National Coon Convention Airs Tonight!

If didn't know and have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, the BET awards air tonight. As much as I have screwed with this channel in the past I will be tuning in like the good jig that I am. The award show is supposedly going to pull out all of the big stops this year to make it bigger and better than last year's. Yeah right! I think its going to be a while until someone can live up to the Rick James standard that was set by him last year. You never know though as it could happen tonight.

BET just needs to stop dropping damn hints about the performances. I know they're excited and all but Jeevus. I generally like to watch award shows soley for that reason since I can't go to a concert every two weeks like some people who will remain nameless, heh. So this is kinda my way to get that fix and do it for free. I'm also excited to see how Will and Jada control the show with their hosting capabilities tonight. They're a cute couple to me, sorta like a modern Ossie Davis (RIP) and Ruby Dee. They glow whenever they're around each other. It's beautiful. Okay, enough of that.

In Will Smith related news, MTV thinks that Nick Cannon is hilarious. He's getting his own show.

Lastly I would like to say greetings and you-need-to-reply-to-my-second-email to Rod from Rod Online. 80 percent of you are coming from over that way so I must say hello to you all. I'm an overnight celebrity now. I love the fact that Rod said my site "had flava" that other pop culture sites were missing. That's right baby, I got some hot sauce for that ass! Ha! My whole aim is to bring pop culture (or negrotainment as I sometimes reference to it) to the forefront. When I go to different sites I don't see myself represented there. The content and extra frills that would excitement are almost always absent. What about me? You all have been dismissed from the blogroll. Thanks in advance!

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