I was checking the local newspaper's classified section when I decided to catch up on some current news. I almost forgot how crazy people could be in this damn town. The first story I came across of was the killing of a 14 year old white girl that happened in 2000.

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday that a search warrant used to obtain bloody clothing from James Miley's home was invalid and the items found could not be used as evidence in his murder trial.Because of the ruling, the pair of bloody shorts belonging to the victim, Ashely Neeves, will not be able to be used as evidence in the prosecution of Miley in Camden County Superior Court.

Miley, 23, is accused of the May 21, 2000, murder of then 14-year-old Neeves.

During the investigation, Detective Herb Scott went to the police station to interview Miley. Scott asked Miley if he could accompany him to his bedroom to retrieve a book bag that a witness had seen him wearing at the crime scene in the Shadowlawn subdivision, said court documents.Miley agreed, but did not sign a consent form. Scott was unwilling to retrieve the bag without consent, so he prepared an affidavit to the magistrate without providing oral testimony and obtained a search warrant. The search warrant also had the wrong date of the crime.

Man, I remember this like it was yesterday. I actually went to high school with the guy that "allegedly" murdered her. I know I might be totally biased in saying this but I actually don't think that he killed that girl. I can't fathom him doing an act like that. I've known this cat from waaaay back in the day up until the time he was arrested. True enough everyone who's crazy may not appear to be such on the outside but I have a feeling that he's innocent. I almost forgot to mention that he's black so automatically in this little ass hick town people are going to assume he's guilty. The local media around here painted a picture of such innocence with this little girl yo, it was almost pathetic. Most of the time they failed to mention how both of them had been doing drugs together for some time. Yeah, America's little sweetheart was experimenting with acid, who would've known. Not to mention how badly the police officers fucked up evidence associated with the case. I think on purpose but hey, whatever.

Anyways, so the day that he goes before the judge rolls around and it makes the news in Jacksonville. Which is big because we never make the news. So the girl's mother acts all wild in the court room talking about 'he's gonna frrrrryyyy!' and shit. I know she was upset with her daughter's death and nothing can bring her back BUT damn. It's almost like I could her wanting to say "that nigger killed my precious baby". For some time the white community was at odds with the blacks. It was a mess.

Even to this day I the case sparks controversy. I know that if someone found out how I felt about it and the things I've said on this site from my town found out they would probably have a fit. Me? I could care less. This whole ordeal is something straight off of In The Heat of the Night.
I came across another article where some crazy negro stabbed his wife to death. They have his mugshot on the front page of the site looking insane. Do they ever put the white folks who've molested their own kids pictures on there? No. They save that for A9, the very last page of the first section. Look I'm not knocking white folks, "I have white friends" (don't you hate it when people say that about having a black friend?) but the reality of the situation is in Hicksbury, Georgia (that's not where I stay by the way) black folks' wrong actions will always be headline news. While no one dares to talk about our Caucasian criminals. That's how it is, that's how its going to be.

Okay, enough preaching for the day. I copped a digital camera Thursday by the way. I've been having so much fun being a shutterbug that I've been totally neglecting the site. I gotta get back on the job. I'll post some pics on here later.

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