Poll: Women Want Jessica Simpson's Hair

NEW YORK (AP) - You want Jessica Simpson's hair, admit it. According to a new poll conducted by In Touch magazine, the singer and "Dukes of Hazzard" star has the hairstyle most women want. Simpson won out over former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba of "Sin City" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" actress Angelina Jolie, who placed second, third and fourth, respectively. The rest of the Top 10 vote-getters were, in order: desperate housewife Eva Longoria; another desperate housewife, Marcia Cross; Paris Hilton's one-time pal Nicole Richie; Mischa Barton of "The O.C."; Oprah Winfrey; and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Excuse me? I don't want to have hair like Oprah because thats not her hair. Come on, I know a half wig when I see one. Sometimes she doesn't even take the time out to blend her real hair into it. Just look at it. All the money in the world and her ass still buying Shake N Go wigs. Bitch please, list some names I can relate to. For instance, I love Jill Scott's hair, wouldn't mind calling it my own. Everytime I see Nikki's profile (I hope she doesn't mind me referencing her) it reminds me of when my mother had a similar style that looks beautiful to me. And Jada's hair always looks nice. But Oprah? OPRAH?! I think not. I know some of you are probably like "But you were just bitching about Hermes not allowing her into their store because of her hair" but fuck that, she can do better. That situation is another issue because thats on them. She was just out doing her so whatever. Now what I'm speaking on is why she can't seem to take a few extra seconds to hook the front of her hair line up. Let Dark and Lovely hit those naps girl, please.

And I'm not even going to go there with Nicole Richie.

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