Damn It! More On Janet
Since I have more than one blurb on Janet I decided to squeeze everything in. I promise you I won't bust a vein in my forehead though. Alexis emailed these new promo pictures of Janet over. They look great! I don't recognize her really but at least she doesn't look like a Sims character (ahem).

Janet Jackson doesn't have a problem with dating younger men: In fact, she prefers it, the singer says in a new interview. "I came to realize that younger men had less of a problem with who I am than older men," Jackson, 40, whose boyfriend is 33-year-old music producer Jermaine Dupri, tells Vibe magazine.

"With the younger guys, there was less ego. Things were less competitive. They weren't threatened by who made more and who made less." Dupri, she says, gives her self-esteem "a little boost." "When I look at Jermaine, I see myself," Jackson tells the magazine in its September issue, on newsstands Aug. 15. "I feel as if I'm looking in the mirror. The connection I feel with him I have never felt with anybody else."

The couple, who have been together for five years, recently made headlines by hinting that they're planning to get married – possibly on Sept. 26, the date Jackson's new album, 20 Years Old, hits stores. On the rumored wedding, Jackson told a British radio DJ, "Everyone's been asking me about it. And if it's meant to happen, it'll happen."

One thing she tells Vibe will happen: motherhood. Asked if she wants to have kids, Jackson says, "I do and I will. I didn't before, but with Jermaine I do."

Whether she becomes Mrs. Dupri or not, Jackson doesn't plan to change her risqué image. The singer, who recently dropped more than 60 lbs., appears on the Vibe cover wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and a large shell necklace.

Will she ever stop posing for sexy pictures? "Of course," Jackson says. "When I'm 80. That's when I'll call it quits." (
ONTD - - thanks Da Real!)

Justin Timberlake recently gave his point of view about the whole Superbowl incident on MTV VMA 06: All Eyes On Justin Timberlake. Big shout out to Ange for the heads up.

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