Ja Rule In Rehab? Superhead Breaking Up Homes?

Word around the hip-hop entertainment industry is that Murder Inc. rapper Ja Rule (born Jeffrey Atkins) is in a drug rehab facility. Branded the "sensitive thug" by many fans, Ja Rule was never shy about recording his views on relationships and women--causing quite a stir among his female fans. So when it was revealed that the rapper had engaged in a long-term intimate relationship with groupie-turned-author Karrine Steffans, while many fans were shocked, others weren't surprised at all. Allegedly, Ja's wife Aisha, of 4 years kicked him out after the release of Steffans groupie tell-all book entitled 'Confessions of a Video Vixen'. To save face he reportedly entered a drug rehab until the Superhead-Super-Saga dies down. But judging by the allegations and the he say/she say comments which have been made since the release of the book, it doesn't look like the Steffans hype will die down anytime soon.

High school sweethearts, Ja Rule married Aisha in April of 2001. The couple has three children. In the book Steffans, 26, claims that she and Ja Rule, 29, along with Murder Inc.'s CEO, Irv Gotti spent most of their time smoking weed laced with cocaine and popping more pills (Ecstacy) than a man with severe halitosis pops Altoids and Tic-Tacs. According to her, there was a never-ending supply of illegal drugs available at anytime and any place. And although Aisha is well aware of her husband's popularity, specifically that he is the embodiment of "thug passion" and many women are eager to get close to him, she is also well aware of the times when being Ja Rule's wife can be a major headache. In 2002, she told Ebony magazine, "A lot of people think that my husband lives his life the way that he does in his videos," she reveals. "And when we're out and I have my son in my arms and I have my wedding band on, women will ask me: `Who are you?' or, `Are you the nanny?' And it makes me so angry. But I know that it's just wishful thinking on their part, so I just take it with a grain of salt and deal with it." So, how is she taking all the negative backlash that has been bestowed upon her and her marriage to the raspy-voiced rapper since Steffans allegations? That remains to be seen.

Man Jailed After He Attempts To Run T-Boz Over On 4th of July

The upcoming UPN reality series "R U the Girl With T-Boz and Chilli" may have been saddled with seeking two new members of TLC when it debuts later this month if law enforcement officers hadn't shown up at singer Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins' Sugarloaf Country Club residence in Duluth on July 4. According to a Gwinnett County police report, the Grammy-winning R&B pop star and members of her family and friends were setting off fireworks in the street late on Independence Day when they were approached by an angry neighbor, Jeffery Strickland. He allegedly told T-Boz, "Things are going to get ugly" if the pyrotechnics display didn't stop. Two Sugarloaf Country Club security guards initially responded to the noise complaint but opted instead to call Gwinnett authorities when they discovered Strickland was brandishing a 45-caliber handgun. According to witnesses, Strickland tried to break up the party by speeding his black SUV toward Watkins and her guests. When officers arrived, Strickland told them that Watkins and company had started the incident. The report details that officers "noticed a strong aroma of alcohol" coming from Strickland and that his speech was slurred.

According to the police report, when quizzed about driving his vehicle at a high rate of speed toward the TLC member and her guests, he replied: "I got a high-priced attorney. I know how the game works. I was testing my transmission." After his gun was secured back inside his home, Strickland was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a vehicle. "It was a very unfortunate incident, and [T-Boz] and her family just want to put this behind them," Watkins rep Tammy Brooks told Buzz Thursday. Strickland's attorney, Jim Argo, told Buzz on Thursday that his client grew concerned about the "large commercial mortar type" fireworks being set off over his house, scaring his three young daughters. He added that Strickland had "no intent" to harm anyone when he backed his SUV into the street but rather was "seeking to diffuse the situation." Argo said he didn't have any information about Strickland carrying a handgun into the confrontation. Strickland posted bond, and no court date has yet been set.

Edit: I wanted to run T-Boz and Chilli over with my Kia every since they decided to look for a new memeber for the group. But that's just the way I feel about the situation.

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