Last night was an excellent night for television in my opinion. I was entertained all night long by various highs and lows. Let's speak on the highs first.

Bobby's Brown Interview On Dateline
Although I did not catch the interview in its complete entirety it still proved it's self to be comical. I believe the whole basis for Bobby giving the interview to Matt Lauer was to promote the new show which will be premiering on Thursday night at 10pm on Bravo. Yes I'm beating that time slot into your head because I don’t want you to forget. But at any rate, I was amused by the different clips from the show Dateline aired. My overall favorite one would have to be Bobby breaking into his hotel's room stocked bar that he did not pay for obviously. Hmmm, and the runner up clip would have to be Mr. Prerogative doing the any-many-miny-mo number to decide if he would drink a glass of water or guzzle down a Budweiser first. Bud won by the way. I'll add a few screenshots of the interview later since I don't feel like messing in photoshop right now.

The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off
Believe it or not, the fresh one yearned to be a forensic scientist back in the day. Yes that's right; call me a freak if you please by my whole reasoning was solid: people die everyday thus I will never be out of a job. I tell you all of this because TLC has been a staple in my viewing for years now. If you can get pass all of the shitty decorating and makeover shows, their reality line up is pretty dang solid. The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off is the documentary of a 36 year old man named Jonny Kennedy who was born with a genetic disorder where his skin literally fell off with the slightest touch, leaving very painful sores covered all over his body and also leading to his fight with terminal skin cancer.

It was very touching and uplifting to watch him give his outlook on life. The documentary really struck a place in my mind and heart as he discussed his final days on earth. This did not keep Jonny's sense of humor absent however. The show was full of poignant jokes and by the end of the show you felt as if you lost a member of your family. I'm a big softy when it comes to topics such as this so yes I did cry at the end when he passed.

Any time I can see white people being portrayed as drug addicts I'm all for it. On the serious tip this is also one of my new favorites to watch. It's a documentary series that follows the lives of addicts, taking an unflinching look at the impact of their addictions on their everyday lives, all the while the addicts are unaware that an intervention is being planned. Each airing ends with the friends, family and a professional interventionist urging the addict to get treatment. If the individual should choose treatment, the addict immediately enters a widely respected treatment facility. This show is my anti drug!

The Andy Molakis Show
The first time I was introduced to this chunky white boy I thought he was too funny for words. I can remember sitting in the dorm with all of my homeslices watching his video clips over and over again. If you like silly, goofy shit than this show is for you (think Napoleon Dynamite). There is some what of a hip hop influence on the show also with the music and guests to come. Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys made a cameo on the debut episode last night that was just so-fa-king-we-tall-did. Lil Jon was eating Frutie Peebles out of his pimp cup, ha.

And now the lows . . .

Punk'd was alright for what its worth but the reason why I am categorizing it as a low is because everyone and their mama now has something to say about Raven Symone's weight today, myself included. In my opinion Raven looks great. People really need to stop tripping so much and realize that she is not little Olivia anymore. Get the fuck over it! The girl is like 19 years old, hell maybe even 20 now, and people are still expecting her to be looking the way she did on Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. Give me a break! I only wish that people could be placed under the same microscope as these celebs for one week. They would crack under the pressure because I know I would. Now if Raven was walking around looking all cracked the fuck out like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan people would think she was on drugs. Since she looks healthy and alive people think she's huge. Fuck off. So to all the negative folks out there I say this, have you looked in the mirror lately?

Pimp My Ride
This trick had a live rat in her car, just trifling.

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