It kinda looks like she's farting in the pool. Like one of those wet farts that vibrate your coochie lips.

Summer's almost here! Time to break out that malt liquor flavored popsicle and hit the beach.

I've been so preoccupied today with enjoying this Georgia sunshine that I almost forgot to post. I've also been spending most of my cyber time today grazing the comments at Bol's site. It's almost like a damn message board to me. I also love going there and reading different posts of his. Dang, lemme step off duke's nuts real quick but its the truth. I've made aware of shit I never knew about before by just reading through the archives. BryanCrawford.com ROX [/end poser white girl] Anyway, Uncle Phil has been catching heat for his doo lately. Now with all this talk about bad hair nobody bothered to mention the old white chick from the church channel with the pink wig. Jan's had the same damn wig every since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Speaking of Jesus (okay so I wasn't really talking about Jesus but you get the connection)....

What's up with DMX? I peeped the nigga on TV crying (BIG surprise huh) outside of a concert. While watching Room Raiders (shut the hell up) , MTV news came on reporting that after a talk with Pastah Betha aka Mase he has decided to remain a rapper instead of preaching for the Lord. I'm so glad that Mase talked some since into X. It would've been an embarassment to the whole Christian faith. First MC Hammer, then Mr. T pops yelling at the scream"he pitys the fool who isn't saved", and then Deebo from Friday tried to punk me out for not being born again via TBN. Next thing I needed was another damn rapper telling me I need to get right with the Lord. Like Jesus Shuttlesworth said in He Got Game, "they (entertainers / athletes) get caught smoking crack in a hotel room with 10 hoes then they find Jesus. They find Jesus alright."
"I was ready to do that," X said last week in Miami about
declaring his permanent estrangement from rap. "I talked to Mase. I said, 'Dog!
I'm fed up with this rap sh--. I know the Lord. I know my true calling is to
preach the Word, where do I go from here?' He was like, 'As long as the Lord
gives you the talent to do what you do, do it. He'll call you when he's ready.
He'll call you when he's ready.' "
And I'm so elated that he has yet to place that call. Praise Moses!

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