Cassie Explains It All

Like the old saying goes, there are two sides to every story. Cassie decided to give her defense rebuttal on her Myspace blog.

Yo, some things need to be cleared up right now. First off I'd like to say that the media is absolutely ruthless and will do ANTHING to tear people down. This week particularily has been the worst with media for me. They've released statements that I never said about the intentions of my first single 'Me & U.' I never said that the song is about oral sex. Take it as you wish, I NEVER SAID THAT, EVER!

Second, this week I had an interview on New York radio, first with Angie Martinez and then later with Funk Master Flex on Hot 97. What I said with both Angie and Flex was what I said, but all of it was taken out of context when sites such as Vibe.com decided to write about it. I never said that Pharrell could get it, I said that he was cute and that was on Angie Martinezs' show. Also on Angie's show, I said that I didn't have time for guys and that is exactly what I meant. It's not that people aren't good enough or however some of you may have taken it. I'M BUSY, STRAIGHT UP. I never said that I didn't like Ciara, I am actually a HUGE FAN of hers. I said that I didn't understand why we are compared, not only because I'm only on my first single, but because our styles are much different, she's soooooo talented, why would I discredit her? Lets be real.

On Flex, he read into a lot, but that is what his show is about. I realized that after I was done with the show. I personally don't feel that I need to talk about this "unofficial video" again (right now). But quickly, it was a bad look that got leaked on the internet. No, I DID NOT leak it....I don't care for that video, I never have cared for it.

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