And Now A Few Words From Our Friend

The last time we caught up with our superhero Khia was Friday after Yahoo music premiered the video for "Snatch The Cat Back." I see multiple MTV Video Awards in her future for that one! This sarcasm is delicious and fat free for breakfast. You should try a nice big bowl in the morning.

Anyway, someone made the comment that the Thug Misses was talking real reckless in the August 2006 issue of XXL so I decided to check it out for myself.

XXL: Is that why you declined Trina's offer to collaborate with her?

Khia: Oh yes, Trina, uh, uh. I don't do her. I feel when you look at Trina, you lookin' at sex. Most of her fans are ment that wanna fuck. Every time you see Trina, she half-naked, or in her video she talking about being a female pimp. At her shows, she's lap dancing and kissing girls. No female fans don't wanna see that. She's catering to what men wanna see. She's just an entertainer. When I look at her, I just see a whore. I don't want my daughter being nothing like Trina.

XXL: But what about Jacki-O who claims she's the Queen of the South?

Khia: Jacki-O ain't even up for question about being the Queen of the South. Jacki-O sold 60,000 units. She's bankrupt. Girl, you ain't even sell 100,000 units. Sit down! She tried to pull a "My Neck, My Back," but there will only be one. Jacki-O and Trina, every big song they made has needed a feature. I feel I'm the Queen of the South because I'm myself. Don't get it twisted,
Trick Daddy got Trina from Club Rol-lexx [strip club]. . .

How can you be a queen when you are being pimped by a bunch of niggas? All of 'em, Foxy and
Jay-Z, Lil' Kim and Biggie, Shawnna and DTP, Mia X and No Limit. Every big female artists that ever came out, came out under a man. How can you claim to hold the crown like that? (
read the entire article)

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