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Mary J. Blige -- who isn't talking to her sister/manager after she fired her -- probably won't be sending Christmas cards to her many family members this year. But if she did, this is what they would say: "They'll be mad at me, but it's the truth -- they were angry, hateful, jealous, ignorant, prideful people. My aunts were very, very mean people. I didn't want to be like that," she told London's Guardian. And don't get her started on Mom.

"It might be that she's living vicariously through me, but I believe she's gotten real bitter about it," says Blige. "It's probably why we've never really got along. Even as a child, she was a little rough on me, because on top of my father leaving, I was singing as a child, and it was what she wanted but she didn't use it. She didn't have the courage to use it." And you thought your family was tense during the holidays.
Source: Ny Daily News

- He's no K-Fed, but recently dismissed Desperate Housewives cellar dweller Page Kennedy is following in Mr. Spears' media-hatin' musical footsteps. The actor has released a rap track, "Hold On," via his Website, chronicling his hiring and rapid firing from the ABC mega-hit over an alleged flashing incident on the set.

Kennedy's song starts off harmlessly enough, with the actor rapping about his excitement over his new status as a Wisteria Lane resident: "Best show on the air/Best show in America/ That's right, Page is right there...25 million viewers a week/25 million connoisseurs that'll speak highly of me." (continue reading)

Just like nOva said, everybody is a rapper now. Check out the "hotness. "

- Ashanti will star alongside Sophia Bush and Brittany Snow in a movie called "John Tucker Must Die."
Check out a couple pictures from the film and the story line. Looks like another "In The Mix" in my opinion. Thanks Wilson for the information.

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