Will Bo Griffin Replace Star Jones?

I hear that the longtime panelist on ABC's daytime chatfest, "The View," has signed a lucrative deal with another television outlet and plans to announce her departure live on the air at the end of this month. Yesterday, Jones Reynolds' PR rep declined to comment, and a spokesman for "The View," where she's been a regular since the show's August 1997 launch, didn't respond to several detailed messages.

Ever since the show's alpha female, Barbara Walters, recruited Jones Reynolds antagonist Rosie O'Donnell to replace Meredith Vieira, insiders have speculated that the 44-year-old Jones Reynolds is on the way out . . .

In recent weeks, Jones Reynolds -- who's married to former money man Al Reynolds -- has reportedly taken meetings with execs at CBS, Court TV and E! Entertainment, in addition to filling in for Larry King as a substitute host in April. Her contract is up in September.

A knowledgeable source said: "Star has been floating around the studio, and she's on cloud nine now that she's leaving. She's been acting as though she doesn't have a care in the world. That's why she was so pleasant, even when Sandra Bernhard was trying to bait her for a confrontation on the show. She's known for weeks she was leaving, and now that her deal is apparently done, she just doesn't care what goes on with the show." (continue) Thanks J for the tip :)

Speaking from personal experience, whenever I know I am about to quit a job I act as if I don't give a damn either. I know that's not exactly professional but hey, I'm just being honest.

Now there has been some buzz going around that Bo Griffin is the frontrunner to replace Star. I like Bo and all but she looks like a transitional photo from Star's weight loss. You know I'm a Team Chunk advocate but shit. I hope she doesn't marry a fabulostic man and have gastric bypass next.

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