What's Your Verb?

You may be able to testify about pissing on somebody but you bet' not call it the 'R.Kelly' out in Sacramento! Who would've ever thought after selling millions of records around the globe that his name would now become a verb. It must make him all warm and fuzzy on the inside knowing that his name will be associated with pissing on underage girls forever.

Prosecutors said they had to drop a case against a man accused of trying to accost an 11-year-old girl because a judge wouldn't allow testimony about a slang term involving R. Kelly. Tamiko Carter, 30, approached the girl last September while she was walking to school and asked her how old she was, prosecutors said. When she told him she was 11, Carter allegedly asked whether she had a boyfriend, "then told her he was fixing to do an 'R. Kelly.'"Carter allegedly pulled his car to the curb and opened the door, but the girl ran away.

Kelly, a singer from Chicago, has pleaded not guilty to 14 counts of child pornography in Cook County Circuit Court. The charges stem from a February 2002 videotape that allegedly showed Kelly and a 14-year-old performing numerous sex acts. The prosecutor's office said Kelly's name is now listed in the "Urban Dictionary" as a verb that means to have sex with an underage girl. (more)

So What's An R.Kelly Exactly?

1.The process of pissing all over a girls face who is 14 years of age or younger for sexual arrousal and total domination... Similiar to a golden shower but with girls 14 years or younger.
1. The old man pulled an R Kelly on the 14 year old

2. The act of having sex with a minor
2. "Man shes only 12 years old! He pulled an R Kelly!"

3. Someone who has sex with a minor
3. "She was 12? He's such an R Kelly!" (urban dictionary)

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