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An arrest warrant was issued for singer Bobby Brown Wednesday after he failed to show up for a scheduled appearance in Norfolk County Probate Court in Canton, Mass., according to court officials. He has an obligation to search for employment and get employment, and he needs to do it and fulfill his obligations," Probate Court Judge Paula Carey said....

Brown's explanation for the delay in payment was that a contract he anticipated signing last year didn't happen. He then agreed to put the proceeds of a new contract into the trust, making payments every 60 days. Brown got a scolding from the judge to pay up on time.
Later, Brown tried to explain. "I've been shooting a television show, and recording an album. It's hard for me. It's easy to not know," Brown said.

Yeah you're probably thinking the same thing as I am. Who needs to search for employment when you're the "King of R & B" (rocks and blunts, heh)? I wonder what type of hairstyle he will have for his next mug shot.

Four nickels and three dimes is suing DVD producers for failing to keep a promise not to cash in on the rapper's name. They also did not make donations to the G-Unity charity (that's a very ghey name). I personally think the money would've probably gone in his piggybank. Anyways, you can also catch Fiddy and Tony Yayo in the new XXL. Frankly, I'm sick and tired of seeing G-Unit artists every other month on the cover of that damn magazine. The Jail Edition? Word to Ol' Dirty, nigga please. I was talking to my brother earlier this week how Tony Yayo reminds me of a convicted child molestor. Oh well, go cop this issue for the sole reason that they have a dark skinned sister for eye candy (no homo). Upgrade!

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