06.21.2006 Rumor Control

What's Up With D'Angelo?

I don't mean to put dude on blast, but I'm hearing weird things about D'Angelo. Some of his issues have played out in the media and others haven't. But according to a recent report, his house has gone under foreclosure. Apparently, a writer named Dave McCormack from the Richmond Magazine (out of Virginia) went looking for D'Angelo and wasn’t too successful. The writer claims that he looked inside D's house and saw nothing, but CD's all over. Anyway, D might have relieved himself of a lot of his worldly possessions (true freedom?). One of the AHH editors told me a rumor of looming redemption for D'Angelo. I am going to hold off on that for now. Lets just say, "Its not over 'til its over." (AHH Rumors)

It's bad enough he looked like a hot pile of shit the last time I saw him. If this is true however I hope his friends at OkayPlayer hook up a Pay Pal account for his ass. Poor guy seems like he can't catch a break since that car accident last year.

Bey-Z On The Rocks For The 724th Time This Year

I wasn't going to talk about this rumor at first because I could really give two shits (really) about it. But since 999,999 people kept sending email about it, I decided to go ahead and do a post about it.

New York's hip-hop royalty couple of Jay-Z and Beyonce are ending their relationship before the walk down the aisle and anticipated stunner of the wedding dress. After months of speculation the numerous sources attached very close to the couple confirm that Beyonce has had it with Jay-Z and his immature, champagne drinking impresario image. "She wants a man, who supports her, loves her, stand by her side", a source told SocialRank. "B is sick of him possessively trying to keep things private. She doesn’t feel enough affection or love from him".

Jay-Z has been completely immersed with his Island Def Jam work for the last couple of months, while spending all his free time at the offices or games of New Jersey Nets. Beyonce meanwhile went to Cannes and to the Walk of Fame Induction ceremony all by herself, feeling lonely and unsupported. "Jay is obsessed with keeping basketball game scores" another very close source to the couple is saying. "Beyonce is looking to the future. Her sister Solange already has a baby. Her own parents have an amazing, fulfilling relationship and she not only wants a steady career, she wants to have tight family circle around her as well". (continue)

And yadda yadda yadda. Survey says! I don't give a damn, next please.

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