Talking Loud But Ain't Saying Nothing

Sometimes rappers/singers run out of shit to talk about. As I waited for my bathroom floor to finish drying (I'm old school - - no Swifter here) I decided to turn on the television and catch a few videos. The average bear might automatically assume from this site that I watch tons and tons of television. Not true. So I haven't had the opportunity to watch some of these "innovative" videos that have been coming out lately. Fast forward to Bow Wow and Omarion's clip for "Let Me Hold You." Although this song AND video reminded me a lot of "Slow Jams" , I thought it was a sweet, sappy song that my younger cousins would enjoy. Until Bow Weezie rambles 'Down down around /Atlanta Lanta far found / And everybody know now what Im tryna do / I say down down around / Atlanta Lanta far found /Im just tryna get you to / Let me hold you' What the fuck is that? Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat couldn't come up with anything better than that? I know everyone can't be a lyrical genuis but damn, can they pretend sometimes? As silly as that was it gets worse.

I know ya'll remember Dru Hill. I can think back to when they first came on to the scene. I'll admit that I was a fan of this group - - hell I even had a Sisqo poster on my closet door (fuck you all, I was in middle school). I'm pretty sure Mr. Croutching Tiger, Hidden Negro composed the following lines for "These Are The Times":

Been thinking bout you all the time
Morning noon and supper time
Tear you up in little pieces
Swallow you like reeses pieces
Come on girl you know I need it

Another personal favorite of mine in the "WTF were they smoking" category would be the line in Project Pat's "Chickhead" where he says 'what? You need some gum, breathe like some thunder.'

Now thats crack music nigga.

Its feedback time gang! What's the most ridiculous lines in a song that you have ever heard?

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