Fresh's Top Five Annoying Songs

  1. So Seductive - Tony Yayo f/ 50 Cent
  2. Grind With Me - Pretty Rickey
  3. Anything by Omarion's Little DL Ass (yeah, I said it)
  4. Slow Down - Midget Bobby Valentino
  5. Toma - Pitbull f/ Lil Jon

Go on with ya big ass! Big girl need pageant love too.

Contestant No. 3, Kelly from Yonkers, was wearing white pants and belly-baring white top under a white jean jacket. "One question for you," said Mo'Nique. "Are you comfortable wearing your stomach out?" "I am sooo comfortable," said Kelly, as she opened her jacket and did a turn with a hip swivel. Verdi asked contestant No. 6 what she saw when she looked in the mirror. "I see sexy, honey. I see me, a beautiful black woman full of curves."

Okay, um, well, you know your girl Fresh if all for the plus size sistas out there but um, I don't know about mid-drift tops. Do you . . .

Who wants to be a Lee-Simmons? Kimora Lee Simmons is currently in the process of publishing a lifestyle guide.

Kimora Lee Simmons is a stunningly beautiful woman with two stunningly beautiful children and an amazing husband. However, if you think she got there just by being beautiful and marrying well, wait till you read the real story behind this remarkable woman. This book reveals how she did it and how you can too, no matter what your circumstances are today. Creating opportunities is what her life is all about.

Yeah, right. I love KLS like the next Baby Phat lover but I do believe that she did marry pretty damn well. You think if Russell was a broke negro she would've given him the time of day? The nigga looks like Porky Pig with a lisp to match, let's be real about the situation. I could learn to love Russell too, shit. The marriage ultimately gave her the chance to create a sucessful fashion line and also go on to do other things. I'm not going to talk too much shit though because if the book comes equipped with a Baby Phat bookmark I would probably buy it for that reason alone.

Random Thoughts

- K Swiss commericals = teh ghey.

- Who isn't nominated for a BET award this year?

- And what the fuck is a Fatty Koo exactly?

- Kevin Federline reminds me of Vanilla Ice.

- The little white girl from Man On Fire aka Dakota Fanning has a FUCKED UP grill. Who caught them shits at the MTV Movie Awards? Shit!

- Scary Spice looks weird now.

- What in the hell are white girls wearing now days?

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