The Scoop On Tom Joyner's Fantastic Voyage Cruise

It was an overflow crowd in Studio B for both 2:00 a.m. shows by Bobby Brown. Whitney Houston's "King of R&B" wowed the crowd with such cuts as "Every Little Step," "My Prerogative," "Roni" and "Rock Wit'cha." Each night Brown brought a different woman onstage and would simulate some sex act with her. The first night, he had 'Top Model' finalist Tiffany Richardson join him-remember she's the one Tyra Banks screamed at: "I've never screamed at a girl like this in my life!" Since this is a family-friendly column, I can't report exactly what Brown did to her onstage, but let's just say his song "Humpin' Around" captures it quite well! Even better was night two when Brown had Reach Media's Marcelina Olan come onstage. The full- figured favorite gave Brown a lap dance he'll never forget and to top it all off, she picked him up and carried him across the stage. It was unbelievable!

See, Bobby knows more about pop culture than people may give him credit for. I'm pretty sure that he knew that Tiffany was the chick who let Tyra chump her ass out in front of millions of viewers. I still get a kick out of that shit. Maybe that was his way of making her feel better. I'm glad Nippy wasn't there because she would've been giving out free passes to Chinatown. So where was Whitney?

Brown told me that his album is set to bow July 4, and that he's still trying to tour with SWV. He also said he's filmed a couple of movies that are slated to drop this year, and he's excited about the second season of 'Being Bobby Brown.' He claimed his wife wanted to join him on the cruise, but he said no. "She's at home with the kids. I wouldn't allow it. She's doing wonderful, thanks for asking," he added. Brown was such a hit, Joyner invited him back next year. Read Jawn Murray's entire article at BV!

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