTakeOut.com has uncovered that the two artists have been feuding for months.

The feud started earlier this year when, while the two were rehearsing their Grammy performance, West reportedly told the multi-platinum selling Foxx to "stand back and watch a real star perform." The usually calm Foxx flew into a rage and stormed out of the rehearsal. Jamie was later overheard telling his publicist, "does this n***a know who I am? Did he see the Academy Awards?"

During last night's BET Awards, the animosity between the two superstars was noticeable. When the pair won the award for Best Duet/Collaboration, Kanye West tried to ease the tension by profusely thanking Foxx for the collaboration.

But Jamie Foxx wasn't ready to make peace. While West was giving his acceptance speech, Jamie Foxx stood behind him making faces and, at one point, held a portable fan behind Kanye's head. When it was Foxx's turn on the mic he simply shouted "Three-six mafia, I'll see you baby." Three-six Mafia won an Oscar earlier this year for the soundtrack to the movie Hustle and Flow.

MediaTakeOut.com managed to catch up with Jamie Foxx late last night at a Los Angeles hot spot. When asked why he held up a fan behind Kanye West, Jamie responded, "someone had to cool that n***a off."
All of this must have happened while I was dosed off.

This Just In: According to Eurweb, Lil' Kim will be leaving the big hous soon. Her mother Ruby and brother Christopher announced at the awards that she is scheduled to be released early next week, which is three months early. I guess we will have to wait to see how that one develops but I kinda miss Kimberly. An additional HAM is always welcomed to the feast.

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